I honestly don’t remember how i got this one. I think it was one of those like under 10 smart watch and i just wanted to see how it turns out. Actually it wasn’t that bad i mean it did work. I forgot the brand because i’m not sure if there is even a brand so but it did a basic stuff. Like short time, uh showed uh yeah right now, it’s trying to connect to bluetooth Music um. It worked, it did work fine, but it was awful experience. Just because uh it used one of those chinese apps that never work, and if there is an update, it crashes, everything so uh, it were just. Finally, it didn’t, they just didn’t, want to work and then um. Somehow i did manage to break the um cover of the screen this digitizer here. So this right portion does work left hand, side doesn’t, so i thought um let’s take it apart, see what’s inside and see if we can salvage some parts and use it for future projects, so um yeah, so let’s turn it off. As you can see, it has three buttons here: touch screen on the left hand, side, uh, there’s, some openings. I guess this is uh for a speaker – has a um cover for uh micro uh for um mini usb port. I don’t know if this is a microphone or something like that. On the right hand, side, there is a single button that powers it on, turns it off and then wakes it out of sleep and on the back we have no markings whatsoever.

There is just uh one little hole and then this is a pry hole open. This is a hole that it’s probably used to open it up so that’s. What we’re gon na do we’re gon na go through that hole, so let’s see what we can actually do. Come on all right, so it seems there is adhesive holding it in so i’m. Just gon na go around and see. If i can break that bond, all right, um, so yeah that’s a metal cover. Then we see these four screws. Let’S hold everything in all right. Let’S see um. This is gon na give in okay all right. So i can see it’s splitting up right here. Okay, that’s, fairly easy, all right, let’s see what we got inside. So we get a a battery um and we can actually reuse that for some of our projects and then okay, i believe this is a screen, a ribbon cable. There is a reset button here. What does that? Do? Oh, the um mini battery is 23 230 milliamp hours at 3.7 volts. So we can definitely use that for our future projects. Uh let’s see if we turn it on okay. What does that button on? The back actually do. Is that a reset button, so i’m just gon na press it with my finger let’s see: okay, shuts it off so yeah. I guess that’s like a shadow reset button. Okay, so just press this button and then yeah shuts it off.

Okay, all right cool uh see what else would you get here? So i can’t read: they can model this ship let’s media attack arm cpu, okay, all right um, so let’s what’s. This is this a rumble motor all right. This is a combo uh speaker, microphone. Combo rumble motor, not sure. Okay, oh wait here is a microphone. This is a speaker. No, this is a speaker and this i’m not sure, could be a rumble motor, okay and then um. Does this flip over yeah? It does okay, so that’s a screen, cable, okay, let’s! Take that out all right and then let’s see. Is there anything that’s holding this in place or it’s, just an adhesive that does it Music all right, um? No, it doesn’t look like there’s anything holding it in i’m. Gon na take out this microphone. All right then see if i can lift this pcb off. I think that then there is something holding it in. I don’t know if it’s just um, usb port or something else it’s actually holding it. Well, i guess there’s a lot of sticky tape. All right, let’s see! Oh okay, i see wait, wait a second! Oh! This was a digitizer okay, so the screen is actually connected directly to the pcb okay and now we can actually see some some markings here, so this board was made in 2016 january 27th um what else reset button? Okay, so these are additional buttons uh. What else? We got here, okay, these are usb usb pins test pins over here.

What do we have here? Um? This is um, looks like i squared c yeah as the ascl crowns. I got a serial communication here, rx and tx ursd that’s interesting. What else do we have here? Um let’s, see yeah that’s, pretty much it um. I guess okay what’s the model of the screen. Fpcy45Cs01A then um. Is this broken here it’s just that way, just like that? Oh let’s turn it on and see how it looks like this: oh yeah, okay, that’s, a backlight, nice, okay, it’s, not a bad screen. Um i mean it would be nice if i could reuse it for something um it’s a cool screen, so the only part that’s actually broken here is this digitizer and i’m, not sure we’re gon na have to leave that off won’t. We all right, let’s, see let’s. Take it off see what we get there. It would be nice if i could just load it up with some custom firmware and just use it for some other purpose. Maybe that’s possible um, yeah we’ll check that out. I don’t know if um, if we connect it to the computer it’s going to be detected as some kind of usb device. I never tried that actually so i’m going to let you know on that, but in the meantime let’s see if we can pry this screen off. So i know we should just heat it up first, but it doesn’t look like i mean. Why would they bother it’s already broken so let’s see if they can just try to get it to give in first and then slide in one of these tools, get it out in the meantime, i’m gon na be pushing from the other side.

Oh wait! That’S already doing it, yeah, okay, double sided tape, that’s holding it in so let’s see i’m, just gon na slide out that off and it’s this portion too, all right, let’s see yeah it’s, pretty broken that’s. Actually, glass cool all right. What does it say here? Is this something that can be found? It’S co6fpc01 that one i’m seeing here nothing else on the back markings on the chip, not really so yeah? This is a wash. This is what actually broke and it’s actually glass and what i’m expecting um. I was expecting plastic. This screen is so cool. I don’t know if i can repurpose it for something else. I’M gon na try to see if i can load some kind of um other software on this thing. That would be awesome and then um also like, since this is um. This is these: are some kind of test pins see if i can actually use any of that to connect to it and maybe use a putty or something like that to listen in on the buddha process, we’ll see anyway, um yeah guys. Thank you for watching this video um. I had a lot of fun disassembling this little thing: um yeah, there’s, pretty much just password components underneath uh yeah, so um i’ll try to reuse as much as possible of this unit. This battery is gon na, go to some kind of project like this um that’s, one thing for sure and then um i’m gon na see.

If i can do something with this display and if you actually know um, if these things can be reused or um. If this can be flashed with some other software that actually can be used for something else, that would be great as well so um, you know, click down below put in a comment and then i’ll keep you posted. If i make anything out of this uh, these parts and reuse them awesome anyway, guys. Thank you for watching this. Video i’ll see you next time and uh stay tuned.