It does say that it’s compatible with the samsung galaxy s10 devices and higher and the apple iphone x devices and higher and select lg. So it looks like this in the box. It does compare to the apple watch. As you can see, that looks a bit. It has all these features like notification, power, saving mode, long battery weather, alarm, camera remote, music, remote gps, and for your health and fitness you got the 24 hour heart rate, the blood oxygen monitor sleep, monitor, um calorie tracker. You can pause the video and see all those then it also comes with the app of course finished. Like the apple watch app, it shows you everything that your watch pretty much does and that’s what the charging brick looks like you can download it by scanning the qr code and it has a charging dock and cable included it’s, also waterproof up to 30 days battery Life 24 hour, heart rate and blood oxygen monitor, which is a big thing with the newest apple watches. This is supposed to compare to it, it’s a millimeter, so let’s open it up that. Just peels right off my husband and i’ve, already opened it size and feel feels like half a watt. This is the charger, so you would just snap it on it’s magnetic to turn it on you hold it down it vibrates. It says i do. I touch air three we’ve already set it up so and then just like that apple watch, you will bring it up closer.

You will just scroll to see all your stuff and then there’s the power and you hold that down and turn it on and off. There’S. Also, the settings: this is a really soft band and size wise for the band. It is comparable to the apple watch and that’s. What my apple watch looks like it. Don’T have the side button. Everything is on the screen to turn it on and off and there’s. Your monitor and all that stuff put it on then you’ll. You know if you want to measure something let’s say this tap to measure. If you hear something in the background that is our child measuring, so i have 97, then there’s, all your other things. This retails for originally 95.. You can see on the tag 95, but right now, it’s on sale for 59.99. It comes with the instructions and how to set it up and, i would say, it’s comparable to the apple watch. It is a great watch for somebody on a budget, someone that don’t have the money on an apple watch um, but obviously an apple watch is better, but if you do want something that’s comparable, pretty similar, as you can see, the the graphics are a little. You know, you know, you know they’re not the same, but you know you scroll through the same way as you do on your apple watch and my opinion on it is. It is really nice it’s, a very nice swatch, very soft band, very large band for those who have bigger wrists and if i didn’t already have an apple watch, i would probably buy this and test it out.

So keep watch for other products plan to review. We got some already ready. I am part of a website where i do get stuff to reviews, so those reviews will be coming up. There will be electronics, baby items, household items, just random selection of stuff.