So i had it on overnight and today – and this is my result – so i have already made a video about that. How cheap this is. You can find the listing on amazon for around 49 there’s, usually a coupon here on amazon for 15 dollars and there’s. Sometimes an additional about 10 or 20 dollars coupon on facebook and i’ll put down all the links into the description, so you can check it out and order it right from there. Hopefully, this coupon i mean anyway for 50 it’s already cheap. So if you want to buy it now, yeah just go ahead. I mean from my side i can give more or less uh full recommendation. I mean not full recommendation. There are some things which are not good, but there are certain things which are really really really nice and i would definitely buy it again but i’m going to show you a couple of details, not everything i’m planning for doing a large full review. But i just wanted to show you a couple of things which are important, so you know if it’s worth to buy or not so here you can see since i’ve been talking, uh it’s, almost two minutes and the display is still on. So why is this yeah? It has an always on display. This is super rare. I have already tested a lot of such watches, maybe 20 watches, or so. This is the first one which hasn’t always on.

I mean these expensive watches, like apple watch and android, wear 2.0 watches, which you can buy for usually 300 or so i mean they have this always on this place, but usually not these fitness watches, which are a little bit limited. They have some nice features, but usually not an always on uh this plane. This one has it because it has a large battery 300 milliamps inside, so you can see after one day, it’s still almost full, even with the always on display. Of course i had it turned overnight for sleeping, but apart from that, it was always on the thing is it’s protected. I mean you can have it on during the night. Even if you touch it nothing happens. You will have to push this button here to activate, and then you can do all the things it has some disadvantages regarding touch, i mean touch works good, but it works a little bit different with the touchscreen than other watches. When we pull down, we have the messages match. Messages are good. Unfortunately, they i don’t have anything, but the display is really large. You get a lot of text. When you get a large message from somebody, you can read a lot. Of course. You cannot answer. I mean there’s also no microphone, no speaker, but it has vibration. You can get an alarm in the morning. You it can wake you up. It has a lot of different settings for the vibration.

You can make it longer shorter, stronger, weaker those things and yeah again to the messages has only five messages, but the messages are pretty long and you can delete just all or nothing so that’s it messaging yeah, not bad, not the greatest. You can activate messaging for everything yeah here we have the app. We have the notification field and you can see when we can invoke it. You can see these are the apps you can select. I mean activate deactivate apart from that that’s, just the order, here’s that this thing is uh activating or deactivating, all the other apps. I mean notification from all the other apps, so i have done this and it works really good. So you have to choose notification then, on the phone itself, you cannot choose it in in the app you have to select notification for each individual app. So it has everything you can see. It has a lot like call alerts, settings message, alert settings you can set the time heart rate monitoring through the whole day or just limited time raise the wrist to wake screen, of course, not need. When you have it always on here we have some values. You can see it’s measuring my heart rate, uh, pretty accurate. I think i really had the impression that’s good doing a good job here. I have done some measurements here. You can see what i’ve been doing. You get some information here, heart rate, you have a weekly monthly it’s, pretty cool here, uh, really nice, the only thing which has not working in the morning, but now it’s.

Here it took a little bit of time to get here, but at least it looks like we get a sleep monitoring and it is about as accurate as with every watch. It’S, not perfect it’s just doing some guessing what you’re doing i mean if you’re holding your hand still and not moving, then the watch assumes that you are sleeping. It cannot detect much more than that, maybe the hard heart rate and those things. So it looks like it’s a solid watch, it’s always connected. It has even uh one of the largest wireless ranges. It has always been, of course, when i went away disconnecting then, when i went closer to the app or to the phone it reconnected pretty fast. So a lot there are a lot of complaints about uh watch, not being reconnecting uh in the app i’ve seen many complaints. I really didn’t have this problem for me, it’s uh, 99 connected. I got instantly all the notifications really that didn’t have a lot of problems. It has some limitations, but it’s a great watch. I mean it has all these things here, also alarms which you can set a couple of them uh to wake you up in the morning and yeah i’m going to show you the watch a little bit closer here. So here we are, you can hope you can see everything by the way the wrist band i mean i was hoping that it looks a little bit close to leather yeah.

It just has a collar similar to that, but of course, it’s, not leather it’s not really even imitating the leather, but it it’s quite comfortable it’s, a little bit uh stiff and thick, but it’s really comfortable to wear it’s still on the comfortable on a good side. But you can buy other things. If you want to buy real leather, you can you can buy these, but you can see it has a more simple sensor here. Some of the watches have three four or even five sensors. This is really a simple thing, and this is the charging yeah. It is actually listed with wireless charging, but we get this magnetic charger. It works. Really good i’ve been charging this as well here, but why does it say wireless charge? Yeah? You can use any kind of wireless charger like a samsung wireless charger. You can put it on it and then it will start to charge that’s the idea, but you don’t get a wireless charger itself, but it will work with other brands. Uh here i’ve tested samsung and it works really good with samsung. I really like that. This is a huge advantage compared to most of the other fitness watches, which you find below 100 i’ve, never seen one which is supporting wireless charging, and this works really good. So you can use wireless charger from your friends with samsung phones or iphones or other things i mean most of the smartphones. These days have wireless charging, so wireless charging is available almost everywhere, so there’s always a huge problem with these proprietary magnetic charges so either they break or there’s a problem here when they corrode, you cannot charge them anymore and there’s, a huge problem and there’s a huge Advantage compared to most of the competitor, watches so i’m going to show you a couple of screens here very quickly.

I don’t want to waste your time, so we have to activate this thing here. The watch again with this button. If you want to do yeah here messaging, when we are down, we have like the battery saver, which is always on when we have the always on display. We have also a do not disturb which you can enable disable. You can control music. What you’re playing on your smartphone and you can press the thing to activate like a loud sound on your phone to find it, then it goes back of course, on the right side, you have more things like some sports modes, which are really good, because you can Even see the time there’s no multitasking, you cannot go back to the main screen, but at least it shows a lot of values, and it is also showing the current time, which is really rare, there’s, no swipe thing here. Unfortunately, you have to use these buttons here and, of course, when we have the always on, we have to activate this first but there’s, no swipe, i mean here we can swipe sometimes when we want to go back to the main screen. Swipe works, but not not not always, but apart from that, the touchscreen is working really good. We have some breathing things which we can use to relax, and then we have the stop watch here, which is good and especially the timer time is pretty cool. You can set hours and uh yeah miss that a little bit you can set minutes and hours and then start.

We see countdown yeah here i’m starting, i don’t know why it’s not working, usually it’s working good. The thing the really good thing is, and that’s really awesome and it’s exceptional that’s, really rare. We can go back to the main screen, i mean it’s it. It will go automatically back to the main screen anyway, but we can go back to the timer and it’s counting down in the background, so we don’t have to stay on the screen. This is really rare, for i mean countdown. Timer is already super rare with such watches and that we have multitasking is even more rare, so this is exceptional here. So we have other things here. I mean here’s directly a button dedicated button for the timer itself, and here we have a button for the sports modes, but it’s not working during the timer. I mean i can stop this here, so we can push here and we can get go directly to these ports things. So here we have the normal button to activate deactivate the screen. Here is this button. We have the stopwatch function and the timer, and here we have the sports activity so when and and solid buttons i would say solid. I mean the watch is very beautiful anyway and uh yeah. It deserves a nice leather band. Definitely so let’s go also to the screen. I mean screen, watch faces and so on. We have this thing here. This is all about watch faces, so we have you can select manually or automatically or just by shaking here we can see them or we can change them manually, so i’m scrolling through the watch faces here.

There are some really nice ones, also with weather and there’s. One here this one it has day and night automatic settings. So when you are on this watch face, it will turn white during the day and black during the night automatically, and i think there’s even another one, but i haven’t found out which one i really love. This one here this one here and most of them have a lot of information like day date time and some weather information, and the cool thing is with any watch face. When you are here, let’s, say: let’s go back here. We have a lot of weather information when we click on the weather, no matter on which watch face. We are, we can click and we get the detailed weather there’s, the current weather information and the max min for the day we can go down. We have this 15 day weather information here, that’s absolutely awesome, so we have a lot of really special functions, unique functions, but of course we can also set the brightness manually here yeah. I think we have to go to leave the always own menu and then we can work with the brightness. There are a lot of different brightness. You can see it’s pretty dark this one. You can use for the night pretty cool, and here we have full brightness, which is definitely good for outside. You can see this really good, so it’s super bright here. You can see that here it’s.

It is really very bright here so, but i prefer the automatic, like the always on. You can also change the time uh we have maximum of five seconds. I think you have also three seconds and uh zero. Second, i’ve never seen that here i don’t know what it is, but i prefer the always on you always own will but then limit the brightness. But i still prefer this thing here, but if you have the always on, i mean usually when you touch it’s blocked, you can see this icon here, this lock icon. Here you have to unlock and then you can hold it for a second or two and then it will illuminate in the highest brightness. So if you need to see that outside you can do that and after a couple of seconds, it will return to a dim mode. This is one of the best things i’ve ever had regarding just fitness watches and not full android, wear or apple watch or so and of course it has a little bit limited heart rate functions. I mean it’s measuring the normal heart rate, looks like it’s accurate, but it doesn’t have like a blood pressure. It doesn’t have like blood oxygen, doesn’t have ecg, but yeah uh. These things are anyway, more toys. If you have serious issues, then you probably need to go to a doctor anyway, so uh, but i mean it – it it’s nice to have all these features with heart and blood and everything.

But for me this is much more value and uh for the moment. I’M.