Today, we’re going to unbox the new tech watch gtx, we will see what we have from this smart watch Music. So here we have the new taqwa gtx. We know about this watch that it has 14 different workout modes. Custom watch faces and up to 10 days battery life, you can see here at the bottom. We have some specifics also at the back. We have seven to ten days ip waterproof sleep, tracking, music control, heart rate, metal frame and, as i said, fourteen workout modes. So this is the package of the taqwa gtx. You can see very good, looking package and very good packed, so we have two packages here and the second one. We have the watch itself. You can see very good protected. We have here the watch with foam, as you can see right here and with different types of protection let’s get. This is that aside, you can see right here. We have another package and in this package is included. The charger for the tech watch let’s see here. What charger do we have? So you can see. We have the typical two points charger, as well as the user manual, like always at the bottom of the box. This user manual is in english and chinese as well, and it includes a lot of things that are very important to read. So this is what we have in the package itself. Let’S go ahead and try to power on the tick watch, see how it does.

So. You can see, as we mentioned before, the metal framing, it looks pretty good. We have good bands and very good quality through this watch press and hold the button it vibrates and it powers on immediately. You can see very bright and very good quality of the screen, which is very important. We have here very good and beautiful little face at the top. We have to disturb phone and settings as well. Also we have percentage of battery and a date at the top. So this is the task bar of the tick watch and the left. We have heart rate, sleep hours, stop watch timer, we have the weather and we have the sport. Sorting from outdoor running outdoor cycling jump rope, swimming indoor, watering, rowing, free style, mounting climbing indoor run gymnastic, and we have soccer basketball, yoga and that’s it. So you can see we have plenty of them. We have some notifications here at the top, as well as the things that we did throughout the day like here, like, as you can see right here. So this is the menu and the things in the tick watch press and hold to change the faces that you are. You have saved in this watch. Also, you can download more in the app which you will see that in the video, when we show you how to connect it. So this is the software of the tick watch. Let’S begin with some tests here immediately let’s see how this will measure our health, caring and other thing.

You can see the time at the top seconds. Heart rate burn calories and we have only these options that we can see. But when we press you can see, we have the distance steps and other information, so i thought that we have more in the tick watch, let’s begin with some tasks and the heart rate i’m going to strap the band more, so it’s pressed against my wrist. So i get more accurate data for you guys you can see. We have immediately the first option, which is very good and very fast actually, and that is impressing. You can see. We have here the statistic and we have the lowest and highest heart rate that we measured before so let’s, wait and see how fast it will measure you can see. We have some result lowest and highest, as well as the statistic, so the heart rate of the tech watch goes on and on in real time. It never ends, so you can see it’s still measuring and it will continue to measure our heart rate. So this this was the heart rate we have here the settings for brightness restored, reset power off and about – and this is basically what we have here in the techwatch gtx – we don’t have anything else to test here. All these data will be saved in the app that we will see later in how to connect video so guys this was all for today’s video.