Today i got a smartwatch video for y’all. This is the ticwatch pro 3 and um. If y’all are here, you already, you probably have already read about this watch and um you’ve, probably already heard reviews that talked about sorry. I was a little dirty there. I have actually been wearing this watch, so y’all don’t, mind the dirt but um. I have actually worn it for a couple weeks now and put it through its paces. So it is a little dirty. You know, because i do i do run. I do run um four four to five miles a day, um at a local park about five miles from here, so um um. You have to mine the band being a little dirty on the underneath there um. I thought i did a better job than that, but um, but anyways um. If you’re here, you – probably you probably already know or read some things about this watch um because i know smartwatch just haven’t caught on with everybody, yet not everybody that has uh, you know, has a smartphone, even a super expensive one has a smart watch to go With it necessarily um, your apple watch is still the most popular watch, it’s still only compatible with iphones, so that kind of you know, you’re gon na see more people with iphones have their apple watch than an android phone with you know with any smart watch, not Just a wear os smart watch, but you know even uh, even a galaxy watch from samsung or uh or a fitbit uh.

You know um, but um um, but i keep repeating that yo. I’M. Sorry i’m, trying to catch my words here. I did get back from running not too long ago, so that’s that’s, why there so y’all bear with me uh everything you you might have read about this watch, though it is true this if you read that this is the best where os uh smart watch it’s. True uh they’re not just saying that they’re not just saying that, because it’s the latest one um are they saying it because it’s the first and the only one available with the latest and greatest qualcomm uh smartwatch processor, the wear 4100 chipset? Yes, that’s a portion of it not but not fully, though not fully um. You know when fossil came out with the gen 5. A lot of people were disappointed that it didn’t have the uh the wear 4100 snapdragon chipset. A lot of people expected the uh, the gen 5 fossils to have it because, besides my boy, fossil has been the best about keeping up with the latest uh chipsets from qualcomm for the uh for the wear os platform. They really have. You know the uh, the fossil sport, the gen fours they all kept up and the gen 5s actually have the same chipset that the gen 4 had the 3100, not the 4100. Now, fossils defense, they did come out with the gen 5s right after the 4100 uh snapdragon aware processor was announced um, so the watch was probably the hardware was obviously already finalized and um.

It was already ready to hit storage shows they just wasn’t. It would have cost them more money to to bring them all back and ref. You know refit them with the 4100. I mean i’m sure um, but my voice didn’t waste any time not even a month later or well. Maybe it was a month give or take. Maybe a month and a half, but nonetheless they wasted no time bringing out the ticwatch uh pros successor the ticwatch pro three and there’s a reason why it’s called the three? Not the two i’ll try to get to that um, because you also notice how it has gps at the end of its name, but they wasted. No time bringing you know a product to retail, with the snapdragon where 4100 uh smartwatch processor and my boy has already been really good about their optimizations, just as fossil has been, and they have gone even further with the 4100 chipset. This watch isn’t just the best because it has the 4100 watt uh, the 4100 wear chipset that’s. Why? A few minutes ago, you notice, i said partially the reason that’s, because my boy has they they, you know they work. They do work with. Google. Google owns a stake in the company if i’m not mistaking, i don’t know if they actually, you know physically work side by side and the optimizations, and you know that kind of allows my boy to get the latest processors first. I’M.

Not you know really sure about all that i’m, not sure about the logistics, but they what it whatever, whatever the the thing may be, they’ve done a great job. This watch it flies. It has none of the lag that any previous wear os smart watch. You might have used in the past had even the fossil uh gen4s that i used had a few hiccups here and there and it was more or less the 3100 snapdragon and not so much fossils optimizations, because there were other smart watches with that same chipset. That were even worse, uh falses were the were the best well well. The tick watches with the 3100 were the best two uh. Those actually had fewer hiccups than even the fossils, if any at all, um really quick, the name um you, you know uh. What was it about a year and a half ago, or so my voice came out with the ticwatch pro, and it has that secondary grayscale screen or monochrome screen and it’s able to make the battery last super long like a month um. That was just the ticwatch pro then, six months later, they came out with the ticwatch pro lte, which i think i reviewed on my channel as well uh. I had i just don’t, not sure if i had a video up for it or not, i might not have but nonetheless techwash pro lte had the same exact specs except it had double the ram it went from 512 megabytes to to to gigabyte and that that That that that’s a huge bump, but the processor stayed the same everything else about it stayed the same.

It was just lte versus the versus the regular pro that was just gps. So in naming this, the ticwatch pro 3 they’re, basically basically saying that the ticwatch pro lte was the tickwatch pro 2. um, again it’s only major spec bump. Besides the lte radio was the fact that it had double the ram, but you know what in a watch that goes, that goes along a long distance, so you know tick watch pro 2 spiritually. It was, and here we go with the ticwatch pro 3 gps and my guess as to why they added the gps to the end of the name is so they have that door open for an lte or possibly even a 5g model. I don’t know i have not. I haven’t heard anything i’m just you know just you know it would be interesting for a 5g smartwatch but i’m pretty sure the 4100 is only cable of lte. I could be wrong, though, because the the um, the 5g snapdragon modems, are separate or can be separate, they’re, not necessarily on the same die as the uh as the soc. So you know remains to be seen. They could do both for all. We know, but nonetheless i’m sure they they. They call this the ticwatch pro 3 gps, basically i’m sure to in a way i’m sure in a way to leave that door open for one to come out that they would simply call the tick watch pro 3 lte.

You know to cease. The confusion makes perfect sense. I agree with it. I get it um. This watch has the same large gorgeous oled display that the the last two had um. They call this color, the uh, the shadow black, and it is absolutely gorgeous that red stitching there with the black. This reminds me of a of a um of like a uh, a charger or challenger hellcat, where it’s black leather, but it has the red stitching in it’s, absolutely gorgeous um it it it to me the whole setup is reminiscent of a sports car. Really i don’t know why that is for some reason: um there there’s your charger. Of course, your your literature, you know nothing special there, your box content stuff like that um beautiful screen. As i said, let me see if i can activate the monochrome screen. Let’S see yeah the essential mode and um. Let you see that there see there, it is right there and um and it does still keep track of your steps. It does give you a battery indicator, so uh, you know and it works uh. It works great. You know um let’s, see if i can turn it back on. I don’t know if i’m pressing the right button here yeah. I am just wait there. It is there, it is yeah and um. This watch works, you know, amazingly, it is not only. Is it the best wear os smart watch it’s? Quite frankly, the best smart watch that you could get for um for any phone other than an iphone.

Now this is compatible with iphone and just like the uh, the gen 5 fossils, the gen 5 fossils have a feature that that that not any other wear os smart watch before it had um. There was one good thing: despite it using older specs, the gen 5 fossil was able to uh, receive voice, calls when paired to an iphone uh. That was a big deal and uh. This is able to do the same um. There is another watch. Another wear os watch that does that i’m, not sure which one and it might have been out before the gen 5 fossils. So if y’all need to correct me in the comments, please do be easy on me, um always on display, as you can see there, but um connects very easily it’s it’s it’s, quick, very fast, very impressive um. It never loses connection once it is connected and uh. I do use it regularly with the xiaomi phone xiaomi phones. A lot of times can be the worst about keeping smart watch connections even with their own smart watches, um, like the uh, like the amaze fits so uh, take from somebody who knows because uh, if you, if you look at my channel this year, has been filled With nothing but xiaomi phones, almost um, but uh – and i got one that’s going to upload after this – for the me 10t, which i’m actually recording this with the xiaomi me 10 um. So y’all been a lookout for that um.

But this watch is nothing it’s been nothing short, but amazing i’ve been using it side by side with the with the new fitbit versa, 3 uh, which is a huge improvement over the versa 2. Huge improvement, uh fitbit did that but uh, but this watch i still like more. If you want a good review for the fitbit versa. 3 check out donovan hornbeck if i’m, if i’m saying his last name right, um i’m saying it on the fly, but i know his first name is donovan uh. We actually correlate a lot he’s uh he’s, uh he’s a you know. I love his reviews on smart watches, he’s out he’s, also an avid runner as myself uh, but he has a fantastic review on the fitbit versa. 3. y’all go check it out um. If y’all want to see a review on that but um. I do still recommend this watch over. This watch is fantastic uh. I have used it briefly with an iphone 12 and it works great um and uh it’s it’s it’s amazing. It really is very impressive and uh. You know my voice again. They nailed it. They hit it out of the park with this one um it’s it’s it’s, the best smart watch. You can use with an android phone and really the second best you can use with an uh with uh, with an apple uh with with an iphone uh. If you’re not already using an apple watch, um it’s it’s, i mean even if you’re using a galaxy, i would use it over any any galaxy watch.

I haven’t had personal use with the galaxy watch three, but i’ve watched a ton of reviews, great watch, but it it pales compared to this watch that’s just my opinion. From what i’ve seen with reviews, i think donovan has a review of that watch as well. So y’all go check that one out uh but anyways yo hit me up on that. Yo hit me up in the comments. Let me know what you think: tic wash pro 3 gps uh shadow black love, that red stitching. Another thing too, like the front is leather, but the back is silicone. You know you know to help to help with your sweat when you’re running and stuff and there’s your sensors there um the charger connects super easy too, but i love that band. I absolutely love that band. I had another watch that had a similar band where it was leather on the front, but silicon in the back. It might have been the previous tic watch pro, but i had one previously that i really enjoyed and so i’m. I was really happy to see this feature that but anyways y’all. Let me know what you think hit me up in the comments. Y’All stay tuned.