Is it upside down, no it’s not to hold 35 dollars? Well, it was actually like. 45 and then you get like a 10 off in amazon. I’Ll probably have the link down below so take a look at it, but this one’s called the tin woo smart watch, yeah it’s from china, um i’m, going to give it a try. Tinwutech.Com is the name of the website, if you guys can see that so take a look at the website i’m going to take a look at this watch. I’M cheap right. So i don’t want to spend 300 bucks on an iphone or i watch so um let’s see if this uh floats my boat we’re gon na unravel this today. All right here we go. The unboxing of the tin move already opened it. Oh, have i no i’m, not so i’m gon na get the scissors and uh just cut it open there. There you go take that out. Yep come on open up, so just the immediate reaction is that the box isn’t the best for 35 bucks, still not bad. But again, you know all right. So it’s got the watch inside which we’re going to take out as gracefully as we can and it’s. The watch all right so it’s got the watch, looks pretty good black strap. What else is in it? Let’S take a look. It’S got a cover. It’S got a usb something you should not be eating and uh some information.

All right. I think we’re, just gon na go off the flag. Take a look to see how easy it is. I don’t know put this on the side. Take the watch all right so let’s go. Can you guys see properly there you go so power on stopwatch and sports let’s uh put the power on there. You go it buzzed and it’s. Turning on pretty neat look at that comes charged, amazing, all right. So what else can we do in here? So all right, so it’s got different sports options. We’Ve got here, so i can do running basketball i’m. Guessing that’s football. That is pretty cool. I’Ve got a stopwatch here, all right. So if i that’s also neat for doing stopwatch um, i like this dial, actually it’s, pretty neat and i’m guessing. If i connect it to my phone, which i’ll do in a bit, i can get all of these options all right. So i’ve got this other watch which i’m wearing right now, which i’ve connected to my phone it’s the same one just uh, if i can take it out a different color band. I like this brown band, so this one i’ve connected to my watch and um. I actually like it so it’s measuring my steps. 8344 um. I like that it’s got the weather and it tells you a bunch of information, a lot of which i don’t understand, but it’s 31 degrees outside it’s a cold night here in chicago.

And if i look, it might warm up on the 8th, which is a tuesday, i think so, overall, oh wow, it goes actually beyond that. It gives me a 10 day forecast more than a 10 day forecast. It should be pretty good um. The screen is quite touch sensitive, which is good, um i’m able to actually move around on the screen fairly well, so that’s that’s a good job and um. If you look at the quality of the screen, it is actually pretty good the things that this can do. Um, of course, we found out that it’s got regular watts. It’S got temperature it’s got a pedometer um it’s got different sports options. It’S actually got a relaxation mode. I haven’t really tried this but i’m pretty sure that’ll work i’ll be totally relaxed at the end of it and um all the calories, the milds sleep. Okay, so tell me um last night i slept for a little less than seven hours, which 36 minutes was really. Why i slept and how much i slept and yep, i think i’m, tired and it’s got a heart rate, monitor um it’s, not real time, so you can’t constantly be looking at it, but as you get into that screen that’s when based on the sensors that it’s Got at the bottom over here, it’s going to be measuring um heart rate and so uh, i think that’s pretty pretty decent. Now let me connect it to the phone and uh let’s see how the different phone options works.

I’M gon na give my phone a call. All right i’m calling my phone all right that all right that phone didn’t work out looks like since i’m recording this from my phone. It uh stops the video but i’m gon na send myself an email, and you guys should see that coming up soon. There you go that’s me send a message to myself. Now i can’t read the email, but i do know that an email came by and i see the same thing um if there’s like a whatsapp message that comes through facebook message that comes through linkedin, anything that comes through i’m able to see it on the watch. I can’t respond to it but i’m able to get to it. Quite often i mean quite fast rather so i think the sensitivity and the connectivity with the phone is actually pretty good, so overall um. I think i actually would give this watch for the quality of the build now i’ve had it only for a day um so really have to play around with it. Um i’d probably give this uh for the price, an eight out of a ten um it’s. Actually, a pretty nice nice watch all right. I just know i got that email, um it’s, actually, a pretty nice watch um compared to an iwatch which is 300 bucks. I think this is really worth it so so, overall, this uh watch is pretty good. I, like it um now, would i buy it again.

Uh, probably will um i’ve ordered a few more watches off of amazon over the next couple of days, so um gon na give that a try, compare um, watches at different price points. Uh there’s one specifically that i’m looking forward to that, you can actually make and receive phone calls um on the watch, that’s a little higher that’s and it’s closer to 100, where this one was 35 after discounts um. But the goal is, i want to find the right watch that um is a good balance between price and functionality and so far with nothing else. Having looked at my wife’s got a versa. Bit too, i believe um i’ve, worn and had an eye watch in the past, and then this one here actually um does pretty well as compared to the other watches for the price and the functionality and the quality of the screen. Um. Now i don’t know how long it’s going to last the quality. This is meant to be waterproof. Uh i’ve, never worn it in the shower and i can’t go swimming right now, but so far, so good so i’d give it, like.