gr. Today we are going to see one more smartphone that came to me from banggood it’s. The latest smartwatch that came from zeblaze is the zeblaze gts, and if you have a good look at it at the image, you will see that it reminds a lot of the amazefit gts. Well, the only difference is that amaze fit gts costs about 120 130 dollars. When uh zeblaze gts costs only 24.99, this is about six times down the price, so let’s see if it is better to get the zeblaze gts or the amaze feed Music, so uh let’s open now the box to see what’s inside this is the box that came To me, the blaze gts the blaze and here on the back, it says: smart fitness watch gts smart watch inside it contains smart watch, straps, cable and a user manual, so let’s open the box. Now this is the watch sub lace at the back. The two pins for charging it the sensor for the heart beat. This is a speaker, and this here must be the mick zblis. Gts gts has the functions that has the amaze fit gts 2, so uh um, zeblate gts has the ability has two bluetooth: uh it’s, a bluetooth 3 and a bluetooth 5.. So the first time that you take it, you connect it to the charger to activate it. You connect it with the app by scanning the qr code that you’re going to find inside the manual i’m going to show you uh connected with the app uh and after it’s connected with the app we reconnect it with the mobile.

So we have two connections and by this way you can answer your calls through the speaker of the zeblaze gts and speak through the mic. You cannot make calls you can answer them directly from there, so there is no need to carry with you. Wireless earphones, a really good thing to do so. This is the watch. This is the charger. This is the manual. I told you that the app the app is here here it’s for google or apple store, it’s the fit you scan this qr code and you download it. I have already installed it in my mobile and these are the straps from silica gel. The total length is about 120 plus 75 millimeters, the width. As i told you is 20 millimeters. The size is 43 to 37 to 11 millimeters and the weight is about 38 grams and the watch is made up of abs and pc now uh. The screen is 1.54 inches is color ips with a resolution of 240 to 240 pixels uh. Since i showed you the charger. The battery is of a capacity of 240 milliamperes with a standard standby time of 10 days, uh with a daily use at about five to seven days, and if you activate the bluetooth call mode, it lasts about 220 minutes. According to the notes of the blaze, you will need about one hour and a half to charge it after that, and you can do it with a clamp that is inside the box uh.

Apart from that, it has all kind of tracking sensors that i’m going to show you we’re going to sit together, because i just received it and so we’re gon na see together what and it has what it says is that it monitors blood pressure and saturation, something That i want to see, and as always i’ve brought with me my oximeter, to compare it to see if it is reliable or not, as i do with all the smart bands that i have reviewed till now so we’re going to connect it activate it and start Reviewing it so it’s time now to activate it it’s already activated, i have already set it up the watch now i have told you already the features of uh, the smart watch, the zip lace, the blaze gts uh looks very like amazfit gts from but made from Plastic but it’s really very good for 21 euros that cost us in comparison with the 120 euros that amaze with gts codes. This is really a very good bargain and very good stuff, so let’s deactivate it and start it. Over now, misfit gts has couple of smart watch faces to choose. All you have to do. Is press long here and choose one that you like with this one. It came to me you can choose whatever you like like this one, as you have seen. As you see, it already is connected with the app with the feed, so it shows the correct date and day battery heartbeat steps.

Now here are all the menu here are for the steps sleep, heartbeat exercise and if we press here we have eight modes walking running bike, button, rope, swimming football, basketball and badminton. So this is for the phone you can make calls from here. It has dial pad. You can call normally it connects through bluetooth with your mobile, and you can make the calls as if you had your mobile and recent calls blood pressure saturation, which is not bad. It measures really good weather and it shows in future weather prediction. Notifications control the camera of your mobile settings. It has stop watch alarm countdown brightness phone to connect with the phone sake, vibration, theater mode, reset phone off about, and the qr code for the app to connect with your smartwatch and the player. So let’s start with not the blood pressure, the heartbeat let’s wear it. So i wear it now. As you can see, it looks very like amazefit gts, so let’s measure my heartbeats and we’re, going to compare it with my oximeter, which is the most reliable device that i use as a doctor, and i use it in all my compares so it’s 25 for 24 It’S still counting 24 to 21, 22, 23, 24., so it’s, the same 25 let’s have a second measurement: 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 27. 26. 24 are very close. 21, 25, 24, 24 to 23 it’s. A very good number and now let’s see the saturation 98.

99, before i’ve measured it, it showed me 97 to 99 96 to 99. Now this is a big difference before it was better 96 to 98, two percentage, it’s, not bad, and we have the blood pressure before it was 129 to 71. Now i must use a device in order to see if it is real or not, but it doesn’t show me any strange number, 132 to 73., most of the companies even amaze fit says that use these measurements before exercise in order to know what to do and How to act so take them under consideration, uh, so not bad zero steps i haven’t moved. This is for the sleep heartbeat exercise, eight modes, as i told you phone calls we’re going to do it now so dial pad. If i call a number it will ring so i’m calling the number here as you can see, it’s calling – and you can hear the beep from here and if i answer it, you see that you can hear the other one. Speaking from the watch, blood pressure, saturation, the weather for the camera and the music player and let’s have a look at the app. So this is the da fit up steps slip. I just open it. So doesn’t have any measurements, heart rate, continuous heart rate, blood pressure, saturation and outdoor running now, uh. As you can see, it reminds a lot of amazfit gts as a appearance. So here it has watch faces.

You can choose whatever what face you like, and here has additional watch faces to choose a lot of them? I don’t know you can find any customers you can make, but here has really a lot notifications for calls messages, facebook, twitter, skype, instagram and others. At the end, alarms in order to control the camera, others here, it’s fine device, it vibrates right time, format, unit system do not disturb remind to move continuous heart rate detection language. It has couple of languages inside it quick view valid period, drink water, reminder, weather, drink water, reminder, weather and it has for the women for the cycle and upgrade your firmware is the latest. As you can see and here’s the profile the feet it hasn’t better. So not a bad watch, i have to say i’m really happy with it for 21 euros, it’s, really a very good bargain. The features look correct, look good um! You can even make calls from it. You have a saturation that it’s really close to the saturation that a professional oximeter shows you have blood pressure. You have a lot of features that you won’t get from expensive. Smart watches like amazfit gts2, that has the same features. Less features to be more exact, so i’m going to have a coupon with you in order to get it from banggood now i hope you liked my video, my review and press like share the video and subscribe to my youtube channel i’m.