So many of you have commented, you have saw it on my wrist, but now let’s go with the review and what did i like and what are the things that i did not like and it comes obviously in this box. You get this watch itself and this is a charging pack that’s it what you get and one small manual, so i’ll just keep this to the side and let’s look at the watch itself, and this is not the latest just now. They release the tick watch. Pro 3 also that’s, even more powerful, but that’s a lot more expensive. I recall this on. Amazon was selling for about 22 000 and this runs on android. There are some good things that i liked about it, but there are also some unique cons that i noticed, and one thing that i liked about this watch – is that uh this you have this regular display goes off. It takes a couple of seconds and now, if you notice i, if let’s see, if my camera is able to capture it, like casio old watches, you have an analog display. That gives you the basic idea about time, uh the date and how many steps that you have worked and with this one it tries to get a lot more battery, and it also has an essential mode. If you keep it, you get actually really long battery life. Uh, but in regular usage uh, when you just flick your wrist like this uh, this regular display comes on and, of course, it’s a touch screen, and here i was getting a battery life of about two days on this one.

This runs on android, wear and it’s. Also, water resistant and, as you can see it has that heart rate sensor here at the back at the back is stainless steel and i, like the build quality. The build quality is actually really good on this one. It feels strong, it doesn’t feel like cheapo or something like that, and i like this trap on this one. This is a very weird kind of a strap from the front. It looks like leather, but from back it looks like sort of a plastic finish. So a weird combination of leather and plastic – i don’t know what it’s called, but because of this, as you can see, i was waiting for three weeks also, and it still looks actually good from front. Actually many people mistake it for genuine leather but it’s. A mix of plastic and a leather feel uh and again you can actually replace these straps. If you want uh, you can do that uh coming to the back again. This is stainless steel and we have that heart rate sensor and all those things uh. Regarding the charger i’m, not a big fan of this type of charger, it’s a charging pack like this – and yes, it will charge it uh. The battery is actually pretty big 415 milliamp hour, considering uh other smart watches. They generally hover about 280 320 mah. This 415 and the charging pack works well, but the thing is that, because it’s above 20 000, i felt it should have had wireless charging like we have on premium.

What do you say? Samsung, smart watches or apple uh. That way, you have just a cheat charger. You can just place it. I will charge here. You have to remember to carry this charging pack because it’s a proprietary charger that they’re using uh now coming to the performance uh. Here i would say on surprise with the performance considering it’s android, where we know how laggy android wear can be and that’s one of the big reasons. It’S not selling. That well – and i think so, that the problem with android wear is that many of the vendors earlier were giving smart watches with just 512 mb of ram. This one has one gigabyte of ram, and i think so. That is the reason everything is actually very fluid. On this one, i did not have a problem of that typical lagginess that we have with android wear. As you can see, though, this is not having the latest processor it’s the snapdragon weight 2100, but then also uh it’s, very smooth to move around within the ui. I did not notice that typical lagginess that we have and because it’s running on google uh, where we also have that voice recognition. We have two buttons over here, physical once. If you just press it, it brings you to all your apps so that are pre installed. On this one, and if you just hold it for some time, the voice assistant comes and you can talk, let’s try that let’s, ask it a question and see how fast it responds what’s, the time in new york, the time in new york, new york.

Usa is 4 11 a.m. As you can see, this is the big thing, because the google voice assistant is so quick. It reacts very quickly to you that’s the problem i have with samsung smart watches, though functionality wise, they are very good, but the voice recognition is bad and you can use this voice recognition, uh to reply to whatsapp messages, etc. Uh let’s try and to set a timer and let’s see if it does set a timer for 20 minutes and it gave a vibration and it has done it and it has actually done it. If i go over here, as you can see, the timer is running so that way i would say uh. It works very well in terms of the voice recognition that we have so that way it was good and, as i’ve told you because of that one gigabyte of ram the general performance is good. So why do i say that i have some cons with this one. Uh the thing is that it’s, the combination of software, what they have given these days uh these smart watches, have sort of become our health assistant, and here i would say this is slightly lacking. Yes, it has has the heart rate sensor and all those things and that works in fact, i’ll show you the app it does that always on heart rate tracking, but it misses on some of the things like spo2, that is the oxygen blood levels and also one Strange thing that i found with this one is that it does not do sleep tracking, which i feel is very important.

How good is your sleep affects your health quite a bit and many of the other premium android or even what do you say? Samsung apple uh, apple doesn’t do but many of the android or even now, amaze fit etc. Do that sleep tracking, very well, so that is where i feel the lacking point is, but as a general, what do you say? Smart watch? It is very responsive, as you saw, and it works very well. The touch response is also very good, and the added advantage is that uh, when this goes off, you have that second display, as i’ve told you. I have to just do this now. That second display came, and because of this, if you put it in essential mode, the battery lasts for a very very long time. It can go days and days, uh uh, on this one they claim about 30 days. Obviously i couldn’t test it but yeah. Actually, if you just keep it on this one, this is basic mode. But again, if you use this only basic mode, all the time, then the smart functionality won’t work. So i would say it’s a good combination, i would say – and a unique uh pick, but now let’s look at the software because that’s the big thing that we have and uh it’s having this uh, of course android wear. These are uh. Quite a bit of watch faces that are pre installed. Uh, you can move between them, let’s say, stick watch probe and these are the pre installed.

These are by tick. Watch itself have a huge good collection of this and again as it’s android, where you can install third party caps like facer, etc. That way you have tons and tons of watch faces, but these are the built in ones that they have here. We don’t have a lot of options again. You can set what notifications you want typical. What other tiles that you want when you move around the watch you can set that. But, apart from that for the health aspect, uh, you have to go to this move. Ev. Ah, and here it gives you an idea, but as you can see, the app is very, very basic. Yes, the heart rate: if you go over here, it gives you an idea about it. Let’S just go back. If i go to the calendar uh, let me just go and it gives you the rings and all these things as you can see it gives you the resting heart rate, how much you have walked that day in miles and all those things and that it does. But i feel yes, though, it gives these basic stats it’s not in depth, i would say uh, for example, it just gives these raw stats, but compared to other smart watches that i have used even amaze, fit, etc. I would say in the health department uh they were doing a far better job than this one. So i hope the software improves on this one uh hardware wise.

I actually uh, like this it’s, actually really good hardware that they’ve put and the build quality. As i’ve told you is solid uh, but, coming to some of the cons, i’ve told you. The software experience not super polished again that sleep tracking simply is not there. It didn’t work for me and again i hope they improve a little bit on the software side with their fitness oriented, because these days, that has become a lot lot important uh. As of now this is selling in india. For about twenty two thousand, i leave the link of amazon, but again we also have the new version of this one that is known as the thick uh tick watch pro three uh, that has the snapdragon as new uh 4000 series uh. What do you say? Soc and that’s supposed to have even bigger battery life than this one uh so anyways, yes, uh it’s a good. What is android smart watch but again not perfect, and if i have to rate it, i would rate it 7.5 out of ten. I i would say if it was just the hardware point of view, i would rate it as high as about 8.5, but that software experience, i would say, is not that polished, anyways, guys uh that’s it for now.