com care to join me in the snore circle. Yeah you've heard that before right now, it's, not that my reviews are that boring. But mrs ticks will tell you that mr ticks might have a little snoring thing going on. This is a kind of present that you know when you give it to somebody you're, really giving it to yourself uh, because what this thing can do is monitor sleep apnea. Just like it says, on the box yeah why the heck in a smartwatch uh review channel. Are we looking at things? You strap on your face to monitor your snoring? Well because, as you know, wow this is pretty lightweight. We have talked a lot about sleep, apnea and blood oxygen and all of the issues that can come up when you don't have enough oxygen in your system. We'Ve showed you some wearable bands and watches and even a little ring that you can put on or thing on your finger that will monitor your uh, your body for sleep apnea, but it's all doing it through blood moving through your capillaries. This thing is going to give us a baseline measurement on occurrences of sleep. Apnea bear with me if you're interested, if you're, not that's, okay, but i guarantee you, you will be someday or your parents are or your grandparents are. What do we got in here? We'Re unboxing this whole thing and then i'm going to tell you some more about this, because it is just now coming on the market, everybody.

This is a kickstarter and it's been kicked, and it is starting first of all, i'm really impressed with this. Why have wait? Has it taken this long to come up with a charger like that? Why isn't this on the bottom of our uh watches check this out i'm, going to peel that little thingy off here and um? This thing, that's going to be at the tip of your nose. Does all kinds of magic, all kinds of magic and we'll talk about that? It'S got one little button on that side and on this side it's got a booger, no i'm. Sorry i mean it's got a little port and that little port is for charging and look it's got a little touch thing in the center and an outside wow wow wow come on china. Are you watching? Can somebody out there make a smart watch that on the side of the smart watch, just like this you've got that little thing and you charge it with this i'll send you this. If you want to play with no, i won't i'll. Have this company send it to you? This is innovation right here, that's one of the best things i've, seen as a new way of providing instantaneous power with magnetic coupling. The coupled magnet is right in the ring. Why, anyway, that's just the beginning of the innovations on this puppy, okay, we've got uh, strappy kind of stuff and obviously i'm gon na have to figure all this out, how to put it on, because you wear this as a face: mask it's, not coved friendly.

Obviously, it's got a lot of holes and things in it. However, it probably would be beneficial for monitoring if one were convalescing with the virus and breathing was a challenge as you'll see later, when we look at the app and the kind of data that it'll collect. Let'S see what's in here looks like your honorary membership to the snore circle. They got groups for everything these days. I got a quick start guide and pictures. Oh look at that being fun yeah and i got the overall uh manual. It looks like so as we dig into this, we got english and chinese here is information on the company, and here is the contents, so the overview introduces you to it, and this is what the product looks like and the dimensions on it and you already saw It'S, a clear plastic lightweight thing: product parameters, that's your basic specs good, because none of this is on the web. Folks it's just it's just now launching in uh kickstarter. So i don't have a lot to show you in terms of other pictures. But i do have this manual here for you, power on power off and bluetooth, tethering that's about all you got to worry about on is that charging thing on the battery, and now there we go. This. Is the qr code you're going to scan to download the thing called sleep breath and i haven't found the app in the google play store but again it's just uh getting started, so it probably will be there eventually.

If, in the meantime, you need to download it from the qr code, and if i can, i will take the link that it shows up in the qr code and i'll put it in our show notes down below. So you can just click on the link and not have to go through all the rigmarole scanning that thing: okay, how you pair your device – and it was so straightforward and easy about app personalization settings and now we're getting into the pictures that you saw in the Quick start guide here we go wearing instructions, you're going to use a white strap as recommended and so forth, and you're going to strap it around your ear. We'Re all used to wearing masks these days. So this should not be unusual except the fact that you're wearing it in bed at night, but something you could get used to. We got a black strap here that you can put on uh. I guess it's an alternative, so a couple of different ways of strapping it on a bunch of different faqs. I will just let you skim those or freeze frame it if you want to um, because that's getting way more detail than those of you just wanting an overview and then of course, troubleshooting and since we don't know that this manual is on in a pdf anywhere. The only way you may be able to see it if you lose it or haven't bought the product.

Yet is right here so we're taking just a moment to make sure the manual is fully covered, and here we go the cloud declaration of hazardous substances, Music, environmental, friendly, fcc, citations and such i guess it doesn't put out too many radio waves that would affect you And now we're into the chinese part. Let me talk a little bit more about this. I do have a little bit more stuff. I can show you this is from uh some of the product literature that's being put together for it it's showing a little snow. Snip of the uh, the app and look it's going to be able to tell you if you're, a right side or left side or back or forward sleeper, because it's got a guess, a gravity sensor in there that will assess all of that stuff. And, of course, your deep and light and awake time sleeping and a special kind of a chart that's going to show it not linearly across time, but in percentages across a spread which is kind of cool you'll, get a sleep score and so forth. Your overall sleep time now in terms of how they talk about this this device, the sleep breath, is a polysomnogram. I had to work on that polysomnogram competitive sensor with patented algorithms that track your sleep data comprehensively to help solve your sleeping problems. Now, what it's going to do is going to give you awareness of what your sleeping patterns and style is and from that information you can feed that in to help solve your sleeping problems: okay, it's a sensor acquisition device that's going to display data related to your Sleeping on the app you'll be monitoring from breath, snore sleep cycle and sleep position, four different aspects for sleep health, to assess your sleep, quality comprehensively and accurately at the psg level.

Sorry, i don't know that acronym personal sleep guide, sleep breath records and computes all the data immediately to conduct the statistics, graphs and in depth analysis reports to understand your body better and prevent diseases. Now, maybe i don't know if you've ever had to do this. Fortunately, i haven't, but some folks have had such an issue with sleep apnea that they've actually had to go to a doctor and get a prescription to get a complete test done. We'Ll talk about that in a minute, this kind of supersedes. All that all the data will be generated to a sleep, score and breakdown of suggestions to benefit your lifestyle and improve your sleep quality, and this is the kickstarter page, it's not even open yet, but at this point notify on launch now, when you're watching this, it Will have already started but i'm recording it in advance because they sent me a prototype that we could get going. So we have this ready for you when they do the kickstarter just for clarification. I'M, not involved with them in any way i'm, not getting any money off of any sales of these things, i'm committed to making sure you guys get great information on upcoming wearables, whether they're on your face or your arm or your little toe uh. If they're beneficial we're going to try to cover them for you from a technical perspective, i have no idea if the thing even works i'm, just taking it out of the box but i'm not financially tied to these.

If it sounds like a sales pitch it's, just because i get excited about this stuff it's, true of all of these things so anyway notify you on launch, you can put in um it's it's going to be like 80 bucks. I think the kickstarter price, which is great to get going so here's something that they gave me that that looked really like wow really and i'd heard. Oh, this is it's called a psg machine. I guess you get uh, you have to go into the hospital sleep. Three nights in the hospital costs about three grand a nurse or a doctor applies the same kind of stuff with more wires and things attached to it and gathers all kinds of information about you sleeping in a hospital bed with wires all wrapped around you and seeing. If you, you know snore or if you can even fall, asleep, um and so forth, there's a lot of preparation and test results are about three weeks later and this little plastic thing with the little black thing on the tip of your nose. Uh 79 bucks. You can just do it in one night, get a whole bunch of statistics on that, send that to your doctor and see, if you guys, can take it from there on techniques that can help you improve it by the way you have it and you own it And you can see how well these things are working to help you um get over snoring at night and if they are, they are if they aren't they aren't.

So this is another little closer picture of this um. The way it works on the app and we'll get into the app and i'm sure i'll be showing you a lot of my results from it later on uh. But for now i can just at least show you how how it looks um when you open it up, and the last thing is what you need to know and reasons for snoring and there's a lot of fear things we could go into and a lot of Folks need to hear all of that about how covid could affect your sleep patterns. Your snoring, your breathing, how important it is to have blood oxygen uh coming through your system and if you do end up holding your breath and going into a situation where your blood oxygen drops that it could actually i'm not going to go any further. Read about it, you probably already have it's, not good news. The best thing is to try to get over whatever's going on not just for the person that you're annoying with your snoring, but for your own health as well. Okay, more of the qr codes, there's, two of them, one for ios and one for um for android and i believe, that's the link. If you want to just type that in and go get it let's bring the app over here, you go it's already uh set up and opened. I logged in with my emails, how you can do it and you don't see anything here other than an opening page because it isn't working.

Yet you can have a tab for reports that you'll be able to look at and it'll give you a synopsis of things and you've got the device. The sleep apnea monitor instructions on how to wire it app instructions. Faqs all that's right here in the app sleep breath that's the name of the app i am paired already, but not connected yet and then there's stuff about you. Where you put in your um, i guess information and then you've got a habit section where you can contour it on whether you smoke or not how much alcohol you drink, dietary uh preferences and what your job title is like. And apparently these are all factors that they can take into consideration right, whether you smoke yes or no uh, you just go through and answer the questions um every day, often occasionally or never, for drinking. I don't know i'm just gon na not every day how about occasionally that sounds politically correct for you guys right dietary preferences, salty oily vegetarian sweet or balanced. Well, i love being in balance and uh job type. Would you call what i'm doing physical labor sure feels like it? Um now, i'm sitting down other i'll just say sedentary what the heck. So you get your habits in here and then, of course, there's feedback and help and about us and stuff, and the hell is pretty extensive good how you handle pairing problems, wearing instructions, yeah, yeah yeah. I guess you don't even really need the manual.

It looks it's streaming from a website, so they can update it as necessary as well. Okay – okay, here we're, going to do this we're going to do this here's the little goodie i don't have the straps or anything on it now, and i don't need the charger attached to it. All i need okay. All i need is the button so i'm going to press the button press and hold, and it should light up somewhere on here, probably on the side press, it a little longer press and press and press there. We go there. We go it's blinking. It should now be attempting to connect it's connected and it should be ready to go and look. I'Ve got a snoring monitor and a breathing monitor number of snores, whether i'm sleeping flat. Okay, like that or i've rolled over and i'm on my left side. Are you guys kidding this on my left side or i'm back flat, again or now, i'm over on my right side or i've flipped over on my back i'm? On my other uh, the other other? Okay, you got that respiratory rate it's going to be able to figure from your breathing suspected um and suspected apnea and i'm just going to hold it up. Okay, i've got it on and i'm talking, which is not what i should be doing but i'm going to breathe. That is the first and the last time you're not going to hear mr talk.

Mr tick's talk got my breath. I didn't get any snoring out of it. Oh i got a snore for you. Okay put it on. Are you ready here? We go, take a breath. First, holy cow, all right. There we go. This is probably all my talking as well. I'Ll be back in a few days for you, it'll be instantaneous, but i'm gon na get some real data that we can talk about. So, first of all, let me tell you how i put it on, because it is a little bit tricky. You get three different sizes of these behind the ear rubber bands and you uh they're kind of like shoe laces with a split on them, so you shove it through the hole you bend it over and you pull back and they'll lock in place now. For me this was fine. I put it around my ears i'm, using the middle one, so it's loose it's, not tight. Against my face. I found it was annoying to be tight, so i have it loose, but i can roll over and it's not going to fall off if that's, not enough for you. They include a band as well, and you just simply slide the band into the little hole here on either side. Okay – and you can wrap this over behind your neck, to hold it in place as well. You might want to just put that on there super loose in case. You think this thing might fall off or move off your face.

If you have it around your ears play with it a little bit, of course, it's going to take maybe a night or two for you to really get the feel for it, but once you do you're in for some very interesting uh observations, i didn't have too Much trouble with it, it was annoying at first, but once i got settled, i got some great data and that's what we're going to look at so here's the app it's opened. I went back to what am i looking at uh october, the 18th. I need to go back to the 16th there we go because from 21 36 to 5 56 in the morning, uncle ticks did his best to be a severe snorer for you, yay, and i was able to capture this report now. Each of these are separate cards for different sessions. One we're going to focus on is this one tap it and there we are check out this data. Can you see all that? Okay, good 208 snores? Mr ticks total snoring duration, 4 minutes and 15 seconds, so a snore is really short, but when you add them all together, i got quite a few. It calculated. My respiratory rate is 15 beats per minute. Keep that in mind for something i'll show you in a second here's a suspected hypopnea event and it's duration and suspected apnea events. Now, because it's monitoring real time, it could pick up even the most subtle apnea cycle event: 32 of them guys.

Look at that here's. The breakdown of the um, the data with an overall chart and it's got this little slide thing now. It shows you 2136 to 556, and i can take this thing and i can slide it around and watch the information up here. It tells you where i'm at how long the event was, what it's suspected of and which side i'm lying on at that moment and the red ones. Are the hypothea suspected apnea orange red uh i'm going to grab a red thing over in this area? It got pretty intense, so here we go. I got a 14 second suspected apnea, while on my left side at 1 18.. Is that the time in the morning, i think it is yeah because here's five o'clock okay here's another one duration it's really hard to get it just right, but uh there. Ah did you see? I had a 28 second well that's. 28. Second um suspected apnea now notice, though i'm on the left side and there i'm other, which is like there's some times. I i took it off like in here and here and i just set it on the nightstand other other, nothing going on there. There are other times i flipped to my right side, flipped to my left side. Sometimes i was on my back, but i guess not very often, and you get all this kind of data so overall my sleep duration for that night, eight hours and 19 minutes sleep score of sleep quality was a hundred and then i get down into this information.

Here'S my deep light and awake times um on this chart now this is interesting because it doesn't seem to match up with the time frame, because this is saying once i hit deep sleep, i had six and a half hours of uninterrupted deep sleep and i know That'S not true from up above here we go i'm gon na slide it just right. You can see all the interrupts, and this is when i know i was up during the night and took the thing off for a little while and then woke up and put it back on and so forth. So it was a bit of a restless night. So i'm not sure why i'm getting this kind of an information download, except for the fact that maybe it's not really associated with time, but these are chunks. My total awake chunk was 23 minutes light sleep, deep sleep, but nonetheless there we go that's. What i've got there, then you get these like radar plots on here my snore index on the left side. If i cannot lay on my left side, maybe i'll be okay flat, i think, is when you're flat on your back and i don't do that and right side and other was you know when i'm not wearing it or i can't figure out, maybe i'm supposed to Be on my tummy or something there's, a suspected respiratory event index and same kind of thing i get that chart, so it shows that i had 143 snores and 25 acne events, while laying on my left side, i had one snore on my back and then other.

I had some stuff there, then you get the overall suggestions and it gives you some basic information on that. So there is a snapshot of the robust report coming out of my night sleeping. I want to show you a couple of more reports just so you get the feel for it. Here'S a evening report, one minute which really doesn't do anything normal normal on the 18th of october uh. Here we go here's one from 1, 36 to 3 20. In the morning i got a moderate snore level. Let'S, look at this and notice. It'S got event distribution uh with these different color charts in little groupings. So i go into here here we go total number 56 um, total snort duration is zero, interesting 17 for respiration and so forth. We get down here with some suspected apnea and whatnot that's related to this uh slider watch these numbers there's a 34 second left sided uh apnea there's number of times of snores coming up in there, and this is the actual time in the morning that that happened And slide it down, you get that chart again and i guess you can move through it when you touch it it's funny, you have to scroll it at certain places: it's, not my sluggish phone, because the phone's not sluggish it's, just how the app responds to you. Here'S that snore index chart again, i primarily am a left side sleeper, look at that snoring apnea flat and then the overall suggestions for that as well.

Okay, now, in addition to the types of reports that we get from this device, i was also wearing this device to bed. Now a lot of you follow the channel know that we have these kind of devices here that are specialized bands and watches that use red diodes right for getting the sleeve the blood oxygen readings, and because of that, you can get all kinds of information. When you wear it overnight, because it's constantly on monitoring what's going on including sleep apnea, so i want to switch over here and show you a representative one. This is the sleep cycle information for october 17 and look at the kind of data that you get from this. What i'm proposing to you is you may end up wanting to have this one for instantaneous, continuous reading and a band like this. That can give you complementary information by assessing your blood as well, so you got ta wait times and rim sleeping times even on this one, but there's a whole lot more here, i'm gon na come back and go down here to um blood oxygen and i've got A couple of little sleep, apnea buttons in there i want to go back to the 17th. There we go now. This is looking at sleep, apnea kind of on listening at your breath, and this is looking at a drop in your blood oxygen, and you see the little dots in here. If i go on one of these, like that, one, you can find out exactly when it dropped down.

There'S the apnea events, blood, oxygen, concentration, respiratory rate of 17. I think that was the same on the 17th wasn't. It hypoxia time, cardiac load all kinds of stuff. So we have many many ways that you can look at sleep apnea this by the way when it does these apnea events it's. Actually every 10 minutes it's checking for that this, as you saw when we went the live uh report here, it's checking continuously. No wonder i get like 23 on this one and i'll get maybe five or six on this one, because it just happens to hit some of them. This catches all of them. So if you suspect that you snore or your partner tells you that, if you suspect you might have sleep apnea going on and you want to get enough data that you can like work with it or talk to your doctor about it, you can get basic information Using a fitness band or watch and we'll have links to all of them that i've reviewed that use the red diode and can give you that sleep apnea vibration to wake you up if you are in a holding your breath mode. Well, i have links to all of those, and, of course this review is about this puppy, who is just now launching on kickstarter and for really really inexpensive compared to the medical equipment. You'D have to use at a hospital picking this up for well under a hundred.

Bucks might be just what you need to get you the information you're looking for it's, assessing whether or not you are snoring or have sleep, apnea potential it's, not actually vibrating you or waking you up or injecting you with plasma or doing any exotic thing to change. Your situation, but it is giving you a reading now with some behavioral changes. Lifestyle changes, sleep pattern, changes, maybe laying in different directions that you do on your own. You can use this night after night or once a week or whatever, to get an idea of how well your attempts at changing things are working right that and checking this thing, which you can literally wear nightly and get even exotic. Things like this thing called a lorenz scatter diagram. When shows you references of what these different patterns mean on what's, going on with your overall heart health index and heart rate variability. This whole combination altogether gives you great great information on maintaining your optimal health. So we invite you to head over to the link in the show notes to the kickstarter page for the brand new um process that's going on for the sleep breathe. I saw it already. This actually is the first day it's already online and they're way over there. Uh, what the money they were asking for people are definitely interested in this. The main thing is: do you know about it, and now you do.