It has some cool cool features. It has some quirks that aren’t so great, but it’s a simple watch. So will this watch get the job done so let’s see here so the first thing we’re going to look at is the watch face. The watch face is simple. You press, you hold you swipe, you select, another watch face you tap and you change it. Real easy, nothing to it. When you swipe down, you come into your settings where you have the vibrate, theater main settings and weather, and you do have this little slider that allows you to uh adjust the uh brightness, which is kind of nice under the main settings. You’Ll find a stopwatch an alarm and countdown as well as your other normal settings such as brightness vibrate, which they call shake theater reset power off and such you can swipe back to go back and swipe back again to i’m. Sorry swipe up to go back to your watch face now for your watch face. You can swipe up and that’s going to get you to your notifications and swipe back down to your watch face. You can swipe to the right to get to a listing of icons for the watches, different features and then swiping to the left. You can get to tiles or cards of a lot of those features such as steps sleep, heart rate, which is trying to measure there. Sorry about that exercise phone which you can turn on and off um blood pressure, not accurate, never expected to be 30 watch.

So then we got our spo2 which actually the spo2 your oxygen saturation was pretty accurate uh when compared to other devices. So i will give it credit there and, of course, we’ve got weather again. We’Ve got our shutter and we’ve got our media player. Now. The main thing that impresses me about this watch being a 30 dollar watch is the fact that it does connect to your phone and it does allow you to make and receive phone calls from the watch. The downside of this is the implementation of that, so what they have done is when you set this watch up to the phone and you have the functionality for calls turned on it automatically defaults to the watch. Every phone call you make or receive you will hear it on the watch if you don’t want that you’ve got to turn it off and to make matters worse with the phone feature on everything you play on. Your phone is heard on the watch. So if you’re trying to watch a youtube, video you’re trying to listen to some music, it defaults to the watch. If you want it back on the phone, if you want it on something else, like your bluetooth, earbuds you’ve got to turn the phone feature off on the watch. So just keep that in mind, i would recommend leaving it off from day one and just turning it. On only when you need it so that’s the basic functionality of it, but of course the watch is only as good as the app that comes with it and we’re going to take a look at that now.

So let’s see what we got here with the app now right off the bat i’m going to tell you. This is not a complicated app and it doesn’t have a lot of the features of other phones. You you can’t export or import fitness data on this particular app, but for day to day use it’s it’s, pretty nice it’s, simple, straightforward and uncomplicated, so the first page is going to give you uh. All of those features of the watch. It’S going to give you your steps, your sleep, your heart rate, uh, the bp, the the oxygen and your exercise, it’ll also track cycles if you’re female, but you’ll have to set that up in the the profile which i did not do. Obviously, and each of these work very similarly, if you tap on them, it goes to a page that gives you the day the week the month and gives you some general information. If you want to look at specific dates, you can touch the calendar icon and then just choose that day. The second part of it is uh, some more settings that you can play with. You can go in and change your watch faces from the app and actually you can download more watch faces, not a lot, but there are a few notifications are available here. You can turn them on and off, as you see fit, you have alarms that you can set. You have the shutter again and you have some other options here, like changing your uh time format.

Your unit system, metric to imperial celsius to fahrenheit uh do not disturb you can set reminders to move. You can turn the heart rate, detection on and off and, of course, choose your language and then finally down here at the end. Sorry is your profile, and this, of course, is where you’re going to set up your age, your gender, your height, your weight and your stride. We won’t get into that because it’s got my information in there and and you can set your goal. I’Ve got 8 000 steps set on that. So overall the app works. Pretty good um, like i said, it’s, not overly complicated it’s, not fancy it doesn’t have all those features of the high end, smart watches, but for day to day use it’s going to get the job done. So let’s go back to this little thing here and let’s. Decide how we feel about it all right, uh, if i’m going to compare it to a lot of the higher end. Smart watches out there i’m going to give it a d, absolutely indeed it’s cheap, it’s, plasticky it doesn’t have the features. The graphics are not on par with other watches, but we’re, not talking about a two hundred dollar or three hundred dollar or even four hundred dollar. Smart watch we’re talking about a thirty dollar smart watch, a thirty dollar smart watch that will let you make calls it will track your o2. It will track your heart rate.

It will track your sleep and it will do it fairly. Well, so thirty dollars i’d, give it a b plus you know so, and you also have the advantage of. If you choose to give it to a child and he breaks it, you lose it. Somebody steals it it’s not going to break the bank. Just pick you another one up for thirty dollars and go about your day.