This is this is the best alternatives is the best, so oahu enters the smartwatch market with element rival, multi sport watch. So multi sport watch compatible with wahoo smart smart trainers and features touch less transition. Technology i’m gon na be following the one five from bike rider but there’s like another one here like from cycling weekly as well and i’m gon na link, both of them below the reason why i put it this one is because they have like uh it’s, like Uh, oh no! No! I just like that one as well. I don’t know. I thought that there was one there’s like uh, oh okay, so this one has the stat here. So just just run go straight into the specs, so not too sure about the size or display. If this measure matters too much resolution as well screen display type sunlight, visible trans, transfective memory in pixel, weight i’m, not sure if the any of this is important when it starts getting important for me, is like this battery life 24 hours in gps mode and 14 Days in smart watch mode claimed – i mean this – would this will last like 10 to 12 days or something there’s a few, but a few sensors barometic accelerometer gps connectivity data transfer bluetooth and it sets you back 350 pounds: 380 bucks, 380 euro or 600 australian dollar Yen’S millions, so the wahoo element rival, is an all new multis multisport smartwatch, aimed at cyclists and triathletes and it’s.

Also the first smartwatch from wahoo signaling a significant shift into the multi sport market. Oh it’s, a shame that it’s only for this. I wonder if we would have like something like mountain biking capabilities because hey there should be like a mountain biking. Watch and people are like. Why wh? What will be so different i don’t know for for me. You wouldn’t count like the times that i’m doing the uplift, but that’s a weird change. Let’S continue excluding any back backlight. This type of display only requires power when refreshing or changing the data screen. Reducing battery consumption enormously. Similar technologies used on certain garmin smart watches by computer, as well as on amazon, kindle e readers. So for the triathletes among you, i doubt that there’s any triathlete watching this. But if you are holler, the watch features touchless transition technology, a feature that allows the watch to interact with an element by computer to seamlessly to simus, seamlessly transfer race data from the watch to a cycling computer. This works by first setting, both the watch and the computer into multi sport mode all right, so we don’t need to to you know like exactly what exactly how to do it. I wonder if anyone is will be like interested in getting this kind of stuff. Now, are you guys, do you guys use a smartwatch there’s, no comments? Do you guys use a smartwatch? Do you guys like to use a smartwatch? Are you guys interested in using a smartwatch? Do you guys look at this kind of stuff and say like i could totally rock a smartwatch? I would like to know that i would like to know that, so i use the garmin if i’m thinking now.

If i break this watch right now, i wouldn’t know exactly what sort of watch like i would try. I would want to get so. I think it’s nice, that there’s going to be there’s more and more alternatives in the market, but it’s, something that i haven’t been doing like much research lately. So this is one of the reasons why i like to cover these kind of things just to know like okay, so there’s like one more alternative. But if i would break the watch now, i definitely would go and try to get like a a different one and definitely not get garmin, definitely not pay for a garment anyways. Let me know what you guys think i’ll be super interested about it. We’Re gon na jump like after to one of the road cc articles, which i love so much so i’m, looking very forward to see what they have. So let me know in the comment section below: do you guys use the smartwatch if you guys use smartwatch, which smartwatch you use? If you use a smartwatch, how do you exactly use a smartwatch uh i’ll be interested. You know about that. Anyways super short segment. Thanks super much for hanging around i’m going to upload the next one in or i’m going to release the next one in an hour or so. So thanks very much for hanging out for this one uh and i’ll catch up with you guys and girls very, very soon, i’m.

Looking at this like says, 454 i’m, just wondering if i should be taking at least five minutes for the video.