People play, that is the tagline for today’s show because we’ve got the xbox series x. You know this classic war. This kind of war only happens once in a while, and this has been going on for years and years, microsoft versus sony, the xbox versus the playstation it’s been going on and on and on and now we’ve got something very, very interesting out here. They’Ve really taken things to a whole new level. We’Ve got the xbox series x. There is another in this series. We don’t have that right now, but this is the big daddy of it all and we’re actually going to take it through its faces. To tell you if this is worth almost 50 000 rupees, that microsoft thinks you should spend on it, then we’ll move on to motorola’s tv, yes, motorola! The brand. The phone brand now also makes tvs, and this has been going on and on lots of companies that our phone companies are taking, that branding experience and putting it into tvs. So how does the motorola one fare? Then we’ll move on to this a brand new smart watch from a company that we’ve actually reviewed before tick watch and then we’ll move on to what i’ve used for my hair today, the phillips hair straightener. Well, i didn’t get to use it, but we have people in the team who actually got to use it and we’ll give you our review. Let’S get started with today’s show.

Our top story is the big one. This is the big daddy, the xbox series x. Now two different series have come out: there are a few difference between the two and we’ll. Take you through that also. But this is the xbox series x. There is a series s also. The big difference, of course, is that this has a blu ray disc reader. Inside it, that is the obvious one in front of you. There are other subtle ones, including the look and feel of the entire thing, but this is actually gaming at a whole new level. I mean there was a time when people had thought the last xbox and the last playstation had come out because they were getting too powerful, but this is almost like a super computer in a box. Now this is big it’s, pretty heavy. It has a lot going for it, including the fact that we really took it through its paces, so what’s. Our final verdict well i’m, going to give you our first impressions. We’Ll, give you our final verdict in our review. First and foremost, this is the ultimate gaming machine, but not too many games have come out right now that can actually use that ultimate gaming machine experience totally and absolutely use all the absolute power that this machine has and actually show it to you on screen that’s. My first impression and observation number two they’re going to use this, use it on a really really good display or tv, because anything less than 4k you’re, not really using it for what it is.

You could go for the previous generation and still get good stuff out of it and number three, and this is where i really feel things get interesting, is that war between the xbox and the playstation is absolutely and totally alive Music. It was 2001 sony was dominating the console gaming business, the playstation 2 was smashing records left right and center. The dual shock controller ruled gaming domes and it looked as if there was no stopping for sony. Until one fine day when microsoft introduced the xbox, the console was had begun in 2020. History is repeating itself, with both ps5 and xbox series x, going joystick to joystick against each other. There is some time before we review the playstation, but worry not. Today. We are reviewing its dance partner. The mighty xbox series x, microsoft, has gone ahead with a very minimalist design for the series x it’s, a block with just one curve on it. The advertisements have really not done justice to this form factor. But if you ask us, it is the best design in xbox history, it’s uniform, which means you can keep it both ways horizontally and vertically, but do remember that the base plate cannot be removed in our game room. We kept it just the way, it’s being promoted. As vertically the console comes with a ton of accessibility options, an ethernet port 2 hdmi ports, 3 usb ports and a storage expansion slot shifting our scope to the controller, the one we get with the series x looks strikingly similar to the previous generations.

With my new changes like a usb type c port on the remote with that favorable change, microsoft has carried forward. One really annoying feature. The controller, just like previous generations of the device works with double a batteries. Microsoft not going ahead with rechargeable controllers, even in 2020, is appalling, to say the least. It is time to fire up the series x and see firsthand what it is capable of in a high end. Console like this. A gamer can fairly expect a new ui, but that is not the case here. The ui is similar to the one we see on the older xbox one x from microsoft’s perspective. It was done to provide an easy transition, but a refreshed and unique take would have definitely added to the experience. Team xbox has done their homework. This time around the console comes with 12.1 teraflops of computational power for gaming that’s, almost twice as powerful from the xbox one x and on paper 20 faster than the ps5 at the same price point in practicality. That means gaming in 4k, 60 frames per. Second. Is the new normal, but this is also bound to cause some problems, because not every screen can support that refresh rate in a nutshell. To really enjoy this console is better. If you have a great display as well to make this review more interesting, we tested the performance out of the series x with a gamer. So let’s hear it from him what he has to say about the latest console.

So after spending some quality time with the xbox series x, it is safe to say that it is the most powerful xbox to date, and why not? It is the series x after all. Well, the highlight feature here is that it has got that 1tb ssd drive that really cuts short the loading time here. It is so fast that i have wondered. Why did i live without it all along the booting speed is very quick and you won’t even remember what a loading screen used to look like it’s unfortunate that we don’t have a lot of games to test on the series x right now, because most of the Exclusives are not really out there. Until next year we won’t be able to test the actual computational power of the series x. The game day is over and it’s time for the verdict. It is only fair to assume that the series x will wow us with more exciting games in the future, because there is nothing substantial on which we judge it. Currently, in the meantime, whichever existing games you throw at it, you will get to see smoother frame rates. A higher refresh rate and the loading time will be drastically cut short now available in india for rupees 49 990. The series x is hands down the most powerful console ever built Music, okay. So the final verdict, like we said, is this is an incredible machine that in every which way is well worth the money you’ll spend on it now, let’s wait for those games to come out that absolutely and totally make our heads spin now.

Did you see what we were actually playing the games on the tv that we were using, that was the motorola tv and we’re going to actually now review it. So our first impression is that actually watching the games and seeing the kind of media and content that we were able to play on the motorola tv, our first thing is: it got a fantastic screen, but what else did motorola do because the number of brands that Actually have tvs out right now is incredible. I think there must be about 100 100 tv brands in the country right now, so did motorola do anything to make themselves stand out. Well, they did they actually put in a mediatek processor into the motorola tv to make it really really smart. If you hear the words hello, moto, coming from a tv near you don’t, be surprised. The brand has entered the tv market with a bang and has launched a whole lineup of smart tvs at different price points for our review. Today we have got the big fish. Motorola’S 55 inch – 4k smart tv. We don’t want to draw any comparisons here, but the build quality of the motorola tv is awe inspiring. Unlike the plastic frame found on majority of its competition, the moto tv has a metallic frame, which is a more robust option. On the back panel itself. You will see a plethora of accessibility, ports, starting with three usb ports, two hdmi ports and an ethernet cable port as well standard features but crucial.

At the same time, the build of the tv doesn’t stop there to impress us even the sound bar of the moto tv looks great. While we set up the tv, we would like to tell you that spec sheet on this one is quite impressive. For starters, the smart tv comes with mediatek’s 1.5 gigahertz quad core processor, dubbed the mediatek 9602 built specifically for amplifying the viewing experience, while watching a 4k hdr display the high end processor packs in a multi core cpu and a modern gpu, and it is a major Reason why the motorola smart tv checks all the boxes in terms of performance, the motorola smart tv comes with a 55 inch, 4k bezel less display. The display comes with a new autotune x plus feature which automatically adjusts the picture quality according to the content that we are watching. The picture quality only gets better thanks to the dolby vision feature that the motorola tv comes with the dynamic range and contrast that we could see on this. Smart tv were almost at par with what we usually get on tvs, which are twice its price. If you like, watching youtube videos just like ourselves, then the google assistant feature will come in really handy for you, the assistant was quick to respond and swiftly showed us the results. Now, if you have been following our show for a while, you would know that we are very critical when it comes to the sound quality of a tv with the motorola smart tv.

We were not left disappointed. The tv produces sound from a 50 watt speaker which supports dolby atmos. The sound was crystal clear and we could hear each and every detail motorola 55 inch. Smart tv is one of the first smart tv in the market today, which comes with android 10.. Also pretty much like the motorola smartphones, the ui that you see here is almost stock android, adding to the user experience since it’s a google certified android tv. It will get regular, ot updates, which makes it a future proof investment. So should you be saying hello back to the motorola tv, we think you should. The tv packs in premium features for a not so premium price tag at rupees, 40, 999 motorola tv is a great option for your money. Music. Now we’ll move on to a smart watch. The ticwatch pro 3 gps, as you can obviously make our tick watch, is something that we’ve covered before we done a dual screen. Tick watch before at that time also, we said great product, fantastic features, great battery life, very, very good screen, but the price is a problem so i’m, repeating that exact review for this one also great product, great features, we’ll show you what is really interesting in it. Great screen great battery life, but it’s the price that is the problem. Almost 28 000 rupees means you’re playing in apple watch territory. Gone are the days when the smartest watch in your draw held that title only because it was all digital times, have changed, and so has the definition of a smart watch at a time when virtually every major player in the market is launching its own variant of The product we won’t be surprised if you want to try and get your hands on one too.

The hype is real so today, on the show we’re reviewing one of the most premium, smart watches out there, the tick watch pro 3 gps. Yes, mobvoid recently launched the successor to its highly appreciated product. The tickwatch pro and we’re excited to review it for you, so let’s count our minutes and get to the review, starting with the looks of the ticwatch pro 3. The round led design is becoming a go to option for most of the manufacturers in the market. Mobvoy has given a twist to it and added a metal bezel, which is there just to lend some aesthetics to the smartwatch, as it is not a rotating bezel like the one we see on the samsung galaxy watch 3.. The strap situation is better here than the other smart watches and mob voice portfolio. The replaceable blue straps are comfortable with the watch sitting beautifully on our wrist and maintaining a tight grip as well. The pro 3 gps also comes with a dual screen display. There is an always on display and it shows all the basic information like time date and steps, but the display is really dim, making it very difficult to read in daylight. Thankfully, there is a rise to wake feature which will illuminate the screen as well. It is only after pressing the hard buttons on the right that the beautiful ammo led display wakes up. The 1.4 inch display is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are vibrant. The text is as crisp as it can get it’s a buttery smooth display to interact with the ticwatch pro 3 runs on google wear os, which means the user can get access to all the google applications and google assistant as well.

The os works really well on the watch as the tick watch pro 3 gps has 1gb of ram. This is a notable improvement since the past iterations of google wear os always had some sort of bugs like getting delayed responses or the smart watch shutting down altogether. The feature rich os comes with google’s own apps, like the google fit app and google translate. You can access google’s, big library of watch os apps right from your wrist, because this smart watch can access play store. There is a heart rate monitor which can be enabled to work around the clock. There is also an a grade: blood oxygen sensor on board that is highly accurate. The ticwatch pro 3 has a dedicated mic and speaker which can be used to record audio and can be played back as well. This means you can dial up some numbers and have a chat with your friends too. The ticwatch pro 3 lasts 5 days easily, with heavy to moderate use. To be clear, we had enabled all the sensors on the smartwatch and occasionally took calls on it as well. The 577 milliamp hour battery, combined with an all new snapdragon, wear 4100 chipset. The tick watch can easily last well over 10 days if used efficiently. To conclude the ticwatch pro 3 gps is a great smart watch, it is lightweight, it looks good and it works flawlessly. The only thing it misses out is the fact that mobi has not priced it aggressively at 27, 999 rupees.

This smart watch competes with other premium, smart watches in the market, and that might be a difficult barrier to overcome for this smartwatch Music let’s. Take a quick break right now on the gadget 360 show and we come back lots more happening. You know at lockdown times this is the kind of product that could have saved people’s lives, literally because the lockdown created a little bit of a problem. Right, i mean you weren’t, going out of your house, but you had to look really really good for your zoom skype and other calls. Video conferencing was on fire, so this is the philips sense iq it’s, a hair straightener, like i said, a product that is literally worth its weight in gold. Right now to a lot of people. We got the only person in our team that could actually give us a candid and very, very true review. The house of philips is popular and well reputed when it comes to home appliances, but there is one division in the electronic giants: portfolio that has started grabbing a lot of attention lately, we’re talking about its beauty, tech, lineup, philips, recently announced a new range of sense. Iq products which are innovative and might just change the way we’ve been styling ourselves today on the show, we’re checking out philips’s new sense, iq, hair straightener with most of us, avoiding going to salons because of the pandemic. A personal hair straightener is that one device that can give you the makeover that you desire in the comfort of your home philips claims that it’s not a regular hot iron, but a more sophisticated product meant to give you a better hair, styling experience.

So without any further ado, let’s iron out some bangs phillips ships, a complete package with the sense iq, hair straightener there is a heat resistant roll out that can also be used as a heat resistant mat while styling. There is also a heat protection cap that you can use to lock the hair straightener when it’s not in use philip, has debuted its sense iq technology with this product. The advanced feature has been developed to provide a personalized styling experience to the user. There are sensors located in the device which can measure the hair temperature more than twenty thousand times per styling session. In the process, the straightener quickly adapts to the temperature to lock in up to seventy percent of the hair’s natural moisture. All these claims were put to test by our teammate rubina mungya, who will now share her feedback for this innovative hair straightener with all of you, hello, i’m ravina, moong i’m part of the tech team at any tv and i’m going to be reviewing the philips sense. Iq here, which is a hair straightener, and i have to say that i’m a lot into beauty tech, so i hope i do justice to the new phillips hair straightener. Now this one is really good, so i tried it right now. I actually had like really heavy hair and i tried to straighten them, and this is what i think i think the 14 modes. The temperature control is amazing, so you turn on the sense iq.

Then the hair, the iron senses, your hair temperature and then accordingly styles. Your hair, which is amazing again and another thing that i like, is that if you’re in a rush there’s a fast mode, so you can just turn on the fast mode and quickly style your hair. So what i did not like about the hair iron is that when you’re curling, your hair, the cord comes in between so it’s, not very easy to turn around your hair with a cord. I hope, phillips built the next version without the cord. Apart from that, it doesn’t get too hot up here, which is a huge plus, so it’s easy to hold it and rotate, while you’re curling and you don’t have to do it too many times to straighten your hair, so maybe like twice and your hair will be Straightened, if you have thinner as mine, the thicker hair might take long Music. All in all, philips has really outdone themselves with the sense iq, hair straightener the product delivers on its promise of giving you great results without damaging your precious hair. We do hope that the next iteration of the product is wireless, but till then at rupees 9995. You can consider getting this piece of beauty tech to make your life simpler, Music.