What up? What up everyone? This is your boy kevin back again. First of all, i hope everyone’s doing good and thank you for being here today. I got another smart watch that we’re going to review in front of me. I got the midagi um you watch three. The cost of this is around thirty dollars. If you decide that you wan na buy this watch after this video the cheapest place that i found it, it was on aliexpress. You can pick it up from amazon or ebay. What we’re going to do today, we’re going to unbox this we’re going to go, see? How is the quality on it and what kind of features this watch have what’s the good things about it and what’s the bad things about it. But before we start this video guys make sure you smash that subscribe button make sure you press the bell at the bottom. So every time i make a new video, you get a reminder. This watch is actually water resistant and this is what they’re advertising. This is. How the box looks like very nice box. Umidigi has really nice boxes, but their phones are not that good. Now, let’s see how is the actual smart watches they make open it. Throw this away let’s, take this out, see what’s inside here actually cables. I don’t know what that is, throw that away. Then you get a manual book right there let’s see what is it so it’s in english, chinese and french we’re going to go through these in a minute i’m going to show you guys all the settings on this watch.

Throw that away. Let’S see this. I think that’s, the charging cable throw that away. Yeah this charge game is one of those magnet charging. I like the magnet ones you don’t have to plug it in obviously, obviously it’s water resistance too. So it has to be magnetic let’s, pull this out, throw all these away. That’S, how the watch looks like guys. It looks like an apple watch, it’s, pretty heavy it’s, not that light let’s see the charging thing. Let me show you guys: let’s go this way, that’s. How you charge it so you stick this in any um, a usb plug that’s. How easy it is so now let’s put it on let’s, see how it feels feels pretty good, but i can feel it let’s see my arm it’s, not like the other uh review that i did on the v19 smartwatch. That one was an amazing smartwatch for the price. I couldn’t even feel that smartwatch being on my um on my wrist and that one had so many features guys if you’re looking for a really good smartwatch. You check out my video on that, but this one looks pretty good let’s pull that out that’s, where it monitors everything. Your heart rate, your running your steps and everything let’s see the front let’s see the touch screen on it. Oh touch touch screen is pretty sensitive. It looks pretty good now: let’s go through the manual book and go through all the settings and let’s see the features this watch has what is good and what is bad let’s go.

So this is the manual book. It’S got english french and chinese, so you can hook it up uh to android and apple and it’s running on android 4.4. So you can go through all these i’m going to show you guys in a minute. This is the app that you have to download. It’S called very pro let’s go here. Obviously i haven’t logged in i haven’t set it up. You have to log in set up your information, so you can track yourself uh all the way through i’m, just gon na go through just uh the settings for you guys. So you got for home, so you can set up your mileage and activity. Then you go for uh details, so there’s like details, you got your fat burning, your heart rate and etc for device. So you can go through these set up your car alerts, your uh alarm alert your msn. So if you’re driving get an msn, it shows you on the watch or uh you got ta. Somebody calls you and you get a call reminder on your watch. Then you got your health care and more then you got your users so to you can set up your today’s ranking your target and your personal information, your system, settings and etc. So you can go through all these and set up the way that suits you. Then here it’s got only one button to show you guys how that button works. This watch is a touch screen, so you got your status bar.

You got your uh notice bar your function list and you got your data bar. Then you got your running. You got your heart rate and you got your relaxation. You got your uh time, you got your control music, so you can control your music or you have the gym or you’re running. You have your time. You got your records and you can go through all these and uh shows you exactly what to do with the watch, how to run it and this watch. It is water resistant. You can go to swimming with it. You can wash dishes with it. Go to the shower, nothing can happen and i actually did a water test on this watch. Let’S go! Look at it i’m actually going to take. This watch now i’m going to drop it in water, so we can do an actual water test on it. I’M. Going to leave it in there for 15 minutes, it’s been 15 minutes now, i’m gon na pull it out let’s see if it’s working wow still works, so water test is good to go. So this is uh what you get in the front you go to the left and the touch screen works really good on it. So you got your sports, so you can do your uh running your walking actually uh. I went out and i used it and i tried the walking and this is how it works. I’M gon na. Do the walking see how it works for 10 minutes and it’s telling me my heart rate let’s go to the left.

How many steps i took that’s crazy and how much calories are burnt i’m, actually been using it for 45 minutes and the battery already quarter is done. Then you go up, then you got your bicycle. You got your hiking, you got your climbing. You got your truck mount if you press it again, it brings you back to this there’s, your heart rate. You can track your heart rate, then you got your relaxation, you can press it and you got your clock. Then you got your music control. You got your timer, you can time yourself, stop, go press it again. You got your settings, so you got your dial, so you can have any of these styles in the front. Whatever that you like press it again now you can adjust your front brightness, so you can go one two three and you go to about press it again go up and you can shut it down. If i press this right now, if i press okay, it’s gon na shut, the uh watch right out, so yeah that’s pretty much it for the settings for the watch. It does not have any more that i can show you guys. Obviously my opinion about this watch for the price. There is a bad thing about this watch and the bad thing is is the battery honestly. The watch was full when i went out and after i think 15 minutes, 20 minutes 45 minutes something like that.

The battery quarter of it was gone so the battery on this uh watch. It is not that good, so don’t depend on the charging and then going all day with it or the next day. It is not going to work, make sure you have the charger always with you. That is the only bad thing i could find about this watch. Touchscreen works really good on it. If you go left, you go right, works really good it’s, not those cheap touch. Screens. You have to press it really hard and it did pass the water test. So if you’re swimming or uh or you work in an environment that uh you deal with a lot of water, this watch can actually um pass the water and dust resistance, so yeah that’s pretty much it for today’s video guys. Don’T forget please to give this video a thumbs up and i’m gon na catch.