Xiaomi a business casual smartwatch and we’ve got 30 days battery life without sacrificing any future 340 milliamps polymer leon battery. It will help you to get 30 days of standby and 15 days of daily use. 13 sports mode building, low consumption, sensors, accurate workout status can be tracked in real time running basketball, football, mountaineering, swimming and more sport activities. The kw 66 has a ip68 waterproof. It can survive in a daily hand, washing corrosion from daily chemical products or sweats. Also insult you carefree in the pool when you are swimming heart rate. Monitor 24 hours built in optical heart rate sensor with advanced algorithm, ensures your full day. Heart rate monitor at rest or during workout and track your heart rate at all your activities, nice and great feature. It can provide us this smart watch but let’s open it to see what we have inside and how it looks and how we can set up it and work with that voila. At first look, i can say it feels very nice, to my hand, emi lab logo. Here let’s see what else we get in the box, the charger. Of course it is a magnetic charger, very easy, but not this side, but only in the side connect it on a 5 volt and you can charge your watch. We’Ve got some manuals. If you want to read it is your choice but stay with me: you’re, going to find out all about this product let’s take out the sticker and reveal the 1.

28 inch 3d hd curvature screen. It is thinner, lighter than ever before. All will offering a bigger display screen nice. I like the curve that it has very beautiful screen and, of course, with a metal body. It makes it very unique, beautiful and nice design. The case back with the imila treatment provides a look of a fashion, also a smooth and comfortable touch. It feels very nice and, with the heart rate, sensor included, you can see it can monitor your heart rate. Here we can see, we’ve got a detachable, wrist, strap just pull that and you can take them out and you can replace them with something else you maybe like and again to install. It is very easy, just pull that and it will lock nice wrist wrap. It feels very nice to my hand and let’s wear it. Nice we’ve got the power button, just press it for five seconds and it will turn on. You can see the time the day and, of course we can change all that. Now we are going to connect it with our smartphone to do that. Just download from the ios on the play store the glory fit app and, of course you can scan the qr code at the box. Now, after downloading, you need to add some of your info mail select the device, please bring the device closer to the phone and there we are we’ve got the kw 66 select and there we are, we have added successfully.

Now we can see. We’Ve got the dial settings hello, nice here we can find one of the customizable watch faces. Various watch faces can be downloaded and push it from the app freely to add and change new watch faces to meet your daily match requirements choose. What is your favorite watch face and let’s? Add that synchronize, yep, downloading syncing and finishing – and this is the new watch face and of course to change the watch face – is very easy from the watch, just press and hold, and then you can slide and you can choose what what space you want to have. Very easy let’s say that again nice, you can see all the watch faces. You can choose and upload to your smartwatch custom dial. Then you can change the color. What is more suitable for you more colors. You can change the ar minutes and only info to your smartwatch. Even you can select an image, take a picture or from your album and upload it to your smartwatch, and you can see it on the background very convenient, very nice. And then you can see your dial and you can edit heart rate monitor from the app again it is on auto test call reminder hello, hello, allow again turn off call reminders: okay, reject a call with a key remind after three seconds app reminder confirm. That means you need to check first, your glory fit up, and then here you can check all the app that you need to take a reminders: notification at your smartwatch and you can select more apps and then it will search to your phone.

All the apps – and you can check them from here and you will get notification when someone is calling you and my smart watch is vibrating and i can feel it nice or you can get notification from facebook. When someone is chatting you and you can see, you can read and what it says or from viper it is the same thing. You can get notification from all the apps from your phone or you can get an email. You are not going to lose any notification from your phone and, of course you can check all the notifications that you have taken in the past, but just sliding up – and you will see everything century reminder – tell them center reminder in case of continuous time without exercising The device will vibrate for remind you. Ok, why not? You can schedule remind interval, smart alarm, clock, add nice raise hand to active, display yep. It is on that means raising my hand. It will turn on do not disturb. It is turn off universal settings, say to take a picture that means i’m going to shake my watch. Then it will count down and it will take a picture nice fine bracelet. It will start to vibrate the bracelet, and i will hear it sms reminder turn on the phone needs to be connected to the device. Do not turn off bluetooth on screen time. Bright screen length is from 5 seconds 10 seconds and 15 seconds.

I will just 15 seconds that means when i’m moving my smart watch, it will turn on for 15 seconds and then it will turn off time system 24 hour 12 hour device language follow system firmware, upgrade checking for three more updates. It may have one and just open it. Oh, it is the latest okay and clear data, and here we can monitor our exercising. When we are running outdoors or walking or riding. I will choose walking and we can see the kilometers the direction, the heart rate, the average space. We can pause lock or we can see the mapping that is doing as we are working Music. It was a fast walking and the smartwatch and with the app we will have a history with all our activities that we’re doing – and here we can see in the history today’s steps week month today, we’ve got a step distance heat, how many calories we have burned And the heart rate we can see time and minutes average heart rate, minimum heart rate, maximum heart rate and we’ve gotten a diagram, that’s very convenient and very useful history. You’Ve got settings voice, broadcast broadcast frequency, distance direction, heart rate, heart rate warnings device. Again me, personal info training plan, target steps, weekly background activity, permissions system, let’s take a closer look now, if you’re going to slide like that, you can see the training you can choose the running, walking, cycling, alpinism, okay, yoga, skipping tennis, baseball basketball, badminton football rugby and Table tennis well let’s, say on cycling and it will count down and then it will monitor the cycling.

The calories that you’re burning the time and your heart monitor and pause to sort to save data 13 sport modes heart rate. It can monitor your heart rate status, steps, kilometer and calories sleeping if you are wearing your watch at your time where you are sleeping, it will monitor stopwatch pause reset and again and of course you can push and the button and it will start – and you can Slide, of course, and you can go back to the menu messages, no messages and the settings of resetting for and qr code and from here you can slide and go to the messages and i go to the steps kilometer and calories and your heart monitor rate and Your sleeping and your training and your music and you will hear music at your smartphone and next song, nice and from here you can see lower brightness, more brightness and maximum brightness sleep. No sleep. Battery percentage is connected with my smartphone and the settings. Well, as i can see, have tried in a low brightness environment and again the brightness, it was not so bright, they say 30 days of stand by the battery and the 15 days of standby. When you are using your smartwatch, maybe they compromise this to have more battery. They compromise the brightness. Well, i don’t like that that it has a low brightness. I will try it at the sun, of course, into my studio. There is too many lights. I will try it outside at the sunlight to see how it goes.

I can say it fits very well to my hand and the heart rate monitor is doing the job well guys. That was all about this imilam kw 66 by xiaomi. You have seen the video the long video you can see what it can do. It can help you for your exercise, everyday exercise. It can monitor your exercise. You will have a history, what you are doing, walking, running biking, hard, monitor, colors, burning, etc, etc. Well, i think it’s a great watch. It has a nice design, the display, the metal bezel, the brushless, the settings and the future that it has. It is very minimal, very easy to use these words. The notification that you’re getting from your smartphone is very helpful. As you are driving, as you are doing everything in your everyday life but thumbs down for me, it is the brightest, the brightness. For me, this is a problem i have tested directly to the sun and it was a very low brightness. Of course, now we don’t have a direct sun and that’s, for you can see, the brightness is okay. Unfortunately, they have compromised the brightness to have more battery 30 days battery life and 15 days of a long use. Well, that was all, and if you like it just buy it, it cost about 40 euros i’m sure you will find out with a discount or other coupons. You can check down below to the description all about this awards, where you can find it and more info, and that was the end of the video thank you for watching.

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