Somehow it feels better built quicker and much more responsive delivers so far, very accurate information. The only negative i can see is the time it takes to charge. That said once fully charged, it stays charged for up to a week depending on how much activity i do and if i use spotify on it. One final point is a garmin issue, rather than the watch itself, as unlike the apple i watch i’ve had the wallet is limited in which bank card you can upload, which is slightly annoying, as you are still reliant of packing a card or phone for those. After run cups of coffee, but all in all brilliant, i have had phoenix sports watches from fenix 2.. The 5 plus offers great sports features and activity tracking. I also have an apple watch 3 and purchase 5 plus instead of the apple watch 4.. The garmin mobile app is great and the fact that i can connect all my ant plus devices is a big bonus Music. If you’re looking for a sports watch with smartwatch features, i recommend the fenix 5 plus, if you’re looking for a smart watch with sports features, then apple watch 4 is the way to go. Big tick in the box. For me is battery. Life is key, which so far is around five days plus, depending on use. Update march 29, 2019 latest updates fixed all problems, which is good back up. Tow 5 stars update march 24, 2019 still having bluetooth connectivity issues sometimes connects to my earphones, sometimes not.

I have tried three different pairs and still have the same issue. Despite the fact it will happily connect to my phone without a problem. Annoying, as the whole point was not to have to take my phone out running, updated february, 21st, 2019, then having many connectivity issues with bluetooth, getting very annoying now i’m going to hold out for the next update, and hopefully this fixed it so far. I love it got it at a very reasonable price of 450 pounds, paying monthly 90 pounds by five. I have experienced none of the connection issues i had read about and the heart rate monitor seems accurate in comparison to my old fr. 235. I guess there had been some decent updates, since it was first released, love the look weight and features not that much bigger than my 235. The feel the s would have been too small in the x too big. M5, 7 inches medium build also a lot of decent aftermarket bands on amazon for around 13 pounds. After several months of wear, many of the bugs on this watch have been fixed and i am now wearing this watch. As my daily watch battery life is as advertised Music, i’ve managed a week and a half on one charge which included 16 kms of running but battery, not as good as the five. The hardware seems a lot better and more responsive bluetooth. Connectivity has been flawless. Charging is touch and go, it can take up to three hours to charge and the screen of the phoenix does not show an accurate view of the battery charge.

I have no use for garmin pay, as the banks are extremely limited. The music app is extremely limited and does not support any of my music apps. I have since returned this watch and bought elsewhere same issues, though generally not good. Fitness watch definitely not worth the price tag. Only first got it yesterday, but already i can see and feel how it is head and shoulders over my vivoactive hr. My first device was the microsoft band 2. simple, but still had wrist hour, gps workouts, fantastic sleep, tracking, great companion, app. I was waiting for the band 3 when ms discontinued, their band program, which made me start looking for an alternate, got the viv hr cause. It had all the same features really and more than the bantu. Sadly, no workout capacity, though, and the sleep tracking was made. Having this combines the two and adds heaps and heaps of information and features, especially the sleep tracking, shows awake light deep and rim cycly. I was skeptical at first with the lack of touch screen but tbh. It hasn’t made a huge difference to me. I can see once i start running, especially in the rain. The physical buttons will be much better. Both the viv hr and band 2 had touch screen issues in the rain. Also, my runs got cut into a few times due to accidentally hitting the touchscreen on viv hr. I plan on editing after a few workouts and i want to try a week or so of the coach guided workouts, but so far i am more than happy with it.

Can’T wait to see the full features and use the mapping while traveling update april 3 2019. I have had this a fair few weeks and it just keeps impressing me: hr monitoring seems fine, the workouts are great and the comfort is just so much better than the vivoactive. I only take this off to charge it, which, with my use, is about five. Maybe six days, but i do about 30 to 40 minutes of exercise three to four times a week and one bout of an hour a week, don’t pay for the super expensive straps. You can get great replacement straps for a fraction of the price.