We have a very interesting product with us for unboxing today, and this is from a brand called as watch out, which has already launched some interesting products earlier on crowdfunding websites, and this is the mad gates watch. This comes with a futuristic life using simple wrist hand and finger gesture, so primarily, this watch comes with some very interesting gesture controls. If i talk about the features, the watch comes with 30 plus hand gestures where you have phone calls text messages, walkie, talkie, iot, remote, nice, sports modes and music features moving around. We have many more details like it comes with a nano sim 1.’ inches screen, wi fi bluetooth, which is obvious and gps. If you’re into fitness and running. This would be useful for you. It also comes with a heart rate, monitor ip54 rating 6 axis motion sensor and 620 mah of battery moving on there’s more details on the application. Again, i would recommend you to just scan this qr code for the latest update on what the qr code refers to. I had downloaded already the application, and this comes with the mrp of 28 triple nine, though i am sure it’s available at a better price point, the link in the description to get you more details again, i think uh, looking at the specifications itself, i feel that This watch comes with a lot of stuff installed in it, so let’s quickly open up, and this is the first look at this new smart watch again, i wouldn’t call it a smart watch it’s like a futuristic watch with a lot of gesture controls, and it does Look like a regular uh watch, so you don’t even have to think that it looks only like a smart watch.

The dial is pretty big, i mean the thickness is also pretty high. I mean it’s quite thick, i would say, wish it was a little less thicker, but then that’s what you get, and this is uh the mad gauge watch – and this is the first boot as you can see a beautiful logo with a wall. You know font here. I mean i really love this font moving on let’s wait for this to boot up. Meanwhile, let me take a look at the package content, so so that was the first boot music and these are the additional straps. So in case, if you would like to change it – and we have a proprietary cable here which would be used for charging your watch, and apart from that, we have well that’s a first time. Probably we have a screen protector for a watch now 100 points for this to the company, because that’s really unexpected and we have another charging point here again, which is a proprietary one. So let me first take a look at this watch itself, so that’s the first view which you get here, there’s a time the the steps. Of course, i have not even walked right now, so you won’t get details on the exact steps, there’s, also the heart rate, which is showing 45, but probably once i use it. I’Ll get more details and we have two controllers. Of course we have all these options. Starting off with contacts phone messaging setting browser well, who expects a browser on a smart watch.

Apart from that, we have here a clock, calendar gallery and we have music, sound recorder file manager, hearted, monitor fitness, weather voice, search, play, store, maps assistant gmail, i mean. Do you even need a smartphone after this, but anyway let me move on to the mad gaze controller, and this is what you get here, but before that, let me just quickly pair this watch to my smartphone first and uh, you know start taking a look at Uh the application, so here we need to first search for the smartphone. Let me let me just enable bluetooth, it’s already enabled so it’s just searching for the smart watch. Let me just pair it and then get back to you a few moments later, and here we go let’s tap on pairing. You just need to enable it on your smartphone and with one tap we are done. So here is the gesture control system where we would be giving it some kind of training, basically it’s a little way of understanding this feature. So let me just wear this watch first and then show you the demo Music Music, so guys that was a little demo on all the different gesture options. How you could set it up? How you could you know, give the training to the application to understand all these options, and once you’ve done that you can have media control, let’s say you would like to volume control. You could try to volume up down or do all these kind of features.

You could actually do that through this application itself and in fact there are many many options. You also have the option of system control, and apart from that, there is also the shortcuts controls. If you would like to control an option, then you could select the application. So here you have the option, whichever application you would like to select so let’s say. If i would like to open the camera application, then i could do that and then we could, you know, go for a quick demo, so i’ll just tap here and it has to basically you know it takes time to first understand the gesture and then probably you Know train and then it would start working so, of course, it’s a futuristic watch, but then you’ll have to spend some time understanding the features customizing it based on your requirements and that’s all possible through this application, which is the mad kids watch application through, which you Can do that but overall, if i talk about the design and everything also, this does look like a very beautiful looking smart watch. The strap is very simple and it has a logo on the same. If you talk about the watch itself, if you take a look on the back, we have a bunch of sensors here to take a look at the you know, details like fitness data and everything and also heart rate and everything and there’s also a slot here for The nano sim, which is also very important, and that can give you a clear overview of what all you get from this smart watch again.

This is a very interesting product from this brand, which is mad gaze, and this was a complete unboxing of the same. If you like, this video don’t forget to thumbs up button and share subscribe to 400. for more videos like these i’m amit, and i hope to see you guys in the next video.