Today we are going to unbox w34 plus or evo 13 sc smartwatch. This watch is just a copy of w26 watch, but it is super cheap version. Just 1500 rupees free shipping, all over india shipping available by store watch world. You can also search in instagram, store, watch and accessories. This is the best watch for what for money. I will say sorry: we not have a c body option. All are asking for code c body because we not have c body, because if we arrange for c body the courier and the career companies are asking for commission for that they are asking 20 percent charges for that from collecting amount. So we not have cbody. So please don’t ask for cbody only prepaid orders and inside you get the watch and usb micro, usb data, cable and user manual. You can see it’s a micro, usb data, cable and one more thing you can’t remove the belt from the watch. It’S fixed. You can see it’s fixed belt, you can remove it and let’s on the watch. It’S a 44 mm dial size it’s, coming with only one dial size, 44 mm. We also have 40 mm of w26 to dial. This watch and 1.75 inch screen is same. Like w26 watch, okay, here you can see the shortcuts it have battery saver, timer and information qr code, and you can see here you can select smart style or nine apps. Now enough is smooth, but all are like smart style only let’s.

You can connect here, let’s swipe up. If you slip up, you need to connect you to your phone let’s type. You can see here. Sports exercise walking running exercise. All here i am, i will tell actually it’s not perfect. Okay, it’s, not accurate, the bp or bp, altered, monitor all not accurate. The basketball is just for sure, only not not all accurate, okay and if you want to buy for health means don’t buy this. This for just for sure, if you want to buy for health means you can go with noise or real me something else, because it’s just a show it’s not working it’s, not accurate. I am i’m telling really i’m telling it’s not working guys. I also personally used what about battery life. It will come approximately four days without connecting to the phone. If you connected to the phone, it will come two days only okay, i am telling the accurate of the battery charges. You can see it’s a smart style, also smooth only not laggy, and you can get uh wake up on to wake up to screen. Now we will test the nine apps you can see. The nine amps will show you contacts. These are contacts you need to connect to the phone and phone dialer and income missed the calls incoming. Okay. All calls will come there if you want to order this watch link in description or whatsapp number in description. You can contact me on whatsapp and you can buy this watch.

We have only one color option just black only because we not have stocks of white bt connected and they’re all there’s a message. Bt all btbt means bluetooth. You need to cut from the phone here. We have a bluetooth option, you can, you can search it and it’s, not ip68. Waterproof ratter. Okay, w26 have ip68 waterproof later, but this was not waterproof, it’s, just rain proof or splash proof here. Also you can get that mode. Here is a find my phone or a fine phone. This is sleep monitor. You can see straight as history uh, some something else. Okay, let’s go back. We have so many options, but all not accurate. This is a hydrate monitor. I really really i’m accurately i’m saying it’s, not accurate it’s, just showing yeah it also measures, uh no object. Heart rate monitor. Also, you can use a qr code, you can connect to the phone. This is a walking kilometer, and this is a temperature monitor. You can see it’s a fake okay, guys the video going length, so we we need to cut the video. So if you want to buy link in description, you can buy it.