So we will talk about its design. Hardware, specs features, performance battery life and all of its pros and cons. But before we start, if you have not subscribed to this channel till now, then hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to get the notification for future uploads. So, first of all, if you are interested in watching the unboxing of ticwatch pro 3 gps, then you can click the link appearing on the top of the screen or the link given in the description below now talking about the design and build quality, tick watch pro 3, gps comes with a 1.4 inch. Amoled display enclosed in the stainless steel frame. The rest of the body is made of plastic and we got a solid silicon, strap that is very comfortable to wear. It weighs nearly 42 grams, so it is quite lightweight and you can wear it 24. 7 without feeling any discomfort. Tic watch pro 3 comes with ip68 certification, so you can wear it while swimming in a pool or walking in the rain without worrying about any damage to it. It comes with two physical buttons out of which the top one can be used for switching on or off the device and accessing the menu and the bottom button can be used for launching a specific application, and it can also perform some other tasks. We got a microphone and a speaker on trick watch pro 3, so you can make voice calls right from the device itself.

One drawback of the design of tick watch pro 3 is that it lacks an identity and at the first glance not many people will recognize it and say hey. This is required pro 3 gps that you are wearing, and it looks very much similar to the previous generation of the watch pro as well. Another drawback is that it does not come with wireless charging and you will have to use the special usb charging cable provided in the retail box and if you lose it somehow, then you will have to buy a new one. Talking about the hardware. Specs tick watch pro 3 is the first ever google vr os smart watch that comes with qualcomm snapdragon vr 4100 chipset record massive 1gb ram and 8gb internal storage, along with bulk of sensors like nfc, that we can use with google pay gps barometer, gyroscope accelerometer and The ppg heart rate sensor and talking about the features and performance stick watch pro 3 gps runs on android, wear os and the worst thing about the android vr os is the android vr os. If you have used it earlier, then you should be knowing that vr. Always powered smart watches lag a lot it drains battery very quickly, and the overall performance is very poor compared to other smart watches, but that’s not the case with tick watch pro 3 gps, and we can give the credit to the great hardware specs we got in This device, so the 1gb ram and the 8gb internal storage, along with the snapdragon vr 4100 processor, provide a very smooth experience that was not available earlier on anywhere os smartwatch.

The user interface is very smooth. There is no lag, the touch sensitivity is very nice and because of the huge internal storage, you can install lots of party application from the google play store without killing the performance of the device. So if you are looking for a vr os powered smart watch, then tick watch pro 3. Gps is the best smart watch that you can buy right now, other than the typical vros applications like google fit play, store, calendar, etc. Mobile also provides some custom applications and you can get the idea from the name itself that what exactly is the function of that particular application? T health provides all of the pedometer related data that how many steps you’ve walked. How much distance you covered? How many calories you burned under the trick exercise? You will find some exercises that you can perform while wearing the tic watch pro 3 gps. It would be nice if we had a bit more kind of physical activities covered under this application. Tick pulse, provide data related to your heart rate. Tick slip is the slip monitoring application that provides nice information that how many hours you slept. How good was your sleeping cycle and lots of other information that you can use to improve your sleep at night? Tic zen is the stress, monitoring application that categorizes the stress level and different zone, and then it provides information that what time of the day, how much stress you were, and if you find yourself stressed, then you can use the tick breath application that is also available In the ui of texan to do some breathing exercises to calm yourself under the tick oxygen, you can measure your blood oxygen saturation level, and then we got thick hearing that detects the ambient sound and it provides information that how loud it is to protect your ear.

Other than these we got some productivity related applications like voice memo, under which you can create voice memos that will be synced with your smartphone. You got calculator alarm stopwatch timer. Obviously we got weather, we got contacts to make voice, calls from the tick watch pro 3 gps. We got torch agenda and in the essential mode, tick watch pro 3 gps stops all of the smart function of the device and switches from amoled display to the monochrome lcd display to save battery. You can even select the battery level at which the essential mode will be launched by itself from the google play store. You can download thousands of application on your ticwatch pro 3 gps to perform various tasks. Now talking about the screen and display quality, we got a 1.4 inch amoled display with 454 cross 454 pixels resolution, so the display quality is really nice, and this is the only smartwatch that comes with the dual display technology. We got it in previous version of the watch as well, but the one on techwatch, pro 3 gps, is even improved. So we got an emulated display for the smart mode, and we’ve got a low power consuming always on ips display that works along with the amoled display. It is part of the essential mode that provides up to 45 days of battery life by stop the functioning of smart mode. If you are not using any always on display of the watch face, then the secondary monochrome display will be used as the always on display to save the battery and provide all of the necessary information without consuming the battery.

So this is something very unique and special about the quad pro 3 gps. Now talking about the battery life, tick watch pro 3 gps provides up to 3 days of battery life in a smart mode on heavy usage. In my personal experience, it survived around 70 hours. In a smart mode, and then it switched to the essential mode when the battery went below five percent and three days of battery life on a vr os powered smart watch is really amazing. If you compare it with some other smart watches. For example, huawei watch gt2 series that can easily provide up to 10 days of battery life on heavy usage. Three days seems very less, but when we talk about in the context of vros smartwatch, this is the best battery life that you can get overall tick watch pro 3 gps is the best android vr os powered smart watch that you can buy. The performance is very smooth and there is no lagging or any kind of issue that you will find in other weir os powered smart watches. It comes with a unique multi layer, dual display technology that combines a 1.4 inch amoled display and a monochrome lcd display. The battery life is quite impressive for a vr os smartwatch and it comes with lots of sensors and hardware based features that are used for various kind of physical health and fitness related activities. So if you’re planning to buy a smart watch, especially powered by the vr os, then tick watch pro 3 gps is the best option available for you right now in the market, so that’s all for now.