My name is seville. Today we’re gon na open the ipads, i touch play zoom smart watch, it’s, the it’s, the airplane belt origin and it doesn’t need any app or phone needed. So it also has a swivel camera, so it’s, like selfie camera and normal camera, it’s touch screen which are visible battery and we can also upload photos and videos from your computer and there’s photos photo gallery and videos, games, number um, learning, games and activity, active games And uh voice, recorder, alarms, timers, stop watch and we can also change the background and there’s more so we can also shoot videos from here. The maximum maximum time we can shoot reduce is three minutes yeah, so it’s good for people that don’t like to film videos from smartwatches but yeah. It has loads of games. Five games, they’re also learning games and they’re two activity active games, so let’s open it up to open it. First, take it out like that then put your finger in there and take it like that. This is how it should be the first thing. So this is how it should look like this is the charger, and then this is the paper in the instruction manual. So this is the thing in the smartwatch, so we have to remove the sticker to turn it yeah fully charging. It takes two hours to fully charge, so let’s turn it on to turn it on. You have to you have to press this home button continuously until some things up here on the screen Music, so let’s set the date it’s 20, 20.

it’s november, so the eleventh month and it’s. The sixth of may, ninth it’s in 2020, is the eleventh month and ninth day. Press okay let’s tell time time is it’s 7 p.m, it’s p.m. It’S 7, 40.. Let’S go all the way. Now. Seven, forty press, okay, good, so let’s choose our clock face. There are analog clock faces and digital clock faces. I like this one so now press the home button. These are all the apps. This is the photo camera, so you can see we to take the photo press. This button, once so let’s exit out of the photo to get the video to go in the video press. The photo button once to start the video to end the video you can press the photo button again. This is a voice recorder. This is a voice recorder, hi now let’s delete that one going games, there’s, police back hoops, police chase, ninja, climb and sky and let’s play every one of we have to try them shoot the we have to see the enemies in here this one in ninja slime. This is our ninja. We have to avoid the these ninjas so turn this way, good, so that guy that ninja won’t be able to get it that’s. The summary of this one, okay! Well, we did ninja climbs, guys police, but we have to remember these arrows. Remember the arrows, so the arrows were here down here down here and here then here then here that’s a sound, quick summary hoops.

We have to try to shoot the ball in the hoop it’s starting good, like that, we, the hoops, not police chase. We have to that’s the our police car don’t, hit the other cars and there’s a grey car that takes drops money. We have to collect the money while not while avoiding all the cars, the other cars Music that’s, a quick summary of how to play. No. So that’s how to play all the games, this page is done. These are, these are like the so these are the learning games, there’s time quest, color master, math, wizard zoo time, for this is like we have to say like what time is it so it’s 11 out of 2? Okay, so it’s, not 8 p.m. So, okay, so that’s a quick summary of how to play color master star. We have to pick the color color: okay that’s, a quick summary math wizard storm okay. So we have to pick the correct equation: 9 plus 2. Music. Okay, equals plus seven does not equal that so that’s how to play math, wizard zoo, take quiz. We have to pick which, anyway, Music that’s all the learning games. This is jump with me or one with bunny. These are active games. This is a photo gallery. This is sound animations and there are loads of sound animations. This is we can change our background. So my favorite background is this one starting background now this is stopwatch start that’s how to do stopwatch.

This is timer to change the timer. The default is 30 minutes. This is our change, and this is alarms not like that. So this is the date. So we choose choose the date we can see, which is it. This is like the settings same time, brightness volume, advanced settings – this is very. This is how to do it like how to put the photos to your computer. This is about yeah, so it’s a great smartwatch to to charge it. This is like the charging port. We have to remove this and put that this charge. The micro usb charging port cable, given with it it’s the exact same as android charging port, so you can use an android charger. Also, you can use this cable to to charge it or to transfer the photos and videos so that’s how to do it and the camera is swivel, so you can like turn like that or then turn the camera like that.