.. this time I ‘m going to review a smartwatch from xiaomi.. This is a smartwatch …. You could say it’s retro, but has modern features: … Amazfit NEO, but before we see the amazfit neo video … don’t forget to support this channel by like share and SUBSCRIBE TWISTECH. First of all, let’s see the box from amazfit neo. This amazfit neo box is dominated by white for the front. We can see a preview of amazfit NEO. Then there is an amazfit logo on the top left and underneath the embossed Amazfit NEO use .. silver rainbow so.. continue to pai technology. If you usually get this product xiaomi product next, there is also somnus care. I do n’t know this, but I think for a sleep monitor on the right side here at the top, there is a heart rate monitor and a sleep monitor., always on display 28 days battery life continues, 5 ATM, yes, water resistance continues to the left is not There, above is not there and below, is not there. For the back there’s warranty card warranty card, .. Official from amazfit 1 year stay opened, .. no need to be filled in this. Is it thenn … there .., manufacturing and information amazfit, neo, blablabla, .., manufacture, .., barcode models also exist here. It is also explained using BT 5.0 and then the battery is 500 mAh. Hopefully … that’s enough for one month, because it says the battery lasts 28 days. … for the inside of the box, we open it first pull it .

.. sreeettt, … we’ll, put it on the side. This warranty card we put to the side here. There is a box like this. There are 3 partitions for the total first box. Is the flat box? The contents are … a manual book …. This manual has a variety of languages, so the contents are the same as the usual guide. How to use and. the barcode for download the application we put it to the side continue. The second box was there .. charger.. docking shaped, i don’t know if it’s magnetic or not, we take a look: the charger: okay, .., the sightings of the charger .. we put the charger, so we can try next. How good is his ability test ..? This is the smartwatch … The model is really classic like … casio’s style watches still there until now, ehe the contents in the box are finished. …. Then we open the plastic first …. I I think the packaging is premium right. If the goods amazfit .. provides good stuffs, the most low cost this amazfit watch this is it. We open the plastic. This is for the strap. We usually use quick release, strap right .., but for amazfit neo. This strap is like a clock in general, so …. If you want to remove the strap, take it to the watchman or if you can do it yourself …, this is the docking charger. We tried the docking how oo this is not a magnetic docking, huh .

.., but this is .. click now like that. I prefer it like this, because if the magnetic usually gets damaged, it means the magnet is getting weaker and weaker. So first we tested the weight of Amazon NEO. I have already prepared the scales. We tried how much it weighs from This amazfit neo is okay. It’S already zero tot al. The weight is 32.1 grams. This is classified as light, so now we try to see how much the diameter is for the diameter of the watch. This is …. Okay, 42.5 mm. The strap diameter is 20 mm, while for the thickness of the watch itself, this is 12.8 mm 12.7 12.8 mm. Then we check the built quality for the material from Amazfit Neo. This is full of plastic, yes, … for the front and back there are 4 buttons here. This is the select button. Then there is a back button. Here is the up and down buttons here and there on the screen. monochrome, black and white, on the back. There is a heartrate sensor: … there is a heartrate and port for docking the docking charger, while for the strap, the material is good, if I say it’s like some kind of silicone rubber silicone. So now we try to wear this Amazfit NEO xiaomi in my hand, not too big. It feels like it feels in my hand …. It feels light …. Then the material is soft …. Then the size is not too big, so it makes my hand not too big it’s just fit and there are no painful corners on the skin, especially when your hands are bent like this.

Now we just turn on the Amazfit NEO smartwatch it’s, okay, it’s already on hold down the select button to turn it off. There is binding writing and it won’t operate before connecting to the smartphone. Okay. After connecting you can operate, this amazfit neo for operation really easy. Bro This screen is like this …. There is no light. … it’s, not like a clock, a clock g shock: there is a button for lights, hold down the back button to turn on the backlid on the left. This makes for select and then back up and down to change the feature just push it up. This is the step menu. Then this is the distance. There are still calories …. This is the weather …. Then there is this DND Do not disturb error. Then there is a stopwatch. There is an alarm, there is a pie and there is … a heartrate monitor. The sensor is on. This can also be set as always on, or what do you do? Then? It goes back to the step there’s, nothing special. If you change it, … choose select …, that’s, okay. Why? Because the menu is simple for the time and date, it will never change to another display. While in this circle is the mode … the mode of the feature that is being used continuously …, we only use the right button to change the heartrate pie or what to do let’s just see the application. Okay for the application, the name is used.

Is our zepp just keep downloading for the appearance like this? Yes, more or less …. The first part is this homepage, where the add device we sync earlier, because you ca n’t start operation from amazfit neo. If you don’t connect in first with the cellphone, then in the first menu there is It’s heavy and has a sleep score, huh, … and all kinds of statuses. All the statuses continue to be at the top right press. This all the data we can set. Whatever settings you want to show okay, this is a lot complete if amazfit continues to believe in the menu enjoy this. There is an alarm clock and there is also a device for relatives and friends target settings incoming calls amp about, but this is not supported because the Amazon device does not support these features. They have a profile. This profile can be set from my profile.. Click on this photo is the setting for the weight of all kinds of names, and the goals also continue … What device, how heavy is it ..? How many batteries are the goals, my records, friends and so on? So he reviews me about ama, zfit neo. According to me, … The feel that I get from this watch is like using a regular clock, but there are modern features and overall I like it, and the price is also quite affordable, it’s under 500 thousand. So it’s, almost 500 thousand and the battery life is okay, too, keep on style It’s, also not tacky anyway.

According to my cave, this is really recommended for those of you who need a smartwatch …. It ‘s always simple, … the battery’s durability is long and the features are no less. Okay, what’s sure the built quality is okay and cheap. Of course, …