So no no order. Question 11 very very light, and this is it ayansha Music, guys, Music, Music, Music, Music screen, Laughter, Music, Music, foreign Music. I dad meronsong app store value, app store, actually qr code for you guys to download Music hello. So so far, super love. Kusha i mean for its price sobra compared to my other apple watch, nah or i mean smart watch na nasa market nyon foreign. I mean for me yes, because i like what i’ve mentioned earlier: it’s super affordable for its price and so far downside or um and facebook what’s up. I thought guys that’s it for today’s vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, para sating, next vlog, just leave a comment down below and and shout out. Nothing for today is asking one of my best friends: sky bee hi bee hi pass hello. Thank you! So much for watching and um. I miss you so much. Thank you.