So today i have got an another giveaway of this clone smartwatch, so this is basically called the name. W34 watch. So, as you can see here so it’s, the the name is w34 watch as a which is already called as series 4 smartwatch clone. So this is the packing. So here are the so i already opened it uh. Is this smart watch so where you are getting an activity? Tracker hat heart rate, steps message gallery remote camera bluetooth, call music, so uh these all are present in this smart. So this is the wtr code, where you can download the app from the android and the ios or of the apple store app store. So it is a in android. It is supported above 4.4 in the ios. It is supported above 8.0 version, so let’s. So in this box, let’s check this so basically not uh we’ll get only a smartwatch. The double control, smartwatch Music we’ll check it back. So this is the cable, so we can charger. It is a normal type, cable. So talking about the smart watch, so it is very super, so you will get a nice display, so you can change the faces watch faces so so many so let’s count it uh one by one. So here’s uh let’s start from here one two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve. So there are the twelve watch faces, so it has a smart assistant system. So so many heart rate stop watch smart gesture and, and you have the phone sports, how many steps – so i admit, till now – 515 steps so so many settings anti lost.

You can keep an alarm. You can check the calendar, you can play music. So many are there in these smart watch, so we’re not talking about this uh let’s go to about any settings, so the device name is watchful. So this is the version w 34 watch. So this is about the w34 watch, so it shows uh the day date time everything in the w34. So, while talking about the you know, the giveaway you need to get off to my channel 100 subscribers within the given date is, should i make a give it so the date is, the date is, and it is 20 so uh the normal month of this month. 20 yeah, so within the november 23rd, you should make my channel to 100 subscribers. So i’ll make a giveaway and comment down when you like this smartwatch. What do you like about my channel and each and everything? So you should get by 23rd of this month. Number 100 subscribers, then i would be giving giving away this 34 smartwatch, so we’ll see you can get the giveaway or not. If you do 100 subscribers only i will give this giveaway, otherwise, not and not. So please do okay.