So, stick with me for the next couple of minutes from a design perspective. This particular model supports an all black fiber body that houses a stainless steel bezel and cover, as well as italian leather, breathable, straps that’ll, ensure long years of usage and followed by huge comfort. Since we’re talking about the design i’d like to mention two things, the first is that this model is available also in a silver edition. So you can choose it if you prefer that color combination more. The second thing is that both of the models are water resistant, but not waterproof, so don’t use these for swimming what’s. Maybe the biggest highlight regarding the design is its ammo led touchscreen that uses dual screen technology? Basically, meaning you can access key stats and time information. Even if the battery is low, so let’s talk about the features, the ticwatch pro integrates a heart rate monitor a built in gps and even a built in google assistant. So you can operate it through your speech instead of tapping on the touchscreen, for whatever reason you might need i’d, also like to mention that you can pay with this watch as well. Thanks to the google pay which is built into the smartwatch. So, as you can see, regardless of whether you intend to use it for casual or sport purposes, the ticwatch pro is just great. Another great thing about this unit is the battery life, which has impressed thousands of users on the market.

To be more precise, if you use the essential mode, the battery life may go up to 30 days, otherwise you’re looking at about five days for the other modes.