That means it won’t burn a hole in your pocket which many are looking for. It has a clutch color display, activity, tracking heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and a lot more, so let’s unbox it we’ll have a look at the build, the fit the display and the fitness features. So you can decide if you should buy this or not. There are also two units to give away so watch the video till the end to know how you can win these, but before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon so that you don’t miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texting let’s get started Music, so here is the retail packaging right on the top. You can see the picture of the watch. It says. Customizable watch face full touch: color display, heart rate monitoring. Some of the features are mentioned here at the back of the box is the mrp and some of the details, all right, let’s open the box so right on the top is the user manual which is in english. Then you have a charger we’ll check it out. In just a moment – and here is the watch itself looks pretty good and there is an extra strap provided wow. This is, after a long time or maybe for the first time, seeing an extra strap inside the box, which is amazing, it’s a red color, strap let’s, open it and see: oh wow that’s a gorgeous red color isn’t.

It all right, let’s check out the watch and there we go let’s peel off the cover. Okay – and here is the watch itself, and the first thing you can see is it’s got a square design and uh metal on the side which actually makes it looks really solid and premium it’s got a nice matte gray finish to it, which is good there’s. A button on the side, which is basically to wake the display or to put it back to sleep so on the back here you can see it has the heart rate sensor and the charging terminals zebronics branding here, let’s check out the charger, so the charger provided In the box is a clip mechanism with a usb, a port which goes into your charging brake, and all you need to do is just align these charger terminals. To these there you go so it’s not magnetic, unlike we’ve seen in many other smart watches, but the good thing about this charger is that even when you’re driving or if you’re traveling, this will stay in place so perks of having a clip charger. Great all right. Coming to the strap, they’re, actually quite good made of soft silicon, they are replaceable actually because, obviously they have provided straps so i’m sure you can replace them there’s a mechanism here, but usually we have a clip here that we usually pull and this thing comes off, But they haven’t provided anything such here. The quality of the strap is really really good, let’s try to change them and finally we are done yes, this did take me a minute or two but i’m sure once you get used to it, it won’t be a big deal.

So it looks really nice red, nice, funky, it’s, a buckle design. The quality of the strap is phenomenal. Surprisingly, really good, it’s soft silicone, rubber, let’s, wear it and see wow. So there you go buckle. Design it’s got a lovely matte finish here. Fit is really good. Wow, the way to display was really responsive, which is really good. The display looks nice. This is a 1.37 inch. Tft display and looks really nice quite sharp. You can see the time you can see the detail, and there are a couple of watch faces also available. Wow, the touch is also extremely responsive, which is good, amazing wow. This doesn’t have always on display, which i can understand. Why? Because this is a tft display and if we have always on display mode on this, it will drain the battery. Probably in a couple of hours, so i’m, pretty okay with that let’s just check out the heart rate and there you go 76 – and here are the steps. Let’S have a look at the interface, obviously here’s the watch face. This is where you’ll get the weather. Once you are paired with your app, but right now we aren’t right in the top there’s torch, which is basically just a white screen when you wake up at night and you need some light. This is the vibration you want it or not. Whether this is the brightness, you can increase, decrease the brightness always remember the higher the brightness, the lesser the battery life, so we’ll just keep it a little low, and here is the settings for watch, face power off restart reset about, and finally, is the lock screen.

Lock, press the watch button to unlock okay, what else? Okay? So we have steps here going back. We have messages which will be notifications when they come in here, sleep monitoring, then you have heart rate. Then you have training let’s, see what we have. We have walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football wow, that’s, actually quite a lot to weather music music is basically once the watch is connected to your phone. It will control the music that is playing from your phone, so so forward next volume. All these things can be controlled from here, brightness, the lesser the better. Actually, camera will work with the app. If you want to take pictures, s watch is top watch. Flashlight, similar more watch faces okay, so here’s an analog watch face for analog, watch, face lovers and there’s a picture of a balloon and the time by the way. There are a lot of options for watch faces available in the app which i’ll show you in just a moment. Right now, i’m pretty good to go with this. It actually looks like an apple watch don’t. You think so. Nice really well designed really comfortable, really light. Really responsive that’s, one of the things i’ve already liked about it: it’s really responsive it’s, bright, it’s, clear it’s, sharp, it’s, good and the rest of the options. So basically a very smooth interface. You can see it’s completely lag, free, smooth, easy to use, not a problem at all great, so let’s connect it to the app.

So we are going to download the zebfit 20 series app, install open, put in your profile details i’m, just going with what there is allow add bracelet there it is wow pairing was was like less than a minute, which is amazing, so i’ll show you the steps Here sleep heart rate, outdoor running: if you come here it’s going to tell you your the battery percentage watch faces, i know many of you want to see more watch faces, so you can see the three company installed go to more watch face and there you go. Oh wow, you even have the pokemon watch face Music, wow there’s, so many oh wow, and more and they’re more so, if you like to change, watch faces you change one. Today you get to change the same one. Probably after a couple of months: wow that’s! Okay! I can keep going, but there are way too many. I think you change one today, you’ll get the next one by next year. Okay, let’s just go with something like this download and there you can see the watch face is downloading and there you go. The watch face you selected is here there you go, then you can choose from notifications. You can choose from which app you want notifications and from which app you don’t, even for phone calls. Whether you want phone calls messages. Facebook, twitter, whatsapp. The list is long enough. Then you can set alarms, it will vibrate on the watch.

It will wake you up. Shutter is basically to allow you to take pictures which you can take from here. Now the camera is on there. We go funny sound, but works man. What else do you want? So then you have shutter, you have other in others. You have time formats. Oh, this is something i’m sure many want to know. You want to change the time format to 12 hours or 24 hours. You can change it from here. It’S great so zebronics claims that the watch is water resistant, so rain, sweat and water. Splashes are fine, but it’s not advisable to wear for a swim or in the sea. It has 170 mah battery, which will take about 2 hours to fully charge when the battery is fully depleted. It should last 5 days with average use where you’re using notifications and tracking turned on. So overall, i can say that the watch is really comfortable. Looks pretty good looks actually very premium more than anything else, it looks really premium the strap quality. The build quality looks really really nice. You can actually even pick up third party straps online. If you like to pick up for other colors amazing, the zip fit 920. Is a pretty good smartwatch for the price? It has everything you need touch: color, display activity, tracking sleep, tracking, heart rate notifications and even an extra strap above all it’s like you’re, wearing an apple watch so for 29.99 it’s, definitely worth it.

I’Ll leave the link below. In the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out all right coming to the giveaway. So we have two units to participate. You have to go to my twitter page and follow it. Link will be in the description. Then you have to go to the zebfit 920 post. You have to like it and retweet it that’s it simple. Two winners who have completed all the requirements will be announced on 20th of november. Trust me: you don’t, want to miss this one. So go right now. My twitter handle and the post link will be in the description. I hope this video was helpful if there are any questions, feel free to mention it down in the comments and i’ll be happy to answer them. Don’T forget to like share and subscribe until next time.