Please also subscribe and click on the little bell on the right. Wuhan Hongxin is rumored to be unfinished Industry shock In an uproar. This is not a small project. At the beginning of its establishment three years ago, It is the hope of the whole village It’s rich. The total planned investment is as high as more than 120 billion. The government has invested more than 15 billion yuan in advance. It is a strong soldier and the technical leader is Jiang Shangyi from TSMC Respected as Jiang Dad by the Taiwan Semiconductor Circle Zeng led the team to win the copper process. Showdown between IBM Is Zhang, Zhongmou’s right hand, man, It has good weapons. The entry equipment is the only core equipment that can produce 7nm in the legendary mainland, ASML high end lithography machine, But it’s still unfinished. The factory construction is not completed, Not to mention technological advancement. Only a mess left Government investment recovery is difficult. Bank loans are bound to have bad debts, and migrant workers cannot receive wages for a long time. At that time, he saved the bureau and promised to find investment for the project. A slash merchant who used to sell alcohol and medicine Still swaying around Jinan. However, The absurd ending of the Hongxin Project is not an isolated case. In 2015, Nanjing Dekema Semiconductor Project was established, Claimed to invest 3 billion US dollars In Nanjing, Huaian Landed in Ningbo City, But in July this year the company declared bankruptcy.

Major shareholders are just licking their lips, Hardly any money, 2017 Chengdu, GLOBALFOUNDRIES started with an investment scale of US10 billion. I just bought some Singapore factories 2010 equipment. In the end, multi party negotiations failed. The project regrets to announce layoffs and suspension year 2010 Changsha Chuangxin project started. It was unfinished in a few years. Investors took over in 2016, But at the beginning of this year it was unfinished again. Land and housing assets were auctioned on Taobao. The scene of this failure reminds one of a screenwriter Missing the days of coal boss, At least they really pay And don’t direct. However, the core wave is not always full of failures, Although there are still shortcomings need to improve, But the solid state drive of Yangtze River Storage, Hefei Changxin’s memory modules have been praised by consumers constantly And Guangzhou. Yuexin’S 12 inch wafers are also ramping up production capacity.. What is the difference between success and failure? Obviously Same era On the same piece of land, the local core making project has no shortage of time and location And the difference is humanity. To achieve humanity, But it must have three pillars at the same time.. The first pillar of the core project is the entrepreneurial local government. To understand this, We need to talk about county competition After the reform and opening up Every county government in mainland China is a miniature enterprise. The rapid promotion of local governors depends on the effectiveness and quality of economic growth Driven by strong performance indicators.

Different local governments will compete with each other Diligently and enthusiastically soliciting companies Simultaneously. The governor becomes more professional in economic affairs. Skilled The theory of county competition, highly explains the industrial environment required for core making From national will provincial will to middle level execution Only with the same desire from top to bottom. Can the soil of the core making project be cultivated And core making is an extremely comprehensive project From the most basic, pure water supply, land, environmental assessment and planning Training of talents in local universities and research institutions to fermentation in the market, environment, etc. All links are Very restricted by the quality of local officials Need to work together. For example, Guangzhou Yuexin, the height of reform and opening up The macro business environment goes without saying, And Hefei City where Hefei Changxin is located, is not inferior to the Yangtze River Delta. In terms of business environment, High efficiency and professionalism in the Pearl River Delta, At the electronics exhibition in the Pearl River Delta Hefei investment promotion officials can be seen everywhere. Hefei has also experienced three waves of high tech manufacturing for home appliances panels and chips and has become a nationally recognized. The venture capital type local government has formed a Hefei model from local economy to industrial clusters to secondary market. In fact, Hefeis gameplay is not new. The secret to the success of local governments has long been known, But why is it difficult to produce another Hefei? The reason is that in the three waves of industrial upgrading Hefei experienced a group of extremely professional economic and technical officials, They have their own functions.

Understanding of high tech industry, The experience of mastering and seeking Settled in the bureaucracy Formed the muscle memory of the local government. Not only that Hefei City actually follows the law of transition from downstream to upstream in the industry. Every step takes ten years As a cycle to be stable, Whether its BOEs screen capacity, Jinghe’s panel driver chip or Changxin’s memory chip. Although it seems that Hefei City Government took the initiative, But in fact they all rely on sufficient upstream demand And these demands are spontaneous by the market and they cannot be determined by the government. Wuhan core also has Technocratic guidance, For example, Tang Liangzhi graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology majoring in semiconductors Very familiar with technology and industry, But also in Wuhan. Why is there a successful Yangtze River Storage? But there is another unfinished Wuhan Hongxin, Also in Nanjing. Why did TSMC put into operation Deco’s bankruptcy, Because the high quality of the local government is only the first requirement for the implementation of the core? Making project To be successful Also need to implement the remaining two pillars: combat forces and combat strategy In the war. Both need top ace figures to become the core soul of the army Veterans, who need to be organized to form a corps. Otherwise, it is a polished commander Hard to exert its power. This is especially true for the chip industry In chip production. There are high precision. Technical links Need ace figures to achieve breakthroughs.

There are complicated process. Links Requires tens of thousands of people to work closely together. This is even more necessary in the period of backward catching up, such as When TSMC fought against Samsung. If there were no three shifts with one hundred thousand young people and one hundred thousand livers, Just relying on a few ace figures such as Jiang Shangyi, will not help. For Chinese chips. Twenty years ago, what was needed was elite soldiers like Zhang Rujing, A leader like Zhang Zhongmou, But now there is nothing more needed than a veteran who can fight No veteran, no army Only a lot of technical skills, Reliable middle level cadres. In order to realize the transmission to the younger generation In order to solidly improve the overall combat effectiveness And the three major core making projects currently advanced to the mass production, node Both are a combination of ace veteran. The baptism of the domestic market battle Gao Qiquan of YMTC is known as the father of Taiwan’s dynamic, random access memory, DRAM, The CEO Yang Shining, the entrepreneurial veteran of SMIC used to be Zhang. Rujing’S veteran. In 2011 SMIC took over Wuhan Xinxin the Whampoa Military Academy of the domestic chip manufacturing industry and opened a branch school in Wuhan.. A group of SMIC veterans took root in Wuhan Cheng Weihua Yang Shining’s subordinate. These are the typical veterans of SMIC Cheng Weihua joined Huajing after graduating from Zhejiang University Participated in the 908 project Joined in the SMIC startup period.

After studying in Singapore, Deeply valued by Zhang Rujing. When Yang Shining came to Wuhan Cheng Weihua also followed As the co chief technology officer of YMTC Responsible for the work of the technical research and development team. Hefei Changxin has experienced the relay of two CEOs: The predecessor, Wang Ningguo, has served in Huahong and SMIC and has returned to China for more than ten years.. The current Zhu Yiming is a typical Tsinghua Gang entrepreneur, Fight all the way from a niche market that foreign investors dont look down on Lead a team with extremely rich market experience, Accomplished, Zhaoyi Innovation, Changcun and Changxin both have long term structural stability Veterans fighting on the Front line Ten years of hard work is enough to form a solid friendship And screened out a group of the most combative officers. Although Yuexins team formation time is not long, But its president, Wei Chen was once the vice president of Hua Hong, with a diversified team. There are also many veterans. On the official website and official WeChat account of the three major core projects. You can see large scale, campus recruitment and ice breaking activities for newcomers At the training camp on July 1. This year, Changxins leadership encourages new people. Choosing Changxin means choosing a great integrated circuit business In the current environment. Under the technology trend, Semiconductors are indeed a great business. It also needs a combination of ace and veteran swords, Develop excellent ability, Talent, echelon To inherit and inherit the chip industry In all core making projects.

Technology is almost always criticized, And, along with it is a deformed or incomplete market, For example, Chengdu, GF and Fujian Jinhua. The two major projects are both factories already finalized But regretted because of technical problems. According to a report from Jiwei, The Chengdu Municipal Government is not willing to buy shares of the foreign capital Square Foundry at the price of old equipment, So the negotiation failed. Chengdu GlobalFoundries suspends And Fujian Jinhuas partner Taiwan UMC, because the desire to catch up with TSMC is too urgent. It has long been considered by the industry to be on the verge of technological litigation.. It is not advisable to rely on other peoples, ethics without the skills. And what I have to admit is In most high tech fields, China, as a catching up country, Independent innovation, is extremely difficult. Therefore, in most cases, many fields follow a technical route of introduction, digestion and re innovation. The key point is how to obtain the technology. The technological breakthroughs of Yangtze, River Storage and Hefei Changxin are both unique, Yet fully compliant Achieved a competition with major international companies on the stage. For example, Hefei Changxin purchased Qimonda assets that had been bankrupt for decades. Perfectly avoid the patent trap. There are more than ten million copies of this patent package, Technical documents and 2.8TB data about dynamic, random access memory. When in 2019, When the technology source is announced, The market is shocked and questioned, Shocked, Hefei Changxin actually got into a mine abandoned for decades.

The question is whether there can be mines here. However, A few months later, Mass production of Hefei Changxin’s 19nm memory chip completely broke the doubt In order to avoid the dilemma of chasing after the earth. The Yangtze River Storage Just used two tricks. On the one hand, Through independent development of Xtacking architecture Closed the technology gap. On the other hand, it took two big steps: Skip 32 layers in manufacturing and directly mass produce 64 layers, Design skip 96 layers, Directly design 128 layers. Now the 64 layer products of Yangtze River Storage have been mass produced, Gao Qiquan, former executive chairman of YMTC, said in an interview After entering Ziguang, he argued that it must take time to take root in the technology steadily Meticulous layout patent And then gradually expand production In a planned way, Don’t rush, The RampD and design team of YMTC is also widely distributed. There is one in Silicon Valley and one in Shanghai Have foreign talents. There are also colleagues from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Technological breakthrough, strategy of Changcun and Changxin core engineering. Just like the Ziwu Valley scheming that has always existed in Chinese history, the key to success is not how unexpected this strategy is.. It depends on whether our logistics, the Chinese army and the frontline troops are adequately prepared Based on long term strategic considerations, Whether it is a German engineer from Qimonda or a retired old man from Japan and South Korea Should be our combatants And unite all the forces That can be united, China’s core making project can only be technically successful.

. Yuexin is taking a mature technology route in the market As early as when the project was signed, Yuexin binds Gowin Semiconductor, Lianyun Technology More than a dozen chip design. Companies such as Shengxi Micro And calculate the future revenue of these companies, It can be said The establishment of the Yuexin project was from the beginning. Even if you have a good account do a good job Technically and organically Steadily grasping the market route, coexisting and co prospering with partners. The chip is a long link from the starting point of manufacturing, research and development to the final application of the whole machine. Changcun and Changxin unite major players in the upstream and downstream of the industry, Including storage controller factory, Module factory, Foundries, Consumer electronics, brands etc. work together, Strengthen domestic chip technology Enlarge the domestic chip market. The core making boom since 2015 is actually the third time. The first time was the beginning of reform and opening up. The country has introduced dozens of chip production lines Because of my eyes on software engineering, etc. Almost all of these production lines failed. Wuxi’S 742 factory later Huajing was the only winner in this round of core making craze. It also undertook the national 531 and 908 projects. Second appearance at the turn of the century, But all official vertical integration projects will either withdraw from the stage of history Or forced to transform Huajing introduced technology after several twists and turns and could not bear the weight Of loan interest Transformation of foundry.

Beijings massive Shougang, NEC Japan, Electric Project is due to the sharp decline in demand from Japanese storage giants in the international market. Finally, failed Shanghai Huahong is also affected, Difficult transition, although the process is painful, But after two rounds of core making. Craze Still has a lot of results Like the king of venture capital, Hefei City Government, For example, in SMIC. The international team that has been beaten by Zhaoyi and other companies, For example, dare to intervene, Really do the cross field of chips. Private capital is undeniable In the core making boom everywhere. There are indeed some sediments appearing intermittently. It even makes people afraid that the Hanxin incident in 2003 will repeat itself. Indeed, Historical progress has always been a spiral. How many eye catching successes. There are so many sad and lonely Chinas road to core making is long and difficult, And local governments that need to gather Combat team. The three pillars of combat strategy are not easy Between success and failure. A watershed in local core making heat. It is not advisable to try to duplicate another Hefei, But the experience is worth savoring repeatedly In each cycle. Do not blindly follow the trend and make steel, But to follow the trend, Give full play to the government’s initiative Yet clarify the boundaries of the government Value. The ace leader But more concerned about the construction of the talent environment, Leveraging the market But respect the laws of the market. Only this No matter chip or other it will not be so easy to become a sparkle bubble.

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