com. What do you get for that special person in your life that’s got everything including their own, smartwatch or or, if they’re, getting a smartwatch for the holiday season? What would make a great stocking stuffer? I think you figured it out their own brand new, specialized, strap or band from straps co they’ve got their own line in all kinds of different sizes, i’m, going to show you a bunch of them that are 26 millimeter. 24. 22, those are pretty much standard for our smart watches. We have here from both their own collection and the high end. Dasari wow, really beautiful bands we’ve got ones that look like this yeah i’ll, take them out of the bag and i’m going to put them on some watches, but just for a quick look check these puppies out. They sent a broad collection, so we can really give you a great sampling of what these different bands look like on different styles of smart watches and yes, that brand new prime two, that big thing i’ve got some in here this one in particular, i can’t wait To put this one, on i’m gon na put this one on uh that one, because these are all um, 26 millimeter and then and then um Music, we’re gon na see these right now, the prime two, what an amazing watch and this this is the stock band. I have the lights down real low here, so you can see the detail in it now.

One of the interesting things when you put this band on and it’s easy to do is slide it through the buckle and tighten it up there it’s a nice band there’s. Nothing wrong with it, except it’s kind of uh non descript on the side. It holds the watch that’s for sure you got a couple of loops. You can put it on, like so, but let’s let’s, think about bands for a minute check out what this looks like and imagine that if the side was a little bit more there to accentuate the bareness of the watch like like this, if it were, how do You get into these things. Oh my gosh it’s really sealed there. It is obviously i have not done this before it. Just came in i’m, so excited it’s, really it’s late afternoon. That’S. Why the special lighting, but look at this look at this yeah yeah. Can you imagine you don’t have to imagine now tell me if that doesn’t change everything about this watch? Are you ready? Oh me, too. All right, i’m gon na wait till it’s brighter sunshine outside yeah i’m in a very controlled lighted studio, as you can tell and we’ll go through the other bands. But i just want you to see this one right off. The back is i’m going to play with it all weekend. Long, oh now, that was just too much fun way too much fun. Yeah had fun with this all weekend long.

In fact, if you want to see some pictures taken from the amazing camera on the prime 2 head on over to the uh review of this watch and in the show notes, there’ll be a link to take you over to a folder where there was beach. Volleyball. Going on and i was able to um well, let me just say this watch definitely draws attention, but this isn’t, the only look you can have i’ve got a couple of other bands. What what would you say if you were more of a nascar kind of guy than a dwayne johnson, dude right you’d, say you probably want a band like this? Well, what does this look like on this watch? Are you ready, whoa, whoa, again we’re, accentuating the existence of the band it’s, not hiding anymore it’s, right out there ready to see and gives a whole different energy yeah? So how do you find these things? Well, you’ll end up landing on a page like this. This was the one we just showed you, the rubber bullet style, strap and that’s, not going to be your price that’s for sure, uh i’m, going to give you a link in a second, you can go over, go through their whole store or i’m going to have Individual links for the separate bands, but you got to use the links i’m, giving you in order to get ten percent off of the total price and that will flow through in their special three for two that they offer as well.

You buy two bands, you get an extra third one for free and you get the ten percent off on the whole order as well, so very, very easy. Straps co is the company, so you go to, slash strapsco. That gives you instant, 10 percent discount and then just roamage through and buy whichever bands you want all right, i’ve got another one to show you this one obviously has got its own accentuation with red. How would you like green, want to see that one on alrighty here you go green yep? This is a custom face mr tix made a long time ago when i put the course on how to make custom faces right here on If you have an android watch, see that how the golf ball just went right into the hole. If you got an android watch and you’re interested in customizing your own faces to match your custom bands, you can do it easily hop on over. Look in the playlist for custom watch face design. Now. What i want to tell you about these bands is not only their little color differences and nuances, but they all do different uh approaches to things this one. This is a really beefy rubber band it’s super thick. If you’re gon na be rough with your watch, this is a band for it, because it’s not gon na fly off break or anything else, and of course, you can design that’s that quick camera app.

Remember that one flap it up touch it, take a picture, hide it love it radar. I mean you can do so much with these watches and now you can customize them with the bands. So these have all been 26 millimeter bands for this amazing prime 2, because it’s a really wide watch, there’s others out there use the same size bands, but most of the watches are thinner and because of that you have to get a little bit narrower band. So we’re going to move from 26 millimeter down to 24 and look at how some other custom bands appear on. Well, these watches so what’s. The first thing you do when you get a brand new phone huh who said that well that’s a good answer. The first thing you should do when you get a new phone is charge it up. It’S the same thing you do when you get a new smart watch charge it up, but the second thing you do with a new phone. Is you go and get yourself a case now? It may come with a little plastic case just to protect it, and you could use that one, but most of the time you guys shop for a really cool case right you’re, starting to see the analogy. Welcome to the lympho lem13 camera watch where we’re going to look at these bands here. But if you don’t like round, i got an update, you could go square. The lympho lem, 10.

13.. All the same band, tpu rubberized black band, want something different. Me too. I want you to see this up close check it out. Carbon fiber, blue stitching, really nice broad buckle on it. It even wraps around to the back very, very nice, genuine leather band and here’s what it looks like on the lem 13.. Now, this obviously is a watch of the future, and now the band matches it really beautiful integration pop that puppy up do what you’re gon na do twist it around whatever you like lem13, look for the review here on, if you haven’t seen it yet, and The band remember: straps, co,, straps, co, we’ll get you over here where you can find the carbon fiber band and pick it up at ten percent off nice. Huh let’s check out another one. So how about? If you want to take this beautiful watch out for dinner and dress it up a little bit check this band out, this is one from the dasari line that straps co carries and we’ll see a few more of those here in a minute. I just wanted to show you on an android smart watch. You can have a dress band and really make it look cool. For any occasion. One watch lots of bands saves you money, all right, let’s move on to a different size. Now, oh sure, i’ll show it to you there you go the carbon fiber band. If you had it on.

It would look like this yeah many different choices. All at strap co, now we’re moving down from 24 to 22 millimeter. Ah, the thor 6, the brand new android 10 thor 6, the same one with a really weird band that doesn’t actually have holes that go all the way through you kind of have to push the well it’s it’s, odd, it’s, odd, to say the least, and first Thing i’d want to do is definitely upgrade the band on this one. So how about a sorry that you can integrate with the watch faces of your choice? Here’S what this 22 millimeter watch band looks like here. You go notice, something interesting about these particular bands. In addition to the highlight stitching on them is that they taper down, so they don’t look as huge on your wrist. So if you’re, really trying to help make an android, smart watch feel smaller seem smaller, then you may want to integrate it with a tapering type of a band. These guys put all kinds of attention to detail: here’s the same band with a different face on it. Yep, you can change faces all day, long and no i’m, not going to tell you where i get all these faces. I don’t even remember anymore. Some are stocks, some are special, but wherever you get them, you can integrate them with your particular band, but wait there’s more. We are waiting for the arrival of the lympho lem 12 pro.

This is the original lympho lem12 and it came with a really nice uh. Rubberized leather, looking brown band as an option as well, but you can still dress this up. Even when you enter the world of fashion. Attention to detail is everything it takes on a completely different, look and feel when you put a band like this on. This again is one of the disarri collection and again you can pick it up over at straps co. By following this link, straps go. I get it already, but you know i got ta tell you five times for you to remember it. That was the fourth. Only one more metal strap go even has a full selection of different metal bands, stainless steel, various metals, various colors, various type of connections. This is rose gold. I want you to see this up close because of well how it’s all packaged together, how it works, see these things that fold under here that’ll lace, nice and flat under your arm, and you press these buttons to release it. You get quick release, you can remove the different links if you need to to fit your particular arm and it’s all protective and wrapped in plastic, so i’m going to show you this one on the honor magic watch. 2.. Of course, if i had a gold watch the same size that this would integrate with yeah yeah you’d get the idea but check out the band. I need to pull out a few links that’s, why i’m holding it over like this, but to remove it.

It’S super simple: you just snap: it pull it off and there you go so metal bands are available as well. Well, there you have it beautiful smartwatch bands for smart watches in your watch; collection, everything from carbon fiber, high tech stuff to wow evening on the town and well, wherever you’re riding your harley, not to mention metal bands as well, and you can get them from straps Co using our link, strapsco, you get yourself automatic, 10 discount and when you buy two bands you get the third one for free with the discount hope you can take advantage of that beautiful stocking stuffers or christmas presents or birthday presents, or a good present.