So i actually bought this one from shoppie for around eight dollars, so that’s around 400 pesos, so let’s unbox it guys Music. Okay, so here it is, it is in case in a bubble: wrap Music, okay and boom wow. They even gave us this free. I think this is a phone holder. Yes, this is nice. Thank you for that and uh. We also have here the you know their message yeah. So thank you for your patronage. I have a small gift for you. So, yes, this is really a cell phone holder, yes it’s very nice of them, it’s very thoughtful for them to give us a freebies. Despite the price, all right, so let’s just put them aside and okay. So here it is guys the wear fit f1 plus smart band and, as you can see there, this is the image of the smart band here at the bottom there’s smart bracelet, heart rate and blood pressure measurement. Yes and on the sides, it has also fatigue measurement, blood pressure, sports, speedometers, sleep monitoring, message reminder, and we have this specification. It has the screen size it’s 0.96 inch. It supports bluetooth version 4.0, the battery and capacity. Yes, guys the device requirement is android, 4.4 or above and for ios that supports ios, 8.0 or above as well. So now guys let’s open the box, Music, okay and guys, if you might wonder i’m, actually using the wide angle, video recording for us to have a better viewing yes and uh.

Okay, we have the manual guys yes it’s in chinese, yes and also in english, guys. Okay, we have here the band itself, wow or the bracelet. Okay, so let’s see guys so the strap. As you can see. It looks nice as well, and we have here the screen it’s. Quite big and let’s – remove this one, the plastic. So there is a rectangular icon there, so i think this is for the menu option and at the back we have here the sensor, i believe, and also the charging area. Yes all right, it looks nice and i like the color it’s in red. Yes, okay, and here is the charger guys, so here it is so it is not the same as the one that we had like. You have to just directly charge it into the watch. Okay, so maybe we can try to just you. Don’T have to remove the strap, so you just have to clip this one. So let’s try guys so let’s. Take our power bank let’s charge this one first okay, and make sure that those pins are attached to the watch. Okay, Music, okay! So guys, as you can see, it is already charging so let’s just wait for a bit and after that we are going to look at the feature of this watch. Alright guys. So we have already charged our wear fit f1 smart man. So all we just have to do is we’re going to long press this rectangular icon there and it vibrates as it turns on alright guys.

So here it is the wear fit f1 plus and you have there, the watch face and the date and the battery and now let’s look at the features. So let’s tap this one okay. So it has the sports mode and we also have there the kilometer and the kcal and the heart rate, so let’s check this one. So, as you can see, the sensor is working so yeah. Maybe we can just remove our smartwatch and let’s test this one. Okay, so let’s test the heart rate – okay, all right guys. So i think that is our heart rate, so that is 58 or 59 beats per minute, so that is quite healthy and it has also the blood pressure monitoring. So yeah let’s have the blood pressure monitoring as well let’s check that one out as well, okay guys. So that is our blood pressure, so that is 121 over 75. So i think that is just okay and we also have here our spo2, so let’s check our spo2 or the blood oxygen level. Okay, so our blood oxygen level is at 98 or 97, okay and there’s. Also, like the fine, when you connect this one to your smartphone and stopwatch sms as well and the background. I think this is the watch face, so you can choose the watch face that you like yes, so maybe we can choose this one, okay, and only that one guys, so there aren’t so many options for that.

So my thought guys about this smart band is, it looks stylish and it doesn’t look cheap, although it is inexpensive. Yes and i’m gon na test this smart band for a couple of days – and i will let you know how it performs yes, but for the price guys for only eight dollars. I think you’re good to go for this smart man and if you just want a fashionable smart band, then this one is good for you, as well with the with the blood pressure and the heart rate. I am going to test them and guys for this. Smart band: this is not really for for medical use, so you shouldn’t rely on the results of this smart band. Okay, and if you have any questions guys about this smart band or smart bracelet just comment down below, i am going to upload more tutorials on how to use this smart band as well. Okay.