Today we got here review of halo, smart watch ls01. In this video we will unbox those smartwatches. We will review all of its functions and in the end of the video we will compare its functions to xiaomi me. Band 2., so basically, we will compare how it measures your movement, your trainings, and how it actually measure your sleeping as well. So, firstly, let’s check out the box. As you can see, on the side, we got big touching color screen. We got a heart rate, monitor here, nine sport modes and message notice. In the background, there is nothing much it’s in chinese. As you can see, the cover is not like it’s just paper basically, but what you would expect for the price of this. We can see here the really simple box inside it. I just have to find out how to open it. Okay, so inside we can see the hello watches and, to be honest, it it’s looking quite a good look at it, it’s, actually looking like and watches what i really like in comparison with the me band, which i had uh before and with which these watches will Be compared in the end of the video, so basically you can see the band is it’s, looking uh, quite a good, looking like in high quality, oh it’s, easy to put on an arm even for an adult man. What i am now put down the foil from the watches – and here you can see them all so here you can see that there is the black part on the display, which you can see basically on the just on the uh pictures of the product, which is Really bad deal badly visible, but in the end it’s, not uh, so bad.

So here we got another box in the box in which i believe will be the charger with some kind of manual. So yeah, as we can see the manual here in which we got everything, what we can do with the smartwatches, how to charge them, how to use them, how to download the application to the smartwatches and many many more so nicely in the box, is the charger And that’s all for the box, so so, as you can see, the charger is magnetic to the back of the watches and the second end is the usb which you can connect into the mobile charger adapter or simply to your computer. Okay, so the watches are fully charged up. It almost came full charge up and now it’s time to connect it with the special application for uh. Those watches, which is the special halo app which you can download in the app store. And you can find the query code in the manual or on the box of the watches okay, so when our smartwatches are actually fully charged up, it’s time to connect it with our hello, smart application. So basically, all we need to do is scan qr code, which we got in the manual which was in the box, and it leads us to google play or app store where you can actually find and then download the special halo application for those smart watches after Download you will just set it up some kind of security questions, your mobile phone uh.

Then you will set up your high, your daily goal, your weight and many more things in the end, you have connected your phone with your smartwatches and you can fully use them if you want to see few functions and comparison with the functions of the application of Me band 2 by xiaomi uh, just watch till the end of the video, where we will compare actually those two uh bands, aka smartwatches aka. Whatever now, when the application is set up and the smart watches are connected with our phone, we can move up to review of all the functions which halo, ls01 smartwatches are offering to us. Okay, so now let’s review, halo, smartwatches, ls01, so basically uh. The build is quite a good i would say base as you can see: it’s not 300 watches it’s, just something around 30 to 50 dollars, but still it’s good. I really like about it that it actually looks like a watches. Uh not like my previous one, which i used, what was uh xiaomi uh m e band 2., with which we will compare the functions in the end of this video, but basically it actually. It looks like an unwatched that i really like that. I can like more casually wear it into the school or to any other uh places and an event i can actually use for the trainings and to team now so uh. The build is quite a good. I really like that. You can uh put down the band and basically you can order uh, the new one in the case that this would be damaged and you can just simply replace it.

I really like this, as you can see here, the sensor uh for the heart rate, and here you can see the magnets for the charger as you can, you could see at the unboxing. So here is the open button with which you turn on the display. Okay, so here you got time, you got how many uh steps you made. You have how many calories you uh burned. You got the date and what time is today and what is the state of your battery right now, when you scroll to the app you can see here your messages which came to your phone, if you pair those two together, if you go to the left, you Can see here the warriors functions, for example those hard means that it measure your heart rate um. Basically, all the time like i, i guess, it’s like every five or every 15 minutes, and then it can plot it actually in your application uh, but it of course taking uh more energy uh nextly there is this yellow icon uh with wrist? What? What means that, as soon as you rise your hand, to watch on your clocks uh, it will wake up and you can actually see uh what’s on the clock. Ah it’s really great, but basically sometimes it do not react in the way you would wish so uh. But often consider it is a really good function. Next, we got here do not disturb mode, and the last one function here is function to locate your mobile phone in case you lost it.

So if you will scroll to the right here, you can see multiple choices. We can scroll even down, so that is function sport in which you will choose what kind of sport you are going to do. For example, walking you will turn it on and it will start special mode in which it counts. Your calories, your steps, your and many more things you can choose from multiple options here: walk, run, bike, hike by open button. You can go back, then you got here, function, heart rate in which you can see it. I told already the plot of your heart rate. Uh, which, like uh measure your heart rate, uh at a time and refreshes uh every like i would say. Second, then you got here, function relax. Actually, it means you will start if you want to relax one or two minutes and then, when you will hit the play, it will try to calm you down like it starts to down uh countdown and then it’s it uh saying to you what you should to Do like inhale, exhale and so on. So i don’t know for what is this function? But, okay, maybe after the gym, it’s good, then you got here the alarm clock, the music controller with which you can control the music. You are playing on your phone, the timer. Next, we got here sport records, in which i believe there are all of the past. Like measurement of your sports and the last one are settings basically in the settings, you can change the dial, the main screen, let’s say wallpaper or whatever.

This is default. Uh, except this, you can change it for few more variations, it’s, really unlucky, that you cannot change it for more background, because it would be great actually, if i would could make just custom background or really if i could choose out of more options, but still choosing Out of four is better than have just one uh set, but i’m still using default. So basically, that is how it is so in the settings you can actually change the dial. As i said next, we can change the dimming of the phone and you can see the informations at the same time. You can shut down or reset the watches in the setting, okay and last way where you can go and the many is down and in the uh by this you can see basically the plot of your steps during the day today i did not walk nothing, but Basically, yeah, you can see the steps here. Uh under the steps are the how what distance you will burn calories and uh week total, where our summarization of everything you did this week. So those was the review of functions of these watches. I really like the shape. I really like the functions. It could be better but it’s, i would say good enough. So if you fully charge the smart watches uh the battery can take up to, i would say seven plus days easily uh depends on if you are using them.

Even in the night or not okay and now let’s compare those watches to actually my old xiaomi me band 2 and let’s, compare not just their functions and how they measure the things, but at the same time let’s compare their applications. Okay and now let’s compare hello. Ls01 smartwatches wave with xiaomi me band 2.. So, at the left side of the screen you can see the output from halo app and at the right side of the screen you can see the output from the me band 2 app. As you can see from me band 2. We are getting so much more data about our whatever it is running or walking, but simply you got here heart rate steps and everything. On the other hand, as you can see in the halo app, you got only shown like on the map where you moved. You got here what uh? What was your tempo? What speed was your movement next we’ve got here. The average speed steps the length of your exercise, your pace, calories, uh, step length and nextly. You got here only exercise, heart rate and let’s say ring plot. So actually this is it. This is what halo ls01 application is measuring in comparison with emi band 2. It’S. Not really much, as you can see here, we got here the page we got here pace at every kilometer. We got here the plot of our heart rate, how it actually changed across the time we got here.

Uh heart rate zones uh, in which we were what is basically similar, okay with this ring plot, but then we got here the cadence and stride. So, as you can see for your exercises, i believe the xiaomi me band 2 is so much better. You got so much more data and the application is a little bit nicer and easier to use uh. But if you are wearing uh, the halo ls01 like just and a casual watches, it’s it’s actually enough, i would say uh nextly. We are going to compare how it measures your sleep. So, as i said, one of the function of the hello eliza one is measuring of your sleep, so you know how well you are sleeping at the left side of the screen. You can again see the hello ls ls01 output from the application and on the right side of the screen. Xiaomi me band 2.. So, as you can see at the left side, you can see your sleep duration overnight. You can see how much of it was a deep sleep. How much was a light sleep or how much of the eg was awake? Then you got a wrote, those plot in numbers. So how long was your deep sleep in hours and minutes? And then you got here proportion of deep sleep on the sleeve at all. So simply you got your sleeping data at the plot, then at the normal uh values and nextly. In the percentage too, at the bottom of the output, you can see the sleep heart rate uh.

What is actually crazy when you see the spike. I believe this was the first arm so, but basically, as you can see, the halo ls01 is measuring your heart rate across the old night and i believe, based on your heart rate. It can actually measure the deep sleep and everything else you need in comparison. We got here: output from xiaomi me band 2. As you can see, you got here some kind of sleep score. I believe it’s comparison with the other me band 2 users. Then you got here the comparison with other users, so you slept better than 97 of users. That’S incredible uh next we’ve got here again the plot, how you slept from what hour till what hour the dark blue parts are your deep sleep as we can see it’s a little bit different, even it’s measures the same thing at the same night. It measures it differently. What is uh strange? So actually we got here again that we slept for seven hours and ten minutes uh. We got time that we sleep and the percentage of overall sleeping and in this table it actually compares your data from this night to your sleeping data from last seven days. So basically, you can know that, oh okay, today i fell asleep uh one hour later than usually and woke up 41 minutes. Late. Um sounds good. So basically, as you can see, the emmy band 2 does not measure your heart rate during the night, but let’s say in the end that s m e band 2 as same as halo ls01 has the sleeping output uh quite at the same level.

What is strange, of course, is that they measured the same sleep at the same night and and they measured it differently, like it’s, not so huge difference, but still as we can see, there is still some errors at the measurement, so in the end it’s just on You uh what you would like to choose. I use amiban for a long time, then i wanted some more like casual look watches, so i bought halo laser one so right now, when i’m training when i’m exercising i’m using emmy band 2, and when i want to wear casual i’m going to work or anything Else, i’m wearing halo ls01. So these are for this video. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to support this channel just hit subscribe, if you want more reviews on this channel hit the like button and if you want you can follow us on our instagram too or you can became our patron at the patreon okay.