Yes, they actually do have a smart watch out previous to this one uh. But this is the watch pro one. This one is built different it’s built. You know, with the regular watch style circle there and there’s a little bit to like about this one. This is um different dials you can put on here. Uh they’ve got their own app store. Obviously, it’s got a 2850 milliamp hour battery, so that’s pretty big for a smart watch and they’re offering up to 15 days of battery life and 30 days of standby. So you can get up to 30 different modes on here, bluetooth, 5.0! So we’ll go ahead and crack this open here and we’ll give it a walk. Through my first sound pete’s watch. I actually have lots of their earbuds, even their speakers. Over the years i’ve been man, i’ve been running, my channel for so long i’ve been dealing with sound piece for a long time. I don’t recall if i ever did one of their watches here. It is good presentation, nice and simple uh. Nothing! Fancy on the box to just give you the watch, we’ll get this out here: uh first impressions of the band itself uh and the watch the the body of the watch very nice. Very. It reminds me of uh several of my other watches, like the gtr 2 and all those this watch feels really good already. I can tell i’m probably going to like this.

The band itself. Uh is nice and sturdy. The screen is going to be really nice there’s, an app that you’ll, install and i’ll show you just a second here, i’m just checking to see if this has a little bit of power. Yep. Oh strong vibration. I like that, so we’ll get the app going and we’ll get that paired up and uh uh in the box. Here, though, you get some instructions uh and then you get a charging cable unlikely here. Let’S see what kind of charging cable this uses it probably uses. Some charging cable, that you know you have yeah this kind of right here. I hate these chargers, man, but what can you do? That’S the most affordable way that these watches can stay low in price in a lot of situations, uh and uh? I just don’t, like those smart watches, those are charging cables, so let’s get the app going here and i already have these apps installed here. So we’re gon na go ahead and open it up here. Okay, so it’s a well it’s a bit of a time to register but that’s fine. So i got to this screen here. You can have the qr code here and but if i select here it’s going to already, it already can see the watch. So i wonder if i can just hit there and let it do it itself, but it does have a qr code and it is ready to go so i could have used the qr code or it automatically recognized it so wow that is the fastest.

That is one of the fastest pairing processes as far as getting the watch connected that i’ve ever seen. So, while we’re here we’ll go ahead and take a look um at the um application, real quick let’s see here, it’s officially paired now that battery jumped to 100 batteries at 100, so that’s good, so we’ll go ahead and take a look at the uh situation here. So you’ve got raise and active, display sms reminder we’re going to allow that it’s turned on and then we’ve got heart rate on we’ve got smart uh alarm clock. We don’t need that. Do not disturb call reminder. We’Re gon na go ahead and turn that on uh. These are things you you should probably turn on you don’t need. I don’t know about app reminder. Oh yeah, we definitely want this yeah. This is theirs is called app reminder, so we want to go ahead and um make sure we turn on uh. All of this right here – uh let’s, see here, i don’t, know facebook master, but this just shows you um don’t, keep asking uh that you can turn stuff on here. So this is. This is good i’ll, just turn on instagram twitter and these right here, uh let’s back out so app reminders on universal settings uh. This is no. We don’t want 24 hour. We want 12 hour so that’s good device language file system – yes, units metric, yes let’s, see here screen on time.

I need to go back to the universal setting so screen on time. The length let’s change it to 15 seconds. Now that drains your battery. Just a little bit uh, but you definitely uh want to have the screen on time a little bit on there. So you can check for a firmware update. It is checking now – and i am up to date so we’ll get over into the phone here in just a second here. Uh so let’s see here that’s all the settings and let’s go to sports activities. It will track everything here. You’Ve got walking running outdoors riding and you can add more here. This is where you see all the activities that you could possibly do so you’ve got jump, roping, um, that’s, something that most people want on a smart watch for fitness. I’Ve learned, that’s, pretty cool. So you got batman, you got all these different sports uh and then you’ve got exercises up here, but these are all things that’ll make you um. You know better at um, you know your day to day tasks and you start exercising their monitoring target set and you got home here – and this is what it looks like with your steps, your heart rate and all these other different things. Your sleep recorders on there that’s pretty good. Now you should be able to change the watch faces and uh i’ll go into um the watch itself. Oh dial settings here, we go uh let’s, see here so it’s gon na load up and here are the dial settings.

This is really really nice. I like this wow, so these are all preset um and there is a lot of them wow. That is a lot of them, so we’re gon na well they’re still going too man wow there’s a lot. Um let’s change one real time here, so we can see how it goes to change it. Something about this. One just stands out gosh i like that, and it is sinking right here, we’ll get into this in just a second. I just want to sync the face uh real briefly, because you know i really like um companies who have the pre installed faces like this. To me it’s better, you know that i don’t have to try to add anything on, or, you know, add different things put different apps on to get a watch face. I really like that that they have it this way, so the syncing process is fairly long and you know i have really good connection everything it’s only 470 kilobytes, so that’s a small amount, but the syncing process is what you know with the watch and the software. You know that’s that’s what you’re looking at here, but this is okay, i’m doing a real time for you, so you can actually see. This is what you’d have to deal with and once you get watch faces on your watch, they’re fine, uh you’ll find those two or three that you really really like uh and you will stick with them and you’ll use those uh on and off.

Uh you’ll rotate between those two most people. Do it that way so um? This is getting ready to follow up and it’s going to close out in the sync and then we’ll get into the watch itself. I like this, that watch face is going to be so nice and there it is just as i thought man this is a beautiful watch face. I don’t know i just like that alright, so the application obviously is really nice. We’Ll put this to the side here. Very nice now let’s look at the watch itself, so let me adjust just a little bit here. Let’S get closer all right, so this is watch face. If you swipe up this is their software. You get your messages here. I swipe down. You get all your settings! No other menus on that side, so you can go into settings from here. Obviously there’s your search, you don’t, disturb the brightness right. There uh swipe this way and you get your your all your information, your basically your way, you’ll work in the device, so your heart rate, your training, your status, your sleep, um, your stop, watch your messages and get your settings. So this is a very nice and simple, and the the operating system that’s on here is very intuitive it’s. Very nice it’s very straight into the point swipe this way and here’s your fitness information. So i began these are your heart rates and everything you’re sleeping this is everything that’s on the other side, so you have multiple ways.

You can control your music. There hit that button there. You can go back now, let’s try this on um i’ve actually been wearing a new watch that i haven’t shown yet uh. You probably seen a little glimpse of it uh. This is a brand new pace too uh and i’ll be following i’ll, be giving you something on that too, but for now let’s put this on and just tell you how it feels i’m really excited to have sound pete’s watch. This is great man. Oh this. This feels good. If you look right there, you got a little logo for sound piece that is sweet. They got that little logo on there so comfort and feel right off the rip. I like this let’s check. My heart rate seems to be pretty good. Pretty accurate. I’M, pretty relaxed most of the time, and this has a continuous heart rate, so it’ll continue to check it throughout you over here. This is my sleep. When i sleep with it, this is training can go in here and let them know again those things that you’re going to do. This is all the things that you saw in the application. You could do it right from the watch. You really don’t need the application, except for it to set up and sync with your phone, but you can do everything in here. Man, you got your walking you’re running. Everything is here: control your music uh. I like this.

This reminds me now. You don’t have to swipe like that. You can just hit this button. It’Ll. Take you back. This reminds me of my um amaze fit watch. I mean there’s a couple that i have that are built exactly like this uh. This is this is really good uh. I think this is gon na be a good experience. This watch feels great it’s lightweight on my wrist. It just feels really good. I like it a lot so that’s, the first impressions, man i mean um. I am impressed i’m impressed. This is an impressive watch. So far, everything feels good. You know i, like the the watch faces again, it’s, just a matter of hey. Are you going to go with this or you’re going to go with something else? Smart watches and bluetooth and all these different things have come so far and it’s so close. The fight is so close, it’s a narrow game now and everybody has something to offer this software is very intuitive and i, like that, it’s a touch screen because the pace 2, if i’ll, give you a quick run down here. The pace 2 is not touch screen, but this is. This is a gps built in watch and it is fantastic we’ll get to that later, but sound piece, you got a good one. On your hand, your hardware is great um. I really like the little simple things like the sound piece logo. This is great man.

This is a really nice watch uh and i think a lot of people will probably enjoy this, especially for the price. I think it’s nice all right. So we are here sound smartwatch pro one.