I know it’s crazy, but i got a new device and i got early access to it and it’s called the halo band it’s from amazon it’s their take on a fitness tracker, i’m, not sure if you’ve heard about it yet. But i got it about 72 hours ago or so so i figured we’d take a look at it, but before we get started talking about the good and the bad let’s go back in time and let’s do an unboxing okay, so the box seems pretty simple. Just has some information about the band and then there’s these little pull tabs there’s, actually a pull tab on both sides, and that looks like there’s one more at the bottom. When you get it open, so you just pull that and then we can open it and there’s the band looks pretty good. I mean it seems. You know nice and simple. Nothing too, fancy with it. We’Ll, take a look at that later let’s see what else is in here looks like some kind of instruction guide, maybe yep, just information about the band, how to charge what to do the one button that’s on it and then just yeah, just a bunch of who Needs that and then it looks like we got the charging cable and whatever this thing is, this thing looks kind of crazy, but there you go so first off. Let me talk about. Where is the charging brick amazon and come on? Who doesn’t put a charging brick in the box? Oh wait, never mind: it’s.

20. 20.. Nobody does anymore, apparently so, but let’s talk about the good. You know because my mama always raised me right. She said if you can’t say anything good don’t say nothing at all. So i’m, going to talk about the good first it’s kind of small it’s lightweightish. Does okay at fitness tracking does okay at sleep tracking, yeah that’s about it? So now, let’s talk about the bat because that’s? What we’re here? For really we love to bad talk? Other products – it’s, not apple, so let’s talk about the bad first off. What in the world amazon is this. This is their charger. This i want to just cut this off and use it to hold my chips. I mean really first off it’s, annoying to get that thing in there and you always have to look even though i’ve kind of realized that the button goes on the outside, because there is a button on this thing on the right here. But it’s i mean you got to put it in there and then you got to flatten it down, because otherwise it doesn’t make the connection for it to charge, and this is like an everyday thing. So it’s like, if it wasn’t an everyday thing, maybe it wouldn’t be awful, but really this i don’t get it all right. Let’S go on to the next bat, so amazon says to wear this snuggly on your wrist, so that’s. What i did i wore it snuggly on my wrist, but you know what it did it bruised my wrist.

My wrist hurts like crazy right here from wearing this thing. I i didn’t wear it yesterday morning, just because i wanted to break from it because it hurt um, so i’ve loosened it. You know i wouldn’t consider this as snuggly. Like i mean it, moves around pretty good. I don’t consider that snuggly this i consider more snuggly. Now this is, you know this can move around, but it’s more tight than this is. But, however, they made this, like. I don’t know if it’s, because it’s small and just the way it’s shaped, but it will bruise your wrist, or at least it did mine. I mean maybe my wrists are, i don’t, know weak next up the activity tracking like i said it does okay, but they do this point system, so i think it tracks everything pretty accurately compared to the apple watch and the heart rate seems to be okay as Well, but they do this point system and it’s 150 points you to close the ring. So i did it and you’re supposed to close a ring in a week or less. Then they got 300 if you’re like awesome or whatever. So it took me about two three days to close. The 150, like i said, i’ve only had this for about three days or so so four days, maybe four days i had the night before so yeah. It took me less than three days to close my rings. So but then, today the ring went away because it’s monday and everything resets on monday.

I feel like, with this point system that let’s say today’s monday. It should just take away last monday and just keep going so then, if your ring gets unfilled, it’s because you lost a really active day and you need to make up for that to me that seems to work way better, there’s, two main reasons why i got This one, the first one, is all this: this tonal tracking, so i’ve tried it. It has two different settings for that to where it can listen more often or it can listen, not as often but not as often gives you two days of battery. The more often gives you one, so i did that i did the one, because i wanted to get it to hear what you know. How do i talk to people well? First off it is kind of creepy amazon always listening, because it does get sent to their servers and all that stuff for them to detect how you talk – and you know i have kind of a monotone voice. I i believe you know i get more excited when i talk about tech stuff. You know especially apple. I love apple. I can’t help it, but according to amazon, like i’m, like the meanest person in the world – and it might have something to do with the fact that i have a five year old – that has a broken collarbone and is running around like crazy and i’m constantly trying To get him to sit still and not break something else or break this even more, but i mean it thinks that i’m like evil as can be – and maybe maybe i just don’t talk to people very nicely and i don’t think i do.

But if i do, i am so sorry for everybody. I’Ve ever met in real life. I didn’t know, but now i do maybe well. I don’t trust it so the other feature. I was really excited about it’s this body scanner thing and i really haven’t had enough time for it because it says you know you got ta use it for two weeks, like you take a scan one day, you wait. Two weeks you take another scan, so i really don’t know if it’s gon na motivate me at all or if it’s gon na do anything at all. But really you don’t need the device for it, but they make you have the device to gain access to it because you can’t log in unless it notices that you have a device and amazon does charge like right now during the early access, it’s free. But eventually i think it’s going to be like three four, maybe four to six dollars a month or something for the app usage. So there’s that, but you know, i’ll show some clips of how it works. It kind of does this body scan and then you get access to this like ability to kind of look at what stage of your body is based on your body, fat percentage or whatever um so it’s interesting, i mean, i think they got a lot of backlash With body shaming and stuff like that, i don’t know it’s. It is what it is, i think it’s all in good.

As far as you know, this is a feature i think there’s, like a mirror that can do this or something like that as well. That costs thousands of dollars and now they’re doing it from a phone. I think they’d have better off if they just made that feature in charge for that. Rather than make this thing so that’s, it that’s my 72 hours with it. So far like i don’t know what to really say other than should you buy it? No right now, i believe, if you get early access, it’s about 60 70, eventually it’s gon na be a hundred, then you’re also going to have the what four to six dollar fee i’m like it all, adds up pretty quick and for what it is. You know if you want to bruise your wrist and have this thing on your device. You go for it, you do you, but for me yeah it might go in a drawer or something i don’t know what i’m gon na do with it. So yeah so that’s. It for this one, i hope you liked it if you did hit that thumbs up if you didn’t hit that thumbs down and leave a comment down below too, because what do you guys think about third party trackers, like i mean to me, i went through so Many of them before the apple watch came out and i haven’t really messed around with them since, because the apple watch by far, i think, exceeds all of that.

Can’T beat the apple watch. You just can’t. I mean there’s no screen on this that’s. Another thing it’s, like the only way to gain access, is to get on your device, get on your phone and look it’s like i understand they’re trying to break from you, but the great thing about this is you know i can quickly check and then not have To pull out my phone to wear this, if i want to check, i have to pull out my phone and then i might get stuck on instagram for an hour or two. I think i think apple got it more right than them so that’s it that’s. My take on it i mean, can you can you? Are you surprised? Are you surprised and i’m saying hey? The apple watch is better than amazon. I don’t think you are, i know i’m, not so, but yeah feel free leave. A comment hit that thumbs up.