First of all, let’s have a look at the box itself in the box. Obviously it says basically to it shows a picture of the watch and with their logo in the corner, and it says, watch one at the side here. It says sound for urban sports and at the back, just basically gives you that address. If you want to see your front, send message, you can so unbox this and see what you get inside here’s the watch when you first get it. It looks quite cool and when you first get it does actually come with a stick: that’s a sticker that is in speaking about iron man, um and also you have the charger here and the watch one instructions. Now the charger um it’s it has usb but it’s a different kind of usb. You can’t just put any usb into the into the watch itself and charge it. It won’t work out there, as you can see it’s different, oh basically, all you have to do is basically you stick this on the back of your watch and you basically charge it like that. Like my magnetic strips, they are, and they like basically join to connect to charge it and that’s like other side usb and the strap is a silicon strap. But if you’ve got big wrists, i’m, okay, but if you’ve got big wrists, you might find it’s hard to get this on because it looks looks quite small right. When you buy this watch, you will need a phone, an android phone or an iphone um.

But if it’s android phone um, you need at least an android 4.4 uh. Oh, you can’t see use on an iphone as well, but you need ios, 8.0 or higher um. The watch itself will not work if you’ve not got a phone. The reason is because the watch itself is controlled all by the phone basically and when you turn it on. Obviously, it basically says that it won’t work without the being connected to a phone, basically going down the app on the phone and the back. Obviously it does flash. Obviously this is these: are the sensors for your heart rate and that’s these dots here that’s, where you charge it right? This is the watch. What it looks like when the weight’s on um i’ve removed the office’s sticker in front um at the side here, um i’ve, probably what it looks like when it’s connected to the app itself. It’S quite good, i mean it shows you like different, like how many steps you’ve done and look your location. If you want to how many calories you burned in your heart rate, miter in your heart rate, mighty um, it needs to obviously get to your wrist and also, if you’re, when it flashes there. That records in your heart rate and obviously team, shows you the weather. As well, it’s quite looks quite cool, but obviously to get all these like things on here, you need obviously, like i say you need to get your android phone or your iphone, otherwise won’t work, um, i don’t, think, has to change the clock style, but i think That’S just a standard style, i don’t think you can change it because i don’t know we do see anybody can change anywhere um.

This also is waterproof and it’s got a 260 milliamp battery inside it. It does the charge when it’s fully charged. It will actually. Last 10 days and all that’s, which is quite good really, this is basically basically over a week. So basically, i would say every other week you’d basically charge it. You’Ve got no batteries to replace or anything like that, so yeah right, that’s it for now anyway, um. If you want to buy this, i will put a link in description below of where you can get this from um, and if you want to any other questions, answering we haven’t actually answered.