The second time you can use and monitor, also your calories, and there is also a remote camera, and aside from that, there is also a bluetooth course. So in this kind of uh smartwatch you can eat both of all and the most especially life is not be fair without music, so there is also a bluetooth music, this one. So all we have to do guys what nothing for tagalong we are going to unbox. This one, what is the newest smartwatch now ayan? Okay, now underneath of this box, you can see the oh it’s, a universal it’s, a universal usb charger. So this is the guide. So the guide there is a chinese translation if you could see, and at the back also is that is the universal english language uh manual, so it’s a very easy now, if you’re going to, if you’re going to download this one to your phone, just scan this One and that’s it because it stays here, smart watch, so that is very easy to install your phone, and this is now look it’s, a very wide and it’s very uh final here, smooth smoocher. At the same time, the strap is durable. Okay. Now this is it now. This is a qc pass, so that means this kind of product has been undergo by the quality control, and this is it state here. Bluetooth, watch series, 4 mm, aluminum ceramic case, ecg heart rate, so no need to worry, because this is rechargeable by universal usb charger.

So most nowadays it’s a very popular now of using usb uh charger this one. So all you have to do when the when the battery is out already, oh, so you can easily to plug in and it’s very easy also because this has social media and nowadays it’s a pandemic times. Social media is very famous nowadays now, look it’s, a very big screen and look. There is uh, also uh uh for your sleep, alarm, heartbeat and also for techs running walking, so there’s a lot of specification. You can see here and also thank you so much guys for tonight for this day for watching this uh unboxing it’s, a very nice and it’s, strongly recommended that this is very affordable at the same time that the charge is universal, usb charger, so it’s not very Hard to find, because nowadays, using uh, this kind of charger is very easy to find. Now the name is smartwatch, and this is a new arrival right now.