This is larry welcome. Back to today, i feel like today, we’re going to check out the ten woo smart watch. This is from ten woo tech, i’m gon na try it out, see how it performs it’s inexpensive. This thing on amazon right now. I believe it’s only 59.99 and there’s, even some discounts further than that so we’re going to try it out see if it’s worth the money see if it’s worth your time – and here we go all right so here we have it. This is the tin woo. Smart watch from tenbu tech and we’ll just take a quick look around the box does not say much at all says smartwatch on that side. Nothing, nothing barcode and watch on that side. Um yeah over here it says, product pictures and display contents are provided for reference. Only actual product features and specifications, including, but not limited to appearance, color and size may vary. This product contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery safety precautions, do not disassemble crush or drop the battery or throw it into fire, do not use if it is found. Swollen do not expose it to high temperature, do not use it, do not use if it is immersed uh if it has been immersed in water. Oh maybe this is not waterproof. Well, we’re gon na find out anyways. I have my uh pocket knife let’s go ahead and uh pop through that tape right there, and that should be enough to get us going so let’s see if we can get this out of the box here so let’s take that out and uh get this plastic Off the top actually we’ll, just yep there we go take that off.

We gather a little uh cushion there, and here is the watch and the watch is a nice size watch. So far this face looks really uh. It looks like a pretty nice sized face. We’Ll. Take that uh plastic part off there. We can see here it’s going to show power on stopwatch and sport, so we can idea of what each of these each of these parts do, what each crown does there, i guess, is what you want to call it so we’ll set that there. So this is going to be the watch here and we’ll. Just uh let’s take this band let’s, see if we can undo the band a little bit there and i’m trying to check out the back of it and find out. If this thing actually has a heart rate, monitor um, you know included with it so let’s see. If we can get this off and let’s see yeah, it looks like there’s a heart rate monitor on there cool all right, that’s nice to see all right. So let’s set the watch off over here. For a moment we have the uh. We have the uh charging cable here. It looks like it is going to be a proprietary, uh cable. It looks like a little magnetic clip there. So we’ll have that and that’s that’s. Okay, i mean i i prefer if it was something universal um like you know, usbc or something like that, but everybody seems to have their proprietary thing.

We have a cleaning cloth, so we can clean the watch like there if we want to so that’s nice to see silica gel. As always, we have the user’s manual, which is nice to help us figure out how to use this thing. So we’ll we’ll try and get to that later. If we uh, if we need it, we have. It looks like a quick start guide on here so that we can get this thing up and running in no time so it’s going to tell us to power it on and then pair it the first time. So it looks like we’re gon na need to download the app it says, install and launch the app tin wu on your phone, so uh yeah all right. Well, there we go and it’s gon na tell us some more instructions there and okay. So this should work with both ios and android and uh yeah i’m gon na go ahead and i’m gon na see about getting this uh. This thing set up but before we do because they don’t really give us much information about the watch in here. Let’S go ahead, i mean they do have the user’s manual here, but it’s, pretty small type, let’s just go. Take a look at uh. Let’S go! Take a look at their product page on amazon, so we can get an idea of what the watch can do in some of their specifications. All right so let’s go ahead and take a look on the ipad and uh and see what they say about the watch, and we can see right here.

It says that the tinwu smartwatch for men’s it supports wireless charging. It says it has a bluetooth, a bluetooth, fitness tracker and heart rate, monitor. This is a 2020 version for android phones and compatible with iphone and samsung, and we can see it’s actually a little bit cheaper. It was 59.99 now it’s 55.99 and you could actually save an additional 12. So, instead of being uh 55, it is our 59 down to 55. it’s only going to be a national 12 off of that so that’s going to make it 45 so 43.99, so yeah that’s, pretty good um. So anyhow, let’s just go ahead and we’ll. Take a look: they usually put some of the specs down here at the bottom. We can see some of the other photos here. There’S looks like it comes in, like teal and orange and black it looks like it’s going to have 14 different uh colors and watch faces it’s going to have 24 hour uh monitoring for all day tracking. It looks like we’re going to get 20 days of standby and 15 days of usage, which is pretty amazing for battery life. It’S, going to give us two hours of charging we’re gon na get sleep tracking, there’s gon na be a multifunctional, so there’s music control. So you can choose your music uh, favorite music, on your wrist camera control, so you can free your hands and hold uh. You free your hand to hold the camera, so you can actually control your camera with this that’s really awesome.

I’M. Looking forward to that um yeah, so it looks like there’s going to be all kinds of different functions on here that you can use. It says um you’re going to get a bunch of different uh. It says not. It says not only these, but more of them. So it says it’s going to be a ip6 rated ipb ip6b or something like that or ip68 rated. I guess i can’t tell it’s sort of small there. Yeah ip68 rated. I guess 20 days of battery life, it’s going to have it’s going to be scratch. Resistant. Always on screen sleep monitor, alarm, heart rate, all kinds of stuff footsteps count yeah anyways. It looks like it’s going to be pretty awesome, so um. We can see here, it’s going to show a comparison to some of the other watches here that they have that people have here. So if you’ve looked to look at any of the other 10 woo watches, you can get an idea of how this one stacks up. Now it doesn’t actually show on the box which watch this. One is i’m, assuming this one is the ten woo uh tenu t20w. So since they have this little icon next to it, but i can’t really tell for sure so um yeah, but anyways here we are, you can see some other ones. You can get an idea of how some of these stack up against it. You get the full product description there, so this looks like it’s going to be a pretty nice watch.

I mean 20 days of standby and 15 days of usage is really really impressive. So now one thing i did not see on here is gps. I don’t know if this watch has gps built into it, and that could be a big deal for some people who run or cycle and they want to be able to track their uh, their route, that they’ve run or that they’ve, uh or they’ve walked, or that They’Ve ridden so that might be an issue i’m going to dig in a little bit deeper. So this is, you know, really an unboxing and a first first look and overview and uh and then yeah i’m gon na go ahead and try it out for a while and see how i, like the watch and i’ll, make another video and tell you about it. All right, so i went ahead and put the tin wu smart watch on my wrist here. Let’S take a quick, closer look, and so there we have it. That is the watch right there and we can see it looks pretty good. I have to say um that watch face looks like a regular watch, which is kind of awesome there. So um yeah, you can have the always on face. So it’ll turn on right there. When you lift your wrist, you can. You can go ahead and set alarms and you can set timers. It is a touch screen, so the touch screen seems to work really nicely and you have the different activities that you can set there.

So whatever it is, you’re doing, playing soccer or basketball ping pong or batman, they have cycling, hiking, running walking, yeah and all these are all those are uh. All those you can activate right from the screen since it is touch screen. You can swipe over to see your your steps and your and your distance and your calories, so you can see all of that. You can swipe over again if you want and get more information like your heart rate information, and you can step you can swipe the other direction and you can get to your settings and and just all the other stuff that you may need to get to so Yeah i’m gon na do a uh. You know i’m gon na do a a more extensive um test of this watch and really take it through its paces. But you can see that it looks good on the wrist. I think it looks really nice and so yeah. Anyhow, i’m digging this so far, i think it looks really nice and, like i said, i’m gon na put it through his paces, a bit more i’m going to go and do some exercise with it see how it performs and download the app and get it paired Up with my phone, so i can see how it works in conjunction with a phone i’ll, probably use my android phone since i actually have my apple watch set up with my iphone. So i’ll i’ll see how it compares with the two.

You know with that platform and see how it works, but hopefully it looks good. I mean it looks good. Hopefully it works well because you know it’s an inexpensive watch it’s only 40, something dollars with the extra discounts that they’re offering. So this is something that i think a lot of people may be interested in so yeah anyway. I’Ll leave links to this product down below in the video description, so that you can check it out. I’M. Also gon na leave links to my amazon page and all my social media contacts. You can reach me elsewhere and see the other products and services that i’ve reviewed over time, and i hope you enjoyed seeing this video.