I do some normal videos or, i should say i’ve just started doing some of the videos. You know the most problematic situation of having a smart watch is a battery life, but i present you my new purchase, which is called garmin phoenix. 6X pro solar yeah, i mean solar, solar means something which can be powered by sun. So here it is look at this one, so this is actually a solar watch which i got it myself and the sunlight. This particular watch a smartwatch charges automatically by itself. So if you see here, it is right now because of the intensity of the sun, it is taking the solar intensity. The solar is on the peak intensity right now, let’s go and show you the dial what it says. So here you are see. This is called the solar intensity, so the solar intensity of this watch is at its peak right now. I purposely came upstairs just to show that how you know the world is changing and how the technology is changing and how garmin is putting solar energy in the watch. This is like amazing watch. You know it has your total step taken. What is your calendar? What is the heart rate pulse hawks, then your respiration, how many times you’re breathing in a minute, then your weather, then your sunrise sunset alarms. Then it has a abc altimeter barometer and compass. You know training stance, i’ve been not doing some trainings for last couple of days, training means to say running cycling swimming.

I have not been doing that. I bought a watch. Maybe i should start doing it very soon steps the notification, all your smart notification. Everything flow climb, intensity, minute intensity minute is like when you are doing activity at a higher intensity, so i’ve been doing some cardio of late, but no gps activity, which means to say no running and cycling. Then how was my sleep? It has amazing sleep. Data very advanced one, so here you see my sleep last night was fair. I didn’t slept very well so here you can see the entire um. You know the matrix that how many much time i was awake, what was my rem, which is the best type of sleep when i like a light and deep sleep. This is the whole analysis and you know there’s a small write up that you helped repair your body and build up energy by getting goods and deep sleep. So this is the kind of uh update. This watch also has what is the content? Temperature delhi is getting water in order, and these are your activity, history, which you have done it in past. These are some other. The good part about this watch also that it has a free coach facility. Also so you can actually by using garmin connect application. You know you can plan what sort of training you want to do and the watch will guide you. So the beauty is that now the smart watches you don’t have to worry much about the battery, because it gives you amazing battery and if you have lesser battery, then put your watch in the sun for some time and see it’s on the 100 solar intensity.

Right now, i’m sure you will like this watch, try to find one for yourself, you’re gon na love it. It is amazing. You know it is by garmin and garden is one of the world’s best in the business right now, and they have so many other watches, which you can see. Okay, i’ll i’ll bring something more interesting things for you, uh, probably more about the watches and if you’re interested do like my channel. This is very new. I hope i can you know, do some good videos and maybe help you know more. If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section i will try to answer them as well. Thank you very much guys.