So that you can make better buy in decisions just make sure to check the product links in the description. Let’S get started if you are looking for best android smart watch here is a collection. You have got to see. Let’S get started number one. Fitbit versa. 2.. Fitbit’S versa, 2, as a refined upgrade from the original versa that adds built in alexa and more advanced sleep tracking features, especially now that fitbit has rolled out a software update that enables a feature to monitor blood oxygen saturation levels, throw in multi day battery life, and We think the versa 2 is the best smart watch if you’re looking for a way to monitor your sleeping habits as one of the best fitbits. The versa 2 works with both ios and android and costs less than 200, which makes it a great value. Number two apple watch series three starting at 199 dollars. The apple watch series 3 as a more affordable smart watch option than the series 5 for iphone users. The size options are smaller, bezels are thicker on the older model and you won’t get the newer watch’s ability to detect atrial fibrillation with an ecg app. You still get a heart rate: monitor gps, eight gigabytes of storage, with offline support for apple music playlists. This watch is also waterproof if you like to track your swims and many of the best software features found in the apple watch. Series 5 are also found in the series.

3. Music number 3 samsung galaxy watch. Music samsung’s galaxy watch is one of the most stylish smart watches around and one of the most functional too it’s available in three sizes: 30, 42 and 46 millimeters, as well as in rose gold, silver and black, so there’s a version for everyone. The galaxy watch’s signature features as a rotating bezel, which not only feels great but makes it easy to navigate the watch’s interface. Another great feature of the galaxy watch as its excellent battery life up to four five days, which is double that most other smart watches. Number. Four samsung galaxy watch active 2 2.. The galaxy watch active 2 circular design is visually appealing whether you get the 40 millimeters or 44 millimeters model based on samsung’s tizen operating system. This galaxy watch boasts other useful features as samsung pay on board music via spotily and heart health features. That includes a forthcoming ecg feature similar to the one apple offers in the apple watch series 4 and 5, though samsung is still awaiting fda approval. Before issuing a software update that enables heart rate monitoring, but the biggest reason why the galaxy watch active 2 as the best smart watch for android users as its excellent battery life number 5 apple watch series. The apple watch series 5’s, always on display makes a meaningful difference in user experience, especially when working out now, when you glance at your wrist you’ll, always be able to tell the time with the apple watch automatically adjusting to the conditions around you.

With the help of an ambient light sensor that always on display doesn’t drain the watch’s battery, either, though you’ll still want to charge your apple watch nightly, as it lacks the multi day battery life that other smart watches offer Music thanks for stopping by.