Uh. The reason for this is because i’ve been receiving a lot of messages on instagram or facebook. Asking me, which is the best amazfit device to buy right now – and i know a lot of you guys – are quite confused because there are so many models in the market today. So in today’s, video i’ll be talking about the good points and the bad points for each single watch right here. So just so you know, i’ve been wearing each of this smartwatch for at least a couple of months now some of them are newer, so maybe just one month or two months, but i have a clear picture on what is good and what is not so good About each device right here, so we have a combination of older, smart watches here. So this is the amazfit gts from the last year. We have the amazefit errors, so this is not actually sold anywhere else in the world. So i won’t talk about this. We also have the amazefit t rex, the amazefit bp, the amazfit neo, the gts2, as well as the 2., all right. So, if you’re wondering which one you should purchase, uh let’s just start off with this video right away. So we’re going to start off with one of the more famous devices, the one that actually got me started on my amazefit journey and that is the amazfit gts one. So this was launched last year, but this year right now the price has dropped a lot it’s.

Very very much affordable now in malaysia, it’s selling for about 380 ringgit, so that is slightly less than 100 us dollars, depending on where you’re from all right. So the good things that i like about the main suite gts starts off with the display that we have here. This is the amoled display. It is still very clear and bright for now. Apart from that, it also comes with a pretty strong battery right here, which can last about like close to one week on a single charge. Apart from that, it also tracks your sleeves. It tracks your activities and it has gps built in. So this is one of the better ones back then, because it has gps over a couple of updates. It is more stable right now, so, if you’re looking for a watch under 100 us dollars that comes with gps and it tracks all your activities uh. This is the one to actually consider and the good thing about this is that all right, so the bad thing about this uh, not it’s, not actually a bad thing, but of course uh. The ui for amazfit has changed now all right. So this is the older ui that is still running on the amis, with gt s1 um, of course, it’s nothing wrong with it. Everything still works to the user interface, but we’re just having new graphics on the later on. The more newer amazing watches so just bear in mind about that still a very good purchase if you’re looking to buy a budget, smart watch or somewhere this year, all right so let’s put that down and move on to the next one.

And this is the amazefit t rex alright, so this one is actually a favorite among a lot of my viewers as well. Obviously, this is because of the rugged look the design. I still love this classic design here that looks similar to a g shock, watch or casio watch. So, if you’re looking for something more tough and endurance related, this is something that you can consider again. The pricing now is very much cheaper, it’s only about like 380 ringgit, very similar to the main speed gts1, so that is, that puts it almost less than 100 us dollars as well. The good news about this is that it is very sturdy it has been. It has held up very well over the course of the few months that i’ve been wearing it. You can see that it is still very nice here, no scratches whatsoever, i’ve been wearing it out and the good news here the thing that i like about this device. First and foremost, is, of course, that design we also have an amoled display here. That is very clear and sharp. The good thing about this is the gps. Here is also very strong. It is much stronger than the one on the amazefit gts, so just bear that in mind, apart from that, it also tracks your standard set of activities, your swimming, your heart rate, your sleeping and all that very basic stuff. So for under 100 us dollars, i would say that this is also something that you can consider if you’re looking for a new smart watch all right.

So the thing that i don’t really like about this amazing t rex is that it is sometimes a bit too casual uh. It is too fashion or flashy. I would say if you are just going for more serious meetings, you might want something more minimalist or simple, but this one is just uh. You know it just shows everyone that you, like this kind of g shock kind of watches, so that’s the only downside which might not actually be a downside there. I still love the amaze with t rex, very much all right so gon na put this down. For now and let’s move on to the later models that were launched this year, all right, let’s start off with the amazfit neo. So, like the amazing t rex, this amazfit neo is also for those of you guys who, like that retro casio kind of look to be honest. This watch is a very affordable watch. It comes in at about 140 ringgit, so that is about. This is a little that is about, so that is about less than 40 us dollars. If my max is correct, less than 40 us dollars all right. So the good thing about this watch first and foremost, is, of course, the very simple form factor. It feels very comfortable it’s, very slim. It also comes with these beeps if you can hear it so pretty cool stuff right there and of course most of you will buy this for that retro.

Look. It also tracks your heart rates, some basic stuff. Here you can see through the on the screen right here, but the the bad news about this. The thing that i don’t really like is it doesn’t really do much. To be honest, i mean you can call it a smart watch, but everything will have to be checked on your smartphone. You can’t really see much information on this watch itself. If you ask me if i have, to put it really like in a negative way, i would say that this watch really doesn’t do much at all it. Of course it tracks your heart rate, as you can see here, but you just can’t, see much information on this display right here so yeah. If you’re looking for like a serious activity tracker or something like that, this watch might not cut it for you, but if you’re looking to get some basic heart rate tracking, you know, then this watch might actually be a good companion for you, or maybe your little Brother or a little sister, who wants some things that look like a casio watch. This is for them all right, so putting this down now let’s move on to the amazefit bipu, all right! So the bib! U is actually about 200 ringgit, again a very affordable, smart watch that translates to about, i would say, 45 us dollars so very close to the amazfit new and that’s. Why it doesn’t really make sense to buy this because there’s a lot more features in here.

All right so let’s talk about the good stuff. The good thing here is that we do have a very nice display here. This is only an lcd display, but note that this is actually very clear, very bright and it’s, i would say, on par with the amoled displays on the other devices right here. So the good thing here also is that it comes with the latest, the latest, even newer than the gts2 in terms of the ui. So what i mean by that is, for example, if i just scroll around here – oh actually, if i just show it to you right here, if i just scroll down you’ll notice, that we have this sleep option here, to see your sleep data directly from the watch Itself and for me i’m only able to see this sleep data on the amazefit bpu. I can’t even find it on the gts2 and gtr2 so kind of a mess here with these two devices, which i will talk about later, but the amaze beep you has everything uh currently available on an amazing smartwatch uh, the good stuff. Here again, like i said it attracts your stuff uh, it tracks your sleeps, your activity, your heart rate very accurately, and it is actually very lightweight – very slim here, very comfortable to put on, especially if you track your sleeves at night. So this is good for that. All right, the thing that i don’t like about this watch is that it doesn’t come with an always on display.

So, no matter what you won’t be able to see the clock here on forever, but yeah that’s that’s the pretty much. The only downside, oh and another thing is that it doesn’t come with gps built in. So if you want something with a gps built in, you have to wait for the amazfit beep you pro. I think that would be a pretty killer, smart watch because it will come with gps and hopefully, and always on display here the battery lasts for about one week on a single charge, so that’s also pretty good. Overall, i like this watch very much. This is one of my favorites for 2020, but the only thing keeping me out from using this is actually the gps, but overall still a very good smartwatch here, all right. So enough with that let’s talk about the two big boys for this year: the gts ii and the gtr ii, all right so let’s start off with the gts2, so both smartwatches are actually 600 ringgit here in malaysia and of course, pricing will differ based on which Region you’re from now the good thing about this amazfit gts2 here is that it has the fastest or the highest refresh rate display on any amazfit smartwatch out there, and you can see that by how fluid this display is right here. So if you take up another watch, for example, even the amazefit gtr 2 and notice that when i just glide around there is a bit of stuttering going on.

It is not the smoothest here, but it is the smoothest on the gts2, so very smooth graphics. Here that’s the best, the one thing that i really like the most it looks very, very modern on my wrist here. Apart from that, it also comes with gps built in it tracks your heart rates, your sleeping and your activities. So a lot of stuff there from the gts2 now on to the thing that i don’t really like and first and foremost that’s going to be the battery. So i’ve talked about this in many times in my videos, uh the battery only lasts about two days max on one single charge so i’m, not really living up to the amaze feed kind of battery life that i’m expecting. So that is actually kind of a downer. Apart from that, the notifications here actually looks pretty small. If you ask me so that’s, why i say the ui is not the newest. I mean it’s not the best here, because the notifications are so tiny on the amazefit gts2 and you can’t actually uh change the the size of the fonts here so notice that the bitu actually comes with bigger fonts compared to the misfit gts2 right here. So yeah that’s there’s two things that i don’t really like about this amazing gts2 the battery and, of course, the small tiny notifications that it’s just too small all right. Last but not least, let’s talk about the gtr 2, so this gtr 2, like i said, comes in at the same price as the gts2 about 600 ringgit here so that’s about like 130 us dollars.

If i’m, not mistaken yeah, you got to do the math yourself. All right so the gts2 here i actually like this slightly more than the gtr2 for a couple of reasons. Uh first up is the battery life i’m about to i’m able to get about five days of battery life, with one single charge on the gt r2. So that’s already double that on the gta s2. Apart from that, we do get this amoled display in this round shape. It looks very nice as well a bit too slim for my liking, but yeah it’s, still a very nice device here. Of course, it also tracks your sleep, your activities, everything is the same as the gts2. Another good thing here is that both the gtr 2 and the gtx 2 also comes with built in storage, so you can store a lot of songs, 3 gigabytes. It also supports a calling answering calls on the watch itself with its built in mic and speaker, so pretty cool stuff there for the gtr 2 and the gtx 2. that’s. What i like about this smartwatch, what i don’t like about this is the refresh rate on the display so like i was mentioning just now notice that uh it is smooth, but it is, you do see a bit of drop in frame rate here on the gtr 2, so if it was as smooth as the gts2, i guess that would make it perfect, but yeah the gts2 here just gets the best display among all the amazfit smart watches, all right, i think that’s pretty much it.

For my video here, i’ve told you literally almost all the good stuff and bad stuff. Let me just show you very quickly these amazefit areas by the way it’s such a pity that this is not being sold internationally. I mean the design is a bit kind of like love it or hated kind of design, but overall the battery life on this thing is crazy, guys, i think, it’s about two weeks or three weeks, but basically i haven’t been charging this guy at all and it’s Still running here, even in my drawer, it reminds me of the beep, ass or big days where no battery lights were just like crazy long, but anyways yeah, uh, all the good stuff and the bad stuff about these watches. Here, uh, if you ask me which one uh should you buy again, i would say it is really down to your personal preference. This depends on your usage as well. Every watch here comes with its own strengths and weaknesses, and it depends on which you can accept and which you cannot alright guys. I think that’s it for my video, if you ask me which one i’m going to be wearing, i would say: i’ve been rotating between the gtr 2 here, as well as the amazefit beep. You all right, guys, that’s it too long of the video. The video is already more close to 15 minutes all right, guys, uh.