Thank you for watching this video or just for clicking this video to watch the review on the smartwatch that we’re going to talk about in this blog. Before we start to our blog, please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the bell beside and just all perform a notification. So let us begin guys starting topic about this v8 smart watch phone that we’re going to review in this vlog and let’s start to unbox so i’m, going to use my camera guys. The canon camera that i have so that you can see it clearly applying the gun, back style or the details of the of the smartwatch, so let’s start unboxing. So i have here guys a lot of eight. I mean i still have a lot of v8s. My watch phone here so i’m selling those product but let’s start to unbox. It has connector and manual which i can’t understand: it’s chinese, oh, it still have translator and the ph smart, watchful let’s, try to, i think, it’s low, but it’s either it’s, robot or low. But so let’s try this one because i think it’s slow, but no it’s not so this is the final or i mean the information that has the weight smartwatch phone. It has camera image audio player remote. I think this is remote for camera. Calendar calculator calculator alarm stopwatch nice, my stopwatch my sleep mode to save the battery of this speed, smartwatch phone. What is this i don’t know what is that? What a spindle? Oh, this is nice, pretty much exercise so that you, you will know how many steps you get while you’re walking around, so it also have anti loss.

So if you forgot your phone or someone get your phone, you can just click this looking so that you can detect where you put your phone is and definitely it’s worth it to buy. It has also file manager, power, saver, whatsapp, world clock, twitter, facebook, etc. Just click this guy, so you see the signal center memory card and sim card, so we’re going to put those things we need let’s turn it up, press it longer. So that’s, yes, let’s put the let us put the rest. The battery was too small. So i recommend guys don’t over charge this battery because it will get bigger the memory card, the memory card. You have to pull this up guys to open and then you can just like and put it back and pull it down and then let the battery go back to right below signal. Oh let’s see let’s see if there’s something oh yeah, guys so mobilis and let’s go to file manager, let’s go to pictures or the capacity of the piles loading loading. So young guys just swipe swing too small, so cute so young guys. So all in one turn nine five, six four three! Oh so let’s try the front of my sim card it’s working number in this, so it’s working, guys balance so yeah guys it’s, totally working and it’s fine and everything is good. So i think mata gana information an upon a bait smartwatch phone or the apps that bait smartwatch phone have.

So i hope you get an idea or information that you needed by the time now babylip great smartwatch phone, and i think i can recommend the bait. Smart watch phone guess, quality now easy to touch and maraming apps young memory card. Smart watch phone is don’t use, high capacity memory card like 128gb 120 gig cassettes, smartwatch phone and on telephone capacity in a memory card. I highly recommend the gamete in your language. As you can see, while i’m reviewing the big smartwatch phone, you can still see another brand of smartwatch phone and i’m and i’m planning to make another video our review. Also on that item, and those are these products – those are this product and also this one. So i forgot the name of this – i think it’s a1 or d09. So let me just review it later guys. If you have another question guys about smartwatch phones, don’t hesitate to ask or comment below guys. Don’T know information on your about smartphone phone and i’ll. Do my best to give the answer that you want or you need so young guys. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel next blog about this, this another brand of smart watch phone. I still have a lot of product that i’m going to vlog or give information or idea on the product itself. So don’t forget to subscribe guys to my youtube channel and i’ll be happy if you will do a simple click by just clicking the subscribe and that’s.

All for this blog guys, so thank you so much and guys please don’t, forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and hit the bell beside and choose all four parama notifications plug go.