We also had a giveaway of this watch, as the winner has already received a surprise, and he is very pleased with the new watch. We also received this watch, so let’s do unboxing and full review by the way. The main feature of ziploc gts is bluetooth calls and there is no sim card slot, but you can connect the watch to smartphone to make and receive calls. The price of zipless gts is only 25 dollars. So please hit the like button and let’s get started. As a new zipless watch comes in this box, we can see the beaker, siblings, locker and the image of the watch on the front side on the back. There is only product name, morally and package contents. There is no specifications and features of the watch in the box, but i will tell you about them a little later inside the box. You will find the watch with factory film on the screen, but no strap. You need to attach it yourself, there’s also charging base and user manual in the box. By the way, i also have a straps of different colors. However, they are sold additionally, ziploc gts has a standard design for the budget, fitness which is in 2020. It has a square dial with vertical button on the right side. Also, you can see zipless logger under the display on the back. There are two charging contacts and heart rate sensor. The strap from the package is made of tpu.

It has a width of 20 millimeters. So if you want another strap, you need to choose the same size. The size of the dial is 43 by 37 by 11 millimeters, as the weight is only 38 grams. Zebra’S gts looks very nice even on the beam on the wrist. Of course, the watch doesn’t feel and looks expensive, because the main body is made of plastic. However, it is good for 25 dollars. As for the screen, it has a diagonal of 1.3 inches. The resolution is 240 by 240 pixels. It is full color display with pretty good brightness. You can change the screen brightness in the settings. Menu. Okay, let’s talk about functions because there are many of them before using the watch. It is better to connect it to smartphone. I have already done this and the later i will show you how you can do this first. You should know that deeply gts has four preinstalled, which faces swipe down from the main screen opens quick settings menu. Here you can turn on off vibration, cd mode, open, full settings, menu, check, weather and change. The screen brightness the full settings menu has stopwatch alarm countdown brightness turn on off shake off on theory, reset power off about and up qr code. You can also swipe right from the main watch face to see all the functions such as daily activity. Sleep, monitor, heart rate, exercise, phone calls, blood pressure, blood, oxygen, weather notifications, camera control about, and user control, swap left from.

The main screen provides the same functions but on the full display. You can also read a new notifications with a swipe up from the main screen, that’s all the functions. Now i want to show you the screen with incoming call. When somebody calls on your film, you can see the contact name phone number on the watch and you can take or reject the call very nice by the way the speaker quality is good. Ziploc gts also has a dial pad, so you can enter the phone number and make the call from the watch. As i already said, it is better to connect the watch to smartphone before using ziploc gts. For that you need to install application called dive, fit on your android or ios device. I have already tested fitness watches with this app, so it is not a new for me. Actually, the feet app has the same functions as other apps for budget fitness switches. Here you can see steps, sleep, information, heart rate, continuous heart rate, blood pressure, blood action and outdoor running on the main screen on the second tab you will find which faces notifications, alarms, shutter others and upgrade by the way. I told you that ziploc gts has four pre installed watch faces. You can see them here. However, you can download much more through the app there are many different watch faces, so i think you will find a good one for you. Zipless gts is equipped with 240 mah battery, but this is enough for 10 days with a battery life in basic watch mode and 7 days with active using also.

You should know that the watch works for 220 minutes in bluetooth call mode. You know i think bluetooth skull is really good at must have function for any watches in 2020. Do you agree that it is very convenient to take a phone call on the watch? A ziploc gts is one of the most affordable watches with a bluetooth skull function. This watch also has heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, music and camera control. There are also many watch faces. It is very interesting fitness watch for 25.