My so when dasher reached out to me to pass me this watch at 17, my uh honestly speaking, i’ve never heard of this brand before, but he told me that this watch was actually made or produced by one of those xiaomi mi watch producers so yeah. I think it’s something like that they share the same supplier or maybe 17. My like creates their me band 5, or something like that. So just know that they’re related all right. So again, thank you to dasher for sending this in the 17, my smartwatch, because the reason why i’m sharing this is usually i don’t do, reviews of other kinds of like chinese, smart watches, because they’re all very crap, but in this video i was honestly speaking, uh Pretty surprised at the uh pleasantly surprised actually with the quality of the smartwatch, so let’s check out this 70, my smartwatch alright. So i have it right here on my wrist right now and i’m just going to take it up, for you guys to see really quick. So, first up when i took this out of the box, i mean i was pleasantly surprised because of that display. So, according to 70, my at the display on the top here that glass panel is actually made of sapphire. So it has this layer of the fire here, so you don’t have to worry about scratches coming in or on the surface of the device. Just look at how shiny this display is right here, all right.

Another thing that i was pleasantly surprised once more was as soon as i charge up the device, and i put it up, the display is huge, so we do have a 1.78 inch amoled display here once again on the 7dmi, and let me show you a couple Of wallpapers that came with it, so i have to admit that first up, this watch only comes with six wallpapers, so there’s not much to look around here, but there’s, one that looks pretty interesting and that’s the one with the weather. So, for example, when i saw this, it looked really cool with all the lightning and rain animation going on, and of course, this is a very high resolution display. It is a bit more than 300 ppi, so i would say that it is retina display here on the 17. My watch all right so before i i continue. Let me just show you the amazefit gts2 uh side by side, all right. So this is the gts2 uh side by side with the 70, my smartwatch and obviously the device is dead because the battery went out but yeah i’ll try to fill in another video with the display actually turn on so anyways um, the display of the 17. My smartwatch is definitely larger than the one on the gts2, and the good news here is that the battery life is supposedly better as well all right. So before i talk about that, let me just show you guys around in the detail for the 17, my smartwatch on the sides here we do have this aluminum finishing all over and it feels like a premium smartwatch guys.

So this is definitely not a cheap feeling. Watch even when i lift it up for the first time, i felt that it was a bit hefty, definitely heavier or more premium feeling than the amazefit watchers. So when i picked up the amazing watches, it felt very lightweight: it felt plasticky and all that, but the 17 mic was totally different. It felt really good again, pleasantly surprised right there. So let’s talk about the straps here, so the straps on the 70 mic also feels thicker and much more of premium or higher quality compared to the gts2 so i’m, not here really to compare the 17mhz to the gts2. But in this case it really does feel so much better than the amazing gts do that. I really have to point that out in terms of the sensors at the back. We do get a couple of sensors here as well. Of course, your heart rate, tracking sleep tracking stress tracking it doesn’t come with sp02 tracking on the watch but yeah. This is pretty much what you get here. So we do have two physical buttons here as well. That are nicely built very nice to press and there’s. A mic here as well so in future they might add this alexa support, so it doesn’t really. I don’t think it’s supported right now, but it should come in a future update or something like that. All right enough. Talking about the build quality and the design of the watch let’s talk about how this works so remember in the beginning, when i said that they did some xiaomi watch stuff.

So when i started to navigate around the device itself, i realized that this, the ui was very similar to the mi watch, color that i actually reviewed like a few months back, so it is very similar. Let’S show it. Let me show it to you really quickly. So when i press the top button i’m greeted with all my apps here and bear in mind, this looks very similar to the mi watch. So if you’ve seen that video – and you know what this is, so we have all these apps here. Of course, you can’t install or uninstall apps. These are all pre installed here, but it looks very neat, very nice and colorful icons all over here and notice that it is also pretty fluid and smooth all right, it’s not going to go into that. We hit this bottom button right here. This is where you get to your shortcut key, where you see that we have a couple of activities that it tracks right here. So there is a lot of activities here. Let me just go through it very quickly, so you can see it. We have your outdoor running, of course, you’re walking and cycling as well. Mountain hiking, your trailer running and yes, it supports your pool swimming as well, so it definitely can take this to swim. Cycling. Rowing and even heat yeah, so all these activities here are supported on the 70. My smart watch all right so now let me show you the widgets really quickly.

When i swipe towards the left. I can go into my heart rate. I also have my sleep tracking and yes, your energy, so apparently this will also track whether you’re, exhausted or not. Next we’ll show you the weather, of course, very nice animations here again very impressed with the display quality, the stress levels throughout the entire day and, of course, your music controls. So it doesn’t have internal memory to put your music in, but it can just support some kind of music controls all right. So what i like about this bridges is once again there you can interact with the widgets, for example, if i enter this, i can go down and see more information. I can see my resting heart rate, which is not good, is 80, so yeah i’m going to check that out. We also have more information here, just a lot of information from the device itself, so notice. If i go back – and let me just go into my sleep so notice that it’s my score is 44, so last night i only had 5 hours and 33 minutes. If you go down, it shows your sleep distribution, a lot of information all on the display on this huge display, so very nice stuff here, and i noticed that the sleep tracking is actually more accurate than amazefit watches. So definitely we’ll be testing this out more apart from that, let me go back and see another one, for example my energy and the weather yeah.

I want to show you about this dress, so this dress levels looks pretty uh more accurate again than a maze with gt r2, but it was totally out. So let me just show you this. I have more stress and yep. I do have some stress now, like i’m, creating this video so that’s that but yeah very nice of visuals all on the device itself so earlier on in the evening. I did take this watch out for a quick run and let me just see if i can show you the activity itself. So if i go into my activities, i can see like the number of steps that i have taken today, moving down. It shows how many times i’ve stood up and all that so again, pretty interesting stuff right here and the gps. Yes, this watch does come with gps, so i did notice that it took a little while to get locked onto the gps, but that is to be expected by most of the smart watches these days it could be a location issue, but eventually i did get locked Onto gps on this watch, so the good news is: there is gps on this watch as well. Alright, so let me just show you very quickly my activity record for today we have this outdoor running right here. Let me just zoom in very quickly and yep. It was just a short, a short walk, actually so 0.5 km. If you go down, i can actually see my uh sorry about that.

You can see my pace right here, so i was walking a little bit and stopping a little bit so yeah and we do have a lot of information. Like i say over here, my full heart rate as well and yeah. Let me see what else we have here. Your number yeah, even my number of steps, so once again, like i said, is a lot of information on the watch itself and it comes with all these very nice, looking proper english kind of graphics as well. So i appreciate that very much. A lot of chinese smart watches come with a lot of broken english, but the ones on the 7d mai is actually pretty good. All right, i think uh that’s pretty much it. Let me see what else i can show you here. Obviously, you still have your alarms and stopwatch and all that in the watch itself, let me show you the weather, app very quickly uh we can go down and just see the forecast for following this as usual, um yeah that’s, pretty much it guys. So again, this is a pretty decent smart watch here, uh from the 17, my team again i’m, not really sure why the name stands for 70 mi, but very impressed with what we’re getting here so i’m going to try this out a couple more days in terms Of battery life, i’ve been using it for the past few days, three or four days now, and i still have about 30 remaining.

So the watch is advertised to be able to last for 10 days, but i would assume that it should be able to hit about six to seven days. Maybe based on my usage, yeah i’ll, be i’ll, be definitely be testing this out and yeah okay. So if you want to buy one and if you’re in malaysia, you can actually check out dasher store they’re selling these for about 500, something ringgit. So pricing wise, i would say, it’s pretty affordable as well for the for the device that you’re getting here. A very nice premium kind of watch here so go check out the links down in the description below if you’re, interested and, of course feel free to.