So yeah you might find it really interesting. You might not depends whether you, like smartwatch one of the things i liked about this it’s supposed to have a really powerful, ecg monitoring device built into it. Oh i’m, going to need a knife: quick, look around the box, so there’s the watch and that’s some information on about product name, blah blah blah i’m. Not going to read that out. You can have a look right now: i’ll get a knife yeah. Apparently the measurement accuracy is plus or minus 2 on the beats per minute, and i don’t know if that’s, good, bad or whatever but that’s what it says right. That is everything in the box. It looks like it comes with two different straps, so you have a metal, strap and a plastic strap. Yes, i think i’ll probably try the plastic one. Actually let’s get the little baby out, what’s that stick on. Yes, a stick on, but what i’m going to do? I’M, going to assemble it first and i’m, not sure which one cut the spare pins, which is really nice, no i’m, not sure about that one. I prefer this. I think me personally right that was quite easy to do. I didn’t realize you had little clips there to help you put it on. You got the same on here now. You have to slide the pins in for this baby that’s what’s in the bag, oh yeah, as yeah. They have got them in there as well.

I’M. Not going to take them out of the bag, okay to lose them, so there’s a little slider there to help you put it on, which is really good, so i’m going to move this one out of the way, because it doesn’t really suit me. This one is that magnetic. I think that one looked best. Let me know in the comments what you think, which one you liked this one or this one. One of the reasons you might want to buy this because, like i said earlier, it’s got a powerful ecg monitoring device built into it, so it does plus or minus two on the beats per minute: heart rate, yeah, blah blah blah and blood pressure plus or minus 8Mm hg, i have no idea what that means and by the way, i’m, not a doctor and by the way you shouldn’t use this as a professional device for checking your heart rate and your blood pressure. It’S only a guideline something to bear in mind, but there’s a lot of features on this little baby, so i’m going to take this little cover off, so it might have to charge up. I haven’t read the instructions yet, but looking around it, doesn’t look quite nice. Actually so there’s your blood pressure, monitored device, let’s turn on see if it just starts up once at one pressure or got a volt button in let’s find out, we’ve got to take that off. Right might want charging up so i’m going to figure out how i have to charge it up and we’re going to charge up well that’s a little bit different.

I wasn’t expecting that i’m, just having a quick read of the book to figure out how to charge it up and it’s this. It goes on there somehow like that’s, magnet so that’s how you charge up that’s, really weird, never seen anything like that before you probably have, but i haven’t, and so that is how you charge up so what i’m going to do? I can bring them over my power bank charge up and see if it lights up, do it fast charge in we go see what happens so it’s plugged in and oh there. It goes that looks really nice doesn’t it well. That is how you charge it up. So i’m gon na run that, for you know an hour or maybe two and wait until it’s fully charged and get back to you it’s all child starts ready to go. So what we’re going to do, we’re going to have a quick look around the menu and then we’re going to connect this to this so with that it’s going with it so basically holding the on off button for so many seconds, so it vibrates that’s, just vibrated! It says hello, as you can see, give it a few minutes for it start there. You go english, so gon na leave it on english. I don’t need to change the language and clock face that’s the first clock face: that’s got any others. I think this should be a few hold that down see what happens.

Yep makes it smaller, so yeah it’s, showing five dots there so that’s one or like that one that’s, quite nice too don’t like that one, three, four five so anymore, no so there’s, five! So i’m going to use that one press it once makes it larger so that’s it. So that is easy enough to do nice and clear by the way yeah. I like that. So it says: it’s got the wrong time on it and it’s got the wrong date on it, but we need to set up first, so that’s. Why it’s wrong so scroll up right messages, no more apps scroll down some settings there. So what you’ve got you have? Would you like to enter into do not disturb mode? No. Thank you battery is that battery now power, saving, no don’t do that. Neither what’s this style got smart style or list style i’m going for the list back again. What’S this brightness adjust the brightness level looks okay to me, looks fine to me: language display vibration, menu style, which is done out cue code, qr code yeah. We will need to do the qr code because it will download a bit software onto my phone. Hopefully, battery and systems have a quick look at the systems so that’s about it. So you need to find smartwatch 476 on your phone on your bluetooth. We will do that in a minute. Like i said you can shut it down and or do a complete factory reset again we’re not going to do that and that’s it.

There let’s go back i’ve gotten set. Oh just the information again we just done all that. So that is everything now what’s this one do bluetooth disconnected. Please connect your phone okay, so we’ve got no bluetooth connected, so we’ll do that right now, shall we we’re going to bluetooth, connect that and let’s do that right now see if that’ll work straight away, so bluetooth bluetooth, a new device right here? It comes up h, h s, smart watch 476 that paper there pairing that’s done so that’s ready to go move that out of the way. So i don’t need that. Like i said, we do need the software and you will have to register the software. So let’s get this back up again to go that way. So we’ve got data. Sports sports recalled heart rate, blood pressure, ecg bo uh. I think that’s oxygen levels in it b.o i’m, pretty sure it’s, not it’s, not marvelous, so it won’t measure it up so come out of there. For now we will try out music alarm clock stopwatch timer messages find phone and settings, so we need the app. So we need to qr code like that, get your qr code app! This baby here scan it browse website, so you have google play or the app store or wechat apk apk store, so we’re going to go to google, because this is an android phone install. Now you will have to register and put in your details like your weight, your height and all that for it to work properly so i’m going to do that off, screen right now, right, mine’s, all set up and ready to go so let’s put her on.

So put her on it’s still showing the wrong time. I believe uh, no that’s, the right time hang on. Let me check. Let me check has got the right date. No, i still got the wrong time so it’s, saying saturday it’s actually friday today, so i need to change that. So the way you link this up to this is you, go into devices, add device, do a search, yeah allow and if it doesn’t connect, which i don’t think it will. All you have to do is turn your phone turn your phone off. All you have to do is turn your watch off turn it on again, and it will find it all. Would it go into that what’s, the other mode find phone that one, so it didn’t find it so fine phone find again like i said: if it doesn’t work, there is other ways right: it’s, not finding it so don’t panic it’s quite easy to do so. Turn your watch off hold the button, says goodbye right so now, it’s off turn it back on again wait for the vibration and that will turn on the bluetooth, so retry now straight away. Look at that connect job done! Sync successful there you go so that’s sorted! So we’re going to do some quick little tests. Don’T forget you should not use this to be 100 accurate because they do not guarantee it will be 100. Accurate so put that on my wrist and you can either go into the menus on here on your phone yeah or you can do it straight from here, so we’re going to do a heart rate first, and hopefully it should just change over hopefully well it’s got The right time and date on there now so that’s good right start with that changeover.

So that is measuring right now, all right it’s come up now, let’s see if it’s come up on here as well. So where is it heart rate, 79 ae and that’s? Your average is banned so yeah so that’s giving you average, as you can see so yeah that’s quite accurate. What we got next heart rate blood pressure – oops, oh, not a graph! There gives you a graft that’s, pretty good at whipping blood pressure. Then there you go heart rate blood pressure measuring oh get measure it do it again. Oh, come up now, look so 120, oh it’s vibrated as well 119.74. I believe that’s, okay, so i’ve! I have got a proper device for checking your blood pressure and stuff like that, and i do like i say i do believe that that is okay, so that is working fine. What we’re doing next uh bo is oxygen in your body, so oxygen yeah start so it says 96, which is about normal. If i was running about it, should go higher but i’m not doing no running about so 96.99. It will vary like 99 to 98, so yeah that was pretty accurate to me, but, like i said at the beginning, do not use this as a guaranteed measurement. You should always use a proper device for stuff like that ecg i will do an ecg it’s. Just for a laugh, ecg, so it’s telling me i’m alive, so where’s the ecg on here there you go, it starts it’s, proper graft, oh unknown error means i’m dead, maybe maybe not sitting in the right place.

I don’t know start right for getting there just restart it. Yeah let’s close all that stuff. We don’t need that. Do it again, measurement successful go to app for view. Let’S see ecg start syncing data. Well, it looks like it’s working all right now: there’s even beeping, that’s, quite loud right that works fine. I don’t know what it’s supposed to read but beats per minute: it’s, 59, so yeah and that’s finished, confirmed and don’t forget. It will save all your uh data. So if you need to look at it and or even take to a doctor, it might be very useful right. So what else can you do on this uh sleep, timer, music right, so we’ll play music for you. I haven’t set anything up for music, so i’m, not sure how that will work. So do i have to go to my downloads. For my music let’s have a quick look images audio there you go hangouts, eternal garden. Try that one that one all right! Will this stop it? What we want to know? Oh, it does yeah it’s a little bit lag there, but it does work should just come on as well. Oh put up the volume. Yes, it works really well, they’re, not bad, not bad, mute band that mute that’s. Just volume, okay, so that is it. Let me stop that on the watch, so that is it easy to use, took me a little while to set her up for the first time.

But hopefully, if you need to set her up, you can watch my video and get a basic idea on how to set up works really. Well, i might change how long the screen stays up for because i prefer to stay up a little bit longer than what it does. But let me know in the comments what you think i think it’s quite nice. It works. It does everything it’s supposed to do. I do like this strap. I prefer this strap to the other one. I think this is a far better strap for me personally, this one here, um yeah, i didn’t quite like this one, but it might suit someone else it’s magnetic, so you obviously connect it to the clips same as this one. The pins yeah and these are lit. Sliders for you to take it out easily or put it in easily and yeah. It works on a magnet, which i do believe like that see that’s how that works. But for me personally, i prefer gel one this one. I prefer this nice looking watch it’s a nice size, actually it’s, not too big it’s, not too small, yeah, it’s, quite impressive, the size and i’m assuming you can download other faces for it. I don’t know, but it has quite a few functions, any messages for me. No messages good yeah, i like it, i think it’s well worth money. Let me know, like i said in the comments what you think about, whether you think it’s, good or bad don’t forget to subscribe.

Doesn’T cost you any money whatsoever. It does help my channel to keep on growing and we need to keep on growing it if, like so, if you like this sort of content, please subscribe and don’t forget, give me a thumbs up so with that.