. In the previous video, I promised to bring you the most powerful android smart watch available so far.. This is the one… It is TickWatch Pro 3 GPS android smart watch released by the company called Mobvoi.. This is the first smart watch to be released under Snapdragon 4100 platform. So today we are going to unbox this amazing, smart watch. Mobvoi has released a number of smart watches to date., But I havent used any of them so far.. I have mostly used android. Smart watches available in Samsung Ecosystem., So this will be my first Mobvoi smart watch.. The reason behind was that TicWatch brand was not dominant in android, smart watches world.. Only recently did they introduce the most powerful android watch available so far using Snapdragon 4100 platform and their own Layered Display Technology. Theyve. Given us a quick guide along with the box., I personally believe that, when you buy Android, watches try to look for the ones that use Googles, Wear OS platform, Because such watches usually consist of more features. Being a Mobile Application. Developer myself. I know that developers can port Apps faster and easier into Wear OS platform than into Samsungs Tizen OS.. As you can see here To Do List, Google Maps Google Fit Strava Spotify, where we all listen to music adidas Play Music. Google Keep Google Pay.., we can easily use such kind of many applications in Googles. Wear OS platform. Mobvoi has used Snapdragon 2100 platform for the TicWatch Pro edition, which was released previously.

, But Snapdragon 4100 platform is much more improved than that.. The processor speed of Snapdragon 4100 platform has been improved, 85 more compared to the previous Snapdragon 3100 version. Nearly for a year or two. There was no upgrade released for Snapdragon processors for smart watches.. That may be why this Snapdragon 4100 has been released with a significant improvement.. Now lets look into the watch.. It has a beautiful interface with a metalic stainless steel finishing.. The two buttons you can see here are programmable., Even though the strap looks like its been made of leather, its actually a silicon strap.. One of the main factors is their dual display technology that has been used in this watch.. The retina AMOLED display is 1.4 inch and has a resolution of 454×454 pixels.. Then there is this FSTN display implemented as a mode to reduce the power consumption. In the previous TicWatch Pro 2020 model. The display width was 45 mm., But in this model they have increased. It up to 47 mm.. The previous models in the TicWatch series were comparatively thicker., But this time theyve released a slightly slimmer version.. The thickness of the previous models were 12.6 mm, while in this model they have reduced it to 12.2 mm.. This watch consist of sensors such as PPG Heart Rate, Monitor Accelerometer, Gyroscope Barometer and SPO meter Pulse Oximeter.. They use 12 LED array for the SPO meter and Heart Rate Monitor to increase the accuracy.. Then there is a 5 array, GPS locator, which means they accumulate our location based on signals from 5 satellite navigation systems.

. This watch also provides features such as sleep tracking stress, tracking and noise detection.. There is a built in NFC to make NFC payments like Google Pay.. This watch is water resistant and has an IP68 rating.. There are multiple built in profiles to track exercises such as swimming running, walking, cycling and yoga.. The other most significant feature of this watch is its battery life.. It has up to 3 days of battery life. In order to make that possible. They have increased the battery capacity up to 577 mAh.. If you remember Ive mentioned in the previous video that Galaxy Watch 3 has a battery capacity of 340 mAh.. So, as you can see, the battery capacity of this watch is almost twice when compared with it.. This can be considered as a big improvement. Over the years. Ive used multiple smart watches.. One of the drawbacks Id noticed was that the battery was draining quickly. And it was such a hassle to charge it frequently.. When features like sleep tracking are available, we have to wear it even during the night.. So when do we get to charge it? I believe, apart from these kind of battery life improvements, if there are features like quick charging, our smart watch life would become much more sophisticated.. When we talk about the battery life of this watch, the other most significant thing is its FSTN display, which I talked about earlier.. This TN has been implemented to provide us with an enhanced feature called Essential Mode.

In this Essential Mode. Tn Display is being used with a backlight.. We can use the watch uncharged up to 45 days in the Essential Mode. Being able to use up to 45 days, while using the basic features along with heart rate. Sensor, sleep, tracker and pedometer seems quite impressive to me.. If you get stuck in a place where you are unable to charge your smart watch, it will stay quite fine up to 45 days. Thanks to this Essential Mode. Now lets see what else are there inside the box. Theyve, given us a membership privilege for Mobvoi VIP Club.. Apart from that, there are some leaflets of terms amp conditions and product safety information.. This is the charger. Its a USB charger.. They use a magnetic attachment to quickly attach the charger to the watch., As you can see here, its a very powerful magnet, which can even hold the weight of the watch. Important fact to consider here, is that when you use this charger make sure to use a Power brick with a current supply of 1A 5V. From now. I am going to use this as my day to day watch. And after using for sometime Im, hoping to share my experience with you in a future video.. Apart from that, if you want to know anything more regarding this, please comment: below.. I will be happy to assist you. If youve taken something important from this video. Please do not forget to like and share it with others.

, So lets meet again in the next video soon.