If you don’t know me, my name is rohan i and, and i in this channel i make uh gaming videos. I do vlogs with my cousin and um the unboxing of videos, so yeah in this video i’m going to be unboxing. The samsung galaxy watch rose gold edition, it’s, a bluetooth, it’s a 42 mm and yeah. I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you like and subscribe and yeah let’s get started so guys. Here we have um the watch. Uh there’s a sticker got a knife. Okay, i’ve done that this is some one more thing on the button. I think it’s upside down it’s, like a galaxy watch samsung so and it says over here – uh the product information. It says: wi, fi, gps and it’s bluetooth. They say stay longer, i mean it says, stay connected no longer and yeah, and this is deciding the main features you can read. I mean all the stuff, sorry it’s upside down. You can read it and pause the video so yeah, so let’s get started on unboxing. This so let’s take this out. I took off this car so over here we have the beautiful watch. I like the gold and the rose gold. It says: galaxy watch i’ll just take that out so over. Here we have it. The watch and the material is quite smooth. This material is a silicon you can see. It has some patterns here, so it’s silicon, so let’s put that away.

Um um let’s check let’s check what we have here so over here. We have also um this charging dock. For the samsung watch, let’s check out let’s put this away and my knife. So if we like, if you don’t know where this is like it’s a charger, let me show you an example. However, so you see this part, you need to it’s like a magnet charger. It connects so let’s put it. You see this watch and then it’s gon na it’s gon na like connect, look it’s, not it doesn’t drop, see it’s a magnet, it’s a magnet, so here um i’m gon na give you a review. So what else do we have? So it comes with an extra strap. If, if the watch is the watch, strap is too small, it gives you an extra strap and a bigger one. This is this same material same color, let’s put that away and um it comes with a user manual manual. If you like, if you have haven’t, had experience using a samsung watch and you don’t know the features of it, you could read this book so that’s, nothing that much in here – and here we have oh over here. We have the. I think it is um. Uh charging – i think i don’t know what’s this called doc or something and then let’s take this out so put that aside uh. So i took that so this right. This is like charger and um you need to put in here.

Probably you already know so: yeah that’s that’s, all of it let’s check. If we have anything else. Let’S put this message: oh no, all right, so let’s let’s, like boot, the watch let’s put everything back plastic, um, yeah that all we have here. We have the watch. So over here, i’m gon na turn on so let’s, not first let’s give you a review so i’m, not sure if you can focus on this, but that comes with two buttons uh one is a back button like if you want to return or one is like I’M, not sure what it is this one for um over here. Wait. Let me open this, for you guys so very smooth and easy to uh strap so over here you can see there’s a heart rate sensor and yeah that’s all of the feature, and you can see there is a speaker there’s two holes, speakers and yeah that’s. Pretty much what oh yeah uh, if you want to like there’s a like like a like a dial, you could hear yeah if i don’t know if you can hear like squeak, it’s, not squeaking but like this is a second noise like that it’s like that noise. If you can hear it so it’s like that, so you can scroll so let’s. Do it uh, so let’s turn on so say: samsung galaxy watch. Does it yeah it does so let’s wait for it so guys um. So, while it’s booting uh, you need to sail up so i’m gon na cut the video and yes it’s samsung, so yeah i’m gon na be uh i’m gon na like set up so yeah, so guys um.

I just set it up: it’s, quite cool the watch. So over here i picked uh the watch face. It comes with like it comes with a lot of faces and like this really cool so over here right now, the time is 1 59, almost two o’clock, so yeah. It tells you the day how it tells you the date how much calories you burn. Oh so, yeah, i’m gon na tell you what stuff it could do. So it comes with it. Can it even tells you the notifications, you just need to scroll it back. So as we have what’s this one weather, but i didn’t add a location, it has samsung pay for a gallery and a phone. You can call phone and if you lose your phone phone like you from your watch, you can like, like there’s a app i’m, not sure if you can see it on the wall, man, you know what you can look for it. So here i have. We have this uh, how much footsteps you’ve done: what’s your heart rate right now, and my calories i’m, not sure where’s. This thing, i think, that’s the stress this is the emergency call um reminder if you ever like. If you had to go in the meeting over here, we have an event. Oh i love about this watch. It tells you about. It. Has a stress monitor so, if you have like, if you want to ch check how much measure your strength stress, what am i saying it will tell you like? It comes with a graph like this is the lowest and then it goes up over here we have uh all the workouts you have.

You can edit it like. If you want to add one more, it has uh. We have contacts. This is the contacts yeah that this is all, and i like about this one there’s, one more cool feature there’s, like actually there’s tons of cool features in this that this this. This is one of the cool features. I like that. It tells you how much glass of water you have drank and uh on you like what’s, your daily goal of drinking so yeah. So and one more thing i like about it – that if you want to see all your apps you go on, though, like the watch, where it saves your time and everything today, you press the button, the bottom button, yeah and then press tap on it and push It it takes you to all of your apps, you um you, oh you be you’re, probably thinking that it’s just that you only can use the dial, but you can ease you can even it’s like a touch screen. So it’s like like a phone, you could see it and you can tap on that. So it’s like this, i would rather use it. I’Ll call it more, but uh so my um, it comes so yeah. So this is what this is um the watch. I hope you enjoyed this video and yeah and make sure you like, and subscribe and i’ll, see you next time, but i’ll see you next time.