They are the lenfo s20, the lenfo lf 26 and the lemfo dt 79. All of these smart watches come in at less than 50. The s20 is 25, the dt 79 is 40 and the lf 26 is 35. So let’s take a look. The dt 79 came in a lovely box and the orange colors really fantastic. The hardware buttons are very nice. They have a nice, solid, clicky, sound mechanical and the english manual is actually written in english. The dt79 also came with an extra strap, which was unexpected. I felt the s20 strap was a little bit thin for the weight of the watch. It needs to support and the strap has a very strange attaching system. I haven’t seen before, where you have to tuck the end of the strap back inside under your wrist once it passes through the loop, whereas the other two watches had more conventional watch clasps. At the end, the lf 26s strap looks like leather in the photographs, but in real life it does not look like leather at all. Now, let’s talk about the displays the 79 and the 26 both have fairly bright, reasonable displays. You can read them outdoors in daylight. The s20s display is about half as bright as the other two watches and in sunlight. I would say it is completely unreadable there’s also another problem with the s20 display. It is not as large as it appears. The s20 is actually a square that’s been cut to fit inside.

A circular watch face let’s. Take a look at some of the watch faces that are built into the watches, the dt79 Music and the s20 Music, the lf 26. The lf26 does allow you to add extra watch faces through its companion. App. All three watches have completely different charging cables, so you want to be extra careful not to lose yours because it may be difficult or impossible to replace in terms of battery life. We got four days with the dt79. We got about five days on the s20 and the lf 26 lasted over a week between charges when the battery is fully charged. The watch will vibrate and make a noise every five minutes. So you want to be careful where you put the watch to charge, i would not recommend you put it charge it at your bedside table. The dt79 can also work as a bluetooth audio device for your phone it’s great for podcasts. The audio is extremely loud and surprisingly, clear, what’s going on everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the waveform podcast we’re, your hosts i’m marquez brownlee and i’m andrew benganelli, and today we’re just gon na we’re, just gon na chat for a little bit just let’s talk about the s20 app where fit where fit had trouble making its First connection to the s20 watch and when it did you, we see that there’s an advertisement baked into the application’s interface. Shame on lemfo for allowing that the where fit software does not reconnect automatically to the watch once it’s lost to connection which makes it pretty much useless.

The dt 79 came with an app called fundo and fundo did a very good job of maintaining uh. The connection to the smart watch, even after you drift out of range when you come back in the watch, will hook uh fun. The fundo app on your phone will find the watch and automatically reconnect for the lf26. We have fit cloud pro and fit out fit cloud pro was also quite stable and robust when it loses a connection to the smart watch. It picks it up back again when the watch is within range. So let’s talk about notifications. The s20 will only allow notifications from a pre selected list of apps. So if you need, if you wanted to receive notifications from an app that’s, not on this list, you’ll be out of luck and also i had a hard time keeping the s20 synchronized with my phone. The lf26 has a strong vibration accessing your past. Notifications is just a swipe away, but like the s20, you can only receive notifications from a certain pre determined list of apps. The dt79 has a very weak vibration, but a rather cheerful notification, sound you can receive notifications from any of the apps that are on your smartphone. However, once you’ve looked at a notification, it disappears forever. The watch doesn’t keep any kind of archive of past notifications. The health monitoring sensors, the s20 and the dt79 both experienced sensor failures out of the box on the s20.

Only the heart rate sensor worked and the s20s blood oxygen monitor only registers 95 percent at every reading. So i think it doesn’t probably doesn’t work on the dt 79. None of the sensors worked for the first six days and then miraculously today when i started to film the failure of the ecg sensor, all of the health sensors began to work. The ecg measurement requires that you open the companion app on your phone and press your finger to the metal rim, so you can’t get a reading of the ecg by itself on your wrist you’re. Look. You have to be looking at the reading on your phone. The s20 and the lf 26 will automatically take health readings during the day, but since the s20 sensors seem to be faulty, the s20 has only been aggregating. Faulty health data, the lf 26 health sensors work seem to work perfectly and it can take automatic readings during the day and it properly aggregates the data in the fit cloud pro app. All three smart watches have a fitness mode. Here is a look at the one of the fitness modes of the s20. The dim display of the s20 makes it hard to read. Outdoors here is one of the sports modes walking on the dt 79, and here is how the walking mode is represented. On the lf 26, all three smart watches have an ip rating let’s move on to the water test. I am going to submerge all of the watches into this transparent container of water.

Okay, the displays are still turning on and that’s a three out of three for the water immersion test: okay, let’s wrap things up and see if we can come up with a winner or two, the dt 79 and the lf 26 are both worthy of consideration. If being able to receive notifications from any app on your phone is more important, you’re going to go with the dt79, and if health tracking is more important to you, you will go with the lf26. The s20 is out of the game due to its tiny, dim screen and it’s terrible, no good, companion software. I hope you can find a smart watch that is within your budget and suits your needs if you don’t let’s continue on the journey together. I’M jason.