So this is their um latest series of this watch and you know, as you can see, they have a new, totally new design box. Comparing to the previous you watch, so this watch comes in five different colors space, gray, icy hot titanium, gray rose gold and ocean green uh, and this watch weighs around 26 grams um. So one of the major advertisement for this one is that this has gps. Um included in the watch so um, you know without further ado. You know let’s start with the unboxing video. So here we go so no card. Huh, usually humidity comes in with a card um. You know saying that you know welcome to humidity and support into the product, but i don’t see a card on this, and so this is the watch. It comes with the rubber band, as you can see here and then continue with the unboxing video. So it comes with a manual user operation guide, the charging cable. So this charging cable is also the magnetic strip, as you can see here, so it connects to the bottom here and then you just snap it on, and you know, it’s based off the magnetic, but it doesn’t come with a charger. Obviously so um you know let’s try to power this on, so it there are multiple functions. So this is a new feature on this phone. I mean on this uh watch, so it has two buttons here before the: u watch 3.

It did not had any physical buttons, it was just a tap screen interface. So if i power this on i’m, not sure how not sure if this is charged, i’ll come back and uh give this a little juice and i’ll be right back. So here we have with the powered on device, so this screen is more like a circle display, so it has a 1.1 inch, tft lc the touch display, so this uh it’s, not their squared uh lcd anymore, so they’re doing a little bit better. You know with their display, but obviously you know the the uh. The display is still has a huge, thick bezel um it’s, almost like almost a quarter inch bezel, as you can see here, um and you know in regards to the two physical button um. I think they’re kind of overkilling this in a little bit um just because i think one bit button should suffice as to you know what you need to do. Personally, i don’t think um dream energy needed the two. You know different buttons, you know and they’re more prone to water seepage. You know inside the device after you know certain number of times pressing it, so this watch they advertised to have gps included. I have not tested the gps at the moment. Um in you know in my future videos and couple of days after testing this video after after testing this watch i’ll. Certainly you know post another video asked in regards to how well the gps function on this watch.

So you know you got the basic interface. It looks like you really can’t change much on the display, so um, you know it’s i’m gon na give this watch uh. You know test for a couple of days and um. You know i’ll. Certainly, you know reach back out to you guys and keep you guys posted um. You know continue with this watch, so you know the back. You get the oxygen sensor and also the heart rate sensor. The build quality here is, you know. Obviously all plastic um don’t expect you know fancy aluminum or anything um, the the band itself. You know silicon material, the the strap here is all obviously plastic. So you know for 40 bucks, uh 30 bucks. You know um, i won’t be expecting a lot um like a garmin or fitbit, but um, i think. Overall, you know this watch will probably hold up for you know a year or so um, but i’ll. Certainly, you know test this watch for once that i get this fully charged and you know post a video after a couple of days of use, so stay tuned. If you like this video, please like and subscribe, that would be greatly appreciated.