Obviously, a video entitled that this is the best looking smart watch ever is going to be quite divisive because there’s, many of you out there that may disagree with me and let’s face it. Personal style is massively subjective, so everybody is going to be different and have a different opinion, which is why, as a bit of a disclaimer, this is my individual opinion, and this gets my vote as one of the most sophisticated, timeless and best looking wearables available at This moment and i’m super excited to introduce you to the zep z, featuring a titanium, alloy enclosure. This thing looks like it means business. It has such a classic timepiece design that pretty much matches whatever you choose to wear with the titanium really standing out and drawing people’s gaze. The brown leather strap is tasteful and helps deliver that classic timepiece style and the buckle also matches the titanium finish, but don’t. Let the design fool you, as this thing is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters with a 5 atm rating and weighs only 40 grams. The screen is a 1.’ inch amoled display with a pixel density of 326 ppi. The battery is an ample 340 mah and can charge in around two hours through a magnetic charging pad included in the box. This thing is truly a thing of beauty. So let me finish this whiskey and let’s pick apart. This watch to find out whether the function is as good as the looks the zebzi is just gorgeous.

Honestly, i cannot say that enough about this device. I mean it just screams premium from your wrist premium. I mean there’s a ton of really subtle design choices in the zep z that makes a wonderfully crafted product, and the first thing that you might not notice straight away is that the screen isn’t actually flat, it’s ever so slightly curved. This is really hard to show on camera, but if you take a close up image of it and shine a straight light on it, you can see it being reflected back at a slight curve to show that curve and you can’t actually feel it. When you rub your finger along the top it’s, just a really subtle thing that just somehow makes it pop – and i don’t know how it does it, but it is really really nice. It actually follows a similar design, as that it’s, a chronograph watch and the seconds are notched along the inside of the bezel and five second numeral entries is on the main face of this bezel, which is finished in this kind of brushed, titanium, which is lovely. It looks really really nice. The outside of the bezel is contrastingly fully polished, along with the top of the watch arms to give it this super nice accented finish honestly. It just comes together as this amazingly beautiful and sleek design. The buttons on the side also follow this kind of chronograph style, but, interestingly there’s a few little surprises here.

The bottom button is customizable and you can set this between a number of things and functions in the settings on the watch. In my case, i’ve chosen notifications because that’s how i primarily use smart watches, although others might primarily use them for things like activity, so you can set it to start a workout or open up the workouts list. So there’s a number of different things you can do with that bottom button, the middle button or the crown as it’s known, is your home button, which allows you to access the list of apps and functions on the z but hides a little secret. It twists so rather than swiping up and down on the screen, you can just twist the dial to cycle through any of the options on screen. At that point, whether that’s notifications or in the app view, which is a great little addition to the way you interact with the interface on here and it’s, something that i love in other smart watches when you get this kind of physical tactile experience but there’s also Another nice little thing here is that it gives you a little bit of a haptic feedback when you are scrolling through menu items and notifications, so that is just a lovely little touch. The top bun, however, is a bit unusual, because when i opened it and started using it, it didn’t seem to do anything and it doesn’t, even press in so i’m sat here scratching my head trying to work out.

Why they’ve added this bizarre fake top button that doesn’t seem to do anything i mean take the gtr 2, for example. This has two physical buttons on it and no fake buttons. I mean yes, fine. It kind of fits with the chronograph style a little bit more. Having the three buttons, but if it doesn’t do anything, why add it in it makes no sense, but when i was browsing through the options, i saw this an option for the smart health button. Through this i discovered the button at the top is actually a capacitive touch button and when you rest your finger on it, whilst the home screen is lit up, it’ll launch one of the options you can change in the settings to take a measurement of either your Heart rate, spo2 or stress i mean this is a neat little trick, but i’m not 100 enlightened on the reasoning behind why they’ve decided to go for capacitive touch rather than going for three physical buttons, i’d. Imagine it has something to do with space. Maybe physical buttons take up more room inside the watch, because you’ve got all the mechanical elements of it and i guess capacitive touch. You don’t have any mechanical elements, so it possibly takes up less room and with the amount of stuff inside this, the gps, the heart rate, the sp02 sensors, the accelerometers, the barometers, all that stuff in there takes up a lot of room, so they’ve managed to pack A lot in such a small design – maybe that is the reason why, but it wasn’t certainly obvious when i started using it.

So if you are going to get a zeb z, there’s, a little tip for you on the underside is a pagf bottom with a biotracker optical sensor in the middle. But it’s also got a new charging style which ops for a more 360 degree rotational sort of solution. I do have one criticism on the charger, however, even though design is much better it’s, not quite as magnetic as any previous iteration, that any uh smartwatch from the zep ecosystem uses and because it’s not as magnetic it, can be a little bit fumbly to actually get It on charge, perhaps i’m being a little bit nitpicky here, but it’s one of those things that i think will really annoy me over time. I much prefer the kind of instant snap on that any of the older kind of zep or maze bit devices have, but on the other side of it i actually really prefer the design of the new one. So it’s kind of swings around about already there’s. Something really good about it and something that i don’t really like about it never mind. The screen itself is super crisp and sharp, with a total brightness of 550 nits, which admittedly isn’t the brightest smart watch that you can buy at this moment in time, but i’m. Absolutely okay with that for two reasons: firstly, 550 nits is more than enough for consistent viewing in pretty much any environment, so you don’t really need much more than 550 nits of brightness, but secondly, it’s evident that they’ve decided to optimize the zebzi for battery life.

Very much like all of the wearables in the zep ecosystem, because this is no different. This can last for a total of 30 days on standard use, which is absolutely incredible. I haven’t had it for a total of 30 days, so i don’t know whether or not that is a true fact. But what i can say is that my experience of all the past wearables in the zep ecosystem, that is pretty much accurate to what you can get with basic usage. I have had it long enough, however, to test pretty much this at maximum functionality. If you will so that’s, with continuous heart rate, turned on continuous stress levels, monitoring the voice assistant, everything turned on which i’ll get into in a minute or two and that it lasts you about 10 days of usage, with literally everything turned on except they’re, always on Display that’s, the only thing i haven’t turned on, i don’t know why i’ve never liked having an always on display some people really like it, though, and if you do then that feature is on here, which is ideal. The software on the watch itself operates in a very similar way to all the other wearables in the zap ecosystem, with a couple of small twists in a nutshell: it’s extremely simplistic, a scrollable, app interface that gives you access to notifications and health tracking elements, as well As some of the other features, such as music control, which controls your music playing on your phone and other stuff, such as a barometric altimeter for checking the pressure and altitude when you’re hiking, unlike the zep e square, which i took a look at a couple of Months ago, this thing has built in gps, so that paired with the altitude and pressure sensors makes this not just a pretty face.

It makes it a really useful tool for tracking pretty much any outdoor activity that you might take part in hiking walking running cycling swimming. Although your altitude doesn’t really change when you’re swimming, i guess and the fact that this is waterproof down to a depth of 50 meters. It just makes it a fantastic tool for activities as well, but what’s cool here is that they’ve now started to build an almost multitasking experience into the watch, allowing you to start tracking an activity but then also to return to the home screen and operate the watch As you normally would such as controlling the music playing, which is not something that’s been around for very long with wearables that use the zep app ecosystem. As far as i can tell all of the data gathered, gps health heart rate has all been pretty accurate. So far, but as a disclaimer, i am not a doctor if you couldn’t tell and therefore i do not have access to high end medical grade equipment to test things like the heart rate against machines like that, but as also a second disclaimer, these things and any Wearable, for that matter, are only ever meant to be a guideline for your health. So if you do have any concerns about your own health, go and speak to your gp, because they’ll be able to hook you up to god all sorts of machines and wires to give you pinpoint accuracy on your own data.

So please do that and don’t rely solely on a watch, but as far as i’m concerned, the zep z has been pretty accurate in that respect. Now what i do love about the zep ecosystem is that they use something called a pi score. No again, not pies. I’M, talking about the p a i p a i score now. This is basically a score developed by which are the guys behind amaze, fit and zepp, or the zep ecosystem, and this score is a combination of your activity, your exertion and your heart rate and everything that goes into the trackers in this, and it creates this score. Based on how healthy it thinks, you are now for me personally, i’m, not predominantly using the zep watch as a fitness tracker i’m, using it more as a notification and style aesthetic. So, for me, that does a really good job in telling me that i’m massively unhealthy and needs to get off my ass and go for a run. But for those that are interest in your health, then the pi score is actually a fantastic and motivational way to kind of look at what you’re doing and go. Do you know what i’m going to push a little bit further to get my pi score a little bit higher and overall, like i’ve, said in previous reviews. I really love the concept behind the pi score and i think it’s a fantastic tool to help you get healthier.

Another new twist in the software is offline voice control which allows you to control the z without even having to touch any of the buttons or the screen at all. And this is made possible by the inclusion of a mic on the underside. As you saw at the beginning, there’s over 50 different voice commands at the moment, you can see these in the app on the phone or on the watch, and it does things such as opening apps or enabling do not disturb and there’s tons of stuff out there. That you can actually do with the offline commands, and i really really like this function and actually weirdly i’ve used it much more than i thought i would, but first, when i found out it could do this. I thought is that a gimmick am i gon na? Actually use that, but the ability to do things like turn on do not disturb like that. Rather than having to fumble around in the settings is really really really handy and i’ve used it way more than i actually thought i would. If the offline voice assistant isn’t enough for you, then there is one step further. You can go and you can actually use amazon alexa directly on the zep z, which is fantastic now at this moment of time. I’Ve got this prior to the announcement of this watch, so alexa isn’t added into the functionality just at this moment in time, and it will be available through an over the air update, so i’m really excited to start using it.

I’Ve already used another device in the zap ecosystem with alexa built in that was the amaze fit band 5. and as far as i’m aware, it works in a very, very similar way. You simply sign in with your amazon account within the app on your phone and it logs it all from there. The difference being is the amazement band 5. You have to swipe to access alexa on the device itself with this, because this has offline voice control. You simply raise your wrist, you say alexa and it goes straight into alexa and you can ask it to do whatever you want, be your robotic servant and turn your lights off in your house. So i’m really excited to start getting used to this feature on the zep z, like i said, i’ve used it already in amaze fits devices and it’s been fantastic so far, so i’m really really really excited to get it going on this one. In respect to the app because this app is the same, one that’s used by both amazefit and zeb i’ve covered this many many times. So i don’t want to keep repeating myself. But what i will do is, in the next few months, it’s obvious i’m, going to need to do a singular episode that everyone can kind of refer to when wanting to find out about the zep app so stay tuned for that in the next couple of months. I’Ll make sure i do that to stop repeating myself in these episodes, but for the benefit of the doubt of those people that don’t know much about it.

I’Ll, give you a very quick overview, it’s, pretty straightforward and simple, like the watch interface and gives you an immediate snapshot of your daily stats upon opening it, allowing you to click on any of the data to get further and more detailed information and, in some cases, Offer you advice on how to improve. It also allows you to customize some of the options for the watch in the app too and mainly allows you to browse the watch face catalog to install whatever face. You would like from there, including this gentleman of the night named watch, face which has a very peculiar name, which has some very sordid connotations. So, in conclusion, what do i think of the zep z smart watch? Well, do you know what i haven’t really got much negative to say about it? I think that okay, maybe they could have a physical top button, and i would like a more magnetic sticking charger, but that is about the only negative things. I’Ve found this. The beauty of this thing just dwarfs anything that i might find slightly negative on it. I just think it’s such a beautiful device, but the thing is, you probably know me now i’m, a bit of a fanboy for any wearable under the zep ecosystem, and that is because every single device i’ve tried, has a fantastic price versus value but hold on just One second, because zepp have put a stick through the spokes with this one, because, with its premium, design comes a very premium price.

This watch is 350 dollars, which makes it the most expensive wearable at this moment in time that uses the zepp app, but does that make it any less value than any of the other wearables that are in the zep ecosystem? No, i don’t think so because take other smart watches that use titanium builds, for example such as the samsung galaxy watch. Three. That thing will set you back 600 pounds, 600 pounds and that’s got this same titanium, build which, in my opinion, as well doesn’t, look anywhere near as nice as this watch. So actually, this has a premium design with some of the great features that we used to with all of the other wearables in the zep ecosystem. But it’s, half or less than half the price of other smart watches with a similar premium style. And that makes it still incredible value because, like i said this thing just screams premium and that concludes today’s review on the zep z, smartwatch, a fantastic value product, with lots of features that we used to in the zep and amazebit lineup, but also a really premium. Build that to me is one of the most beautiful wearables that you can get right now, if you’d, like today’s episode, don’t forget to hit that thumbs up and that subscribe button, because every single subscriber helps – and i would love to reach my goal of hitting 100 000, subscribers by the end of 2021, i’m, currently nearing 50, 000, so i’m halfway there and i’ve got a year to do it so hit that subscribe and help me reach that goal i’d be massively appreciative and remember guys.

I did ask you right at the very beginning what your favorite, not favorite, what you think is the best looking smartwatch ever at the moment at the moment. Let me know in the comments below but other than that guys.