I think i partook in being a coloradan. If one catches, my drift and i literally don’t – i kind of vaguely remember seeing this watch. I don’t remember showing an interest in it, sorry to be laughing so much but it’s ridiculous. So and then it was delayed by months yeah. I was late by months and i was like oh right. I kind of remember um talking about this watch and um and he tried to get like his money back because it kept not coming in and that didn’t work out because they said they shipped it and anyway here’s the back to the future watch and i don’t Freaking understand what this has to do with back to the future. Uh. Is this how you turn the thing there there you go but i’m like. Why is it wood this i get the the strap which i don’t do. Can i rip it off? Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Let me get you can rip later. Let me get your little scissors. Uh i’m, capable of using my hands look i’m doing it. Oh my good, okay, so i’m. Taking this off. I did it uh! Oh my god. I got it hooray! Okay! So i get the strap is supposed to look like his vas, so say for people who weirdly have never seen the movie you’ve never talked about. Why you love back to the future so much. I don’t know because it’s a cool movie it’s the greatest american trilogy movie ever made yes, okay, so anyway, you go.

Oh wait, i’m, not on the thing and it it’s velcro, which doesn’t yeah it’s velcro it’s velcro, which is kind of weird um. I know that the case is made of recycled stainless steel yeah and every delorean everything is like recycled and um sustainable, so that’s cool. This is like maple and and stuff so that’s pretty neat. I i like that. I just don’t get what. Why is there wood? What does that have to do with back to the future? Did their website say what it had to do with it? Probably, but i mean what time was it? What had been what was going on and it came with a bracelet that i haven’t looked at yet uh and that crap and that what is it i don’t know, what’s amazing is i wasn’t sure that it was actually actual back to the future tied in. But look it’s it’s even marked universal. I don’t know what this is. Oh, that is a bracelet resizing diddly, oh that’s cool. Look at that it’s a it’s, a tool it’s actually metal too, and then this is probably extra lengths yay. I was right. Wow, look at that uh and three bars uh, so i don’t mind the i don’t mind this. I tip i like bracelets, more than rubber straps. I mean i don’t mind the watch. I just don’t get what the wood has to do with. I don’t freaking get it. I don’t get it.

I don’t i don’t. I can’t remember anything in the movie that had light blonde wood. I have no idea i’m, just i’m mystified. Are you gon na put it on uh sure? What are you wearing right now? What i always wear i have rolexes and i always wear that. Okay, hang on you know the heart won’t wants what it wants. Okay, hang on i’m, getting it on it’s kind of awkward god, damn it that’s what she said. Will you stop it uh? I can’t. Do it sure you can no, i can’t really i’m trying to get it on it’s really awkward. Well, it doesn’t help. You you’ve got this tag thing here. What is this strap made of? Is this like leather or something uh? Does it say in the thingy? I don’t know ow sorry, okay, so that’s through, so it gets really tight and if it’s too tight for for me, then that’s really tight, but that’s cool, uh. Okay, so it says made from good stuff all our watches, including the packaging, are made from 100 sustainable materials. One vegetable, tanning leather, two, fsc, certified, maple wood, three sapphire coating, glass, four recycled stainless steel same as the delorean backbone chassis chassis. I don’t think i think, whoever translated this from whatever the original language was wasn’t, very good with english, okay, um. Okay, so i think that’s pretty cool that’s made from sustainable materials um i just don’t get it. I don’t think the delorean has any maple.

I don’t know and and the display on the dash and the delorean was all stainless. I think anyway, but that’s the cool little numbers thing and it does date and time and stuff was it. Oh wait. I didn’t bring. I was like where’s your phone, my phone. Oh yeah, i did not partake in colorado fun this morning, i’m, just really tired, you’re wearing green. You didn’t smoke any no, so anyway, um it’s, pretty cool. I just like i keep saying i just don’t get it um, but whatever the color of the thing is of the strap is a nice contrast with your hoodie yeah. No, i i don’t mind it it’s, fine, okay! Well, we need to make it a little. Then you can try to think about it. Go from there anyway, we uh, i barely remembered buying it. It was only like two months later i was like wait. A second didn’t i buy something. The ad came up in instagram and i was like wait a minute. I paid for that, so you got ta, listen to you, you know, even when you shouldn’t the problem with instagram ads, i’ve read and it didn’t happen this time. Obviously, but a lot of them are like scam, um ads and they just take your money and they don’t send you anything that’s what i thought this was gon na be it’s. Why i’m surprised that? Not only did i thought, because i was busy yelling at these people, for the fact that this thing was months late.

I thought that they were gon na, send me a rock, but they actually sent me a watch and it’s it. It genuinely looks. It’S it’s got the universal thing: copyright universal on it. It was packaged pretty terribly it was. It was in a soft packet yeah like in a bag um and it wasn’t wrapped with bubble, wrap or anything so that’s, something to take into consideration. I don’t know so. There it is, it looks professional enough, so why don’t you wear it for a little bit and then well it’s your watch. You can do what you want. I know i can okay well that’s it anything else. You want to add.