My now you might be wondering this is just another chinese smartwatch, but that’s not true. This watch has a sapphire glass one of the toughest material in the world and make sure you watch this video till end because i’m going to explain you how this watch is amazing, deal at such low price, so let’s get started Music. So this amazing watch is made by 70, my now that company is known for creating amazing dash cam for the cars, and this is 1.78 inch amoled screen now this is made from sapphire one of the toughest material in the world. So if you’re wondering about scratch, don’t worry because this watch can’t be scratched. I personally tried there are plenty of time. I smashed this watch into the wall, not deliberately but by accident, and there is no damage at all. I have been using this watch since last. Two weeks and if you know me, i’m, really a rough user. I use my watch all the time, even by sleeping and taking a bath speaking of bath. This watch is completely waterproof. I already used this watch under swimming pool and there is no problem too. You can use this watch under shower, even if there is high pressure water, it won’t damage anything now. Let’S talk about the build quality, it has sapphire glass 1.7 inch amoled screen. It means the display is really high, rich quality, and let me tell you this display can directly compete with any smartwatch in the market.

I have been using samsung galaxy watch in the past and this display is brighter than galaxy. Watch too. Now let’s talk about the battery life, the company claims 20 days battery life, but in my personal usage it lasted around 13 to 14 days. Now that can be completely up to your personal use. If you don’t keep always on display, and if you disable this weak gesture, you will get better battery life than me. It also has alexa voice assistant. Now this feature changed the game completely. I personally don’t like to use siri or google assistant, but when it comes to virtual assistant, i always prefer alexa, because that actually catch my accent properly now let’s talk about the software experience. You get plenty of watch faces in the watch as well as in the app now this 70 me app is compatible with ios and android. So there is no problem. You can easily connect it with iphone or any samsung phone. You want also the bluetooth connectivity is so strong. Sometimes i use this watch from a different room and, if you’re into fitness, this watch can track your heart rate. Your walking steps and other exercises like running treadmill, mountain hiking, and there are plenty of other options available. Just like apple watch or galaxy watch now let’s talk about the notification. I personally like the notification settings in this watch as you will receive all kind of notifications, but you won’t be able to reply that because i don’t want to receive some unknown call.

In my sleep, you can receive all kind of notifications. You just need to enable this feature in 70m amp. So unfortunately, you can’t pick up call or answer any text message right now in this watch, but, as you can see in this hardware, microphone is given. So with the next software update, they might add this feature, so there are two buttons in this watch. The first one is to display the watch, of course, but you won’t require that, because this watch has hand moving feature and this second button, you can completely customize using your app. You can start any exercise, walking cycling jogging with a single button press and if you long press that you activate alexa, how convenient is that so this watch looks premium and belt is so soft. It doesn’t irritate you in fact it’s waterproof and i highly remove this watch. I have been using this watch since last four days. On my hand, now let’s talk about this charger. This charger is not the normal one, it’s magnetic and is fast charger and because it’s magnetic it just snap into the place. I charge these phones zero to eighty percent within one hour so guys this watch is really premium. Quality for very low price, so black friday is coming, make sure you go in description and directly purchase.