This is a tsunto7, and today i’ll show you an unboxing of this device and just a quick overview of it. So popping it open let’s just get it out of this cardboard, nothing inside of here, as you can see, drop it to the side and once you open it up, you present it with the watch itself and it’s a fairly interesting way of presenting it honestly and In here we have the watch obviously now already did set it up, so we don’t have to do that. So the watch is wrapped around the cable um up inside here. The charging cable, as you can see, so if i take it out there we go so there. It is the charging bit station and that’s all we have in here, as you can see, and the watch itself so i’m going to take it off and there it is, and – and here we go let’s see what we got here, looks like a one of the Thickest instruction manuals i have ever seen so this says this is like a bible basically of instructions. If you’re interested you can read it uh. Obviously, it’s wear os. So if you’re already accustomed to wear os, probably reading it gives you nothing i’m, not even going to bother just drop all this aside. So just to put that in perspective, this watch is enormous. This is an absolute unit and just to put that in perspective, what i’m, using on a day to day basis, is a knee band 4.

I think, or three well, the first one with color display and just as a comparison. This is the size of it. Next to this, as you can see, this band gets dwarfed and if i would put it on my wall on my wrist, it would probably look like i have a wall clock mounted to my to my hand, instead of the actual watch, so just to just to Indulge it um, sorry for that. So if i pretend to actually put it on, you can kind of hilariously see how it uh well, makes my hand look like uh, like i’m, the child um. Well, i might not be the biggest guy out there, probably closer in size, to like an asian boy band rather than a some kind of 100 kilogram dude. But still this thing looks hilarious on my wrist and with its size, um, no pun intended here. Uh. We get um built in gps nfc, so you can pay with with the watch itself. Uh wear os, like i mentioned before, along with water resistance up to 50 meters, so that is a fairly decent water resistant and when you launch it normally actually it’s right this side somewhere there we go so that’s kind of how it looks like by default. So yeah now because it’s a wear os, you have the basically typical wear os stuff let’s go to brightness and see if i can make it any brighter, looks like this is going to be yep max brightness now.

Obviously, this watch is more designed for people that are going outdoor and with that size, uh, probably not really designed for women just putting out out there. This is just huge, so um, i’m i’m, assuming this is more designed for basically the outdoor type of guy, rather than any kind of other women and and even me, based on the fact that you have gps and all that water, resistance and stuff like that. So this is uh, basically bear grylls of watches so yeah, and apart from that, the watch has a normal mounting straps. So if you want to use a different strap than this super flexible one, as you can see, this thing scratches, as i have never seen before, so if you prefer to have – i don’t know, for instance, a leather strap by all means you can just drop it In here simply take this one off by moving this slider right over here and it will pop out there we go as you can see it, pops out simply like so and it’s a just a normal mounting um but yeah like i said, not much more to Say about this watch it’s a typical uh watch with a wear os. It does work a little bit slow um. In my opinion, um it’s, not the fastest watch uh, but it does the job so yeah and obviously the price of it uh. It comes at around 200, something along those lines: i’m, not exactly sure, because i’ve seen the uh pricing and actually pln, so that would be two thousand, but that roughly converts to about 200 dollars or actually more 250.

I believe something like that, but so that was the unboxing and well really quick overview of this watch.