The fact that we can play triple a games on the smart watch is absolutely incredible. So today, i’m going to be showcasing games like cyberpunk 2077 hitman 3 and the modest phoenix horizon running on the smartwatch, and i have a special surprise for you, guys who i’m going to be showcasing an accessory that takes the smartwatch to the next level. So, if that’s, something you guys are interested in hit the like button subscribe to this channel before we cover all things cloud gaming let’s get into this video, the name of the smartwatch is called the cosmic prime2. This is the full android smartwatch. It has a nano sim card, it has an ips display it’s a 2.1 inch screen size has a 480 by 480 screen resolution, it’s running android 10 os not wear os. This is full. Android 10 has a 4 gig of ram. It has 64 gig of raw. It has a 13 megapixel camera and it’s using the helio p22 processor. This has speakers, and the speakers are great. It has a gps and bluetooth, so you can sync your bluetooth controller to it has 4g plus wi fi. It has a 1600 mah battery and is priced at 200 dollars guys. This is no ordinary smart watch. This smartwatch is a beast. To get google steady on here is pretty simple: all you have to do is go to the google play app store. Yes, i said it under smart watch.

This full google play store on here, so you just go in there and you download. Google stadia, like i showed in the beginning of this video, and by doing so you then have stadia on here and, as you can see, navigating through stadia on the smartwatch is pretty simple. The screen size is pretty big. The processor is pretty fast and it’s. A joy to navigate stadia on this little screen, so here it is. This is the accessory that i was talking about. This is the 8 bit dough. This is the perfect accessory for the smartwatch when you order it from amazon. It actually comes with this clip and it fits so perfectly with the smart watch. The beautiful thing with this accessory is that this is a tiny controller. If you compare to the google steady controller, you cannotice the difference. Not only do you have a smartwatch, this small, but you also have this tiny controller, so when you’re traveling, you can easily just slip this in your pocket and not even know that it’s there. This blue neon light indicates that the controller is on and once it’s solid. It means that it’s paired – and this is just a sexy sexy looking light fitting the smartwatch into the clip is pretty simple to do. You just have to make sure that you do not scratch the 13 megapixel camera, but once it’s in it snuggles pretty tight and you don’t have to worry about your smart watch falling and breaking as you can see.

It was like this. Smart watch was meant for the 8 bit, though this is the perfect fit and the best accessory for the smartwatch. So next i just want to showcase some gameplay on the smartwatch. As you can see here, this 2.1 inch display is a thin of beauty. Running hitman 3 on here with this control almost feels very natural. It doesn’t feel, like you sacrifice much. I was really impressed with my experience playing hitman on here. I do have to say with the 8 bit, though it does resemble the nintendo switch that’s, where the buttons are mixed, so you can get mixed up, trying to push a instead of b and vice versa. But, as you can see here with my experience with hitman 3, this game ran incredibly well and i had it hooked up to my home wifi, again it’s, pretty cool to see that this is surrounded on the smartwatch. The next game i want to showcase is cyberpunk running on the smartwatch, so the joke is that the current generation consoles the ps4 pro and xbox one x struggles to play this game. How funny is it that this game actually runs well and smooth on just a smartwatch? If this doesn’t speak to the greatness of cloud gaming, i don’t know what else will this game ran flawless on the smartwatch and it was a showpiece, because i took it to work and i was showing people and some people couldn’t believe that cyberpunk was running on Smartwatch it’s, a testament of how awesome cloud gaming and steady is so.

The final game i want to showcase here is immortals phoenix horizon running on google stadium and again look how smooth it is for me to just navigate the screen. Choose the game i want and play instantly again with the smartwatch and this controller in google stadia. It really makes gaming easy on the go. My experience with immortals phoenix rides in the smart watch was also flawless. I didn’t experience any hiccup any latency any live. This worked really well, and this is a good game to just pick up on your brake. If you do have time to kill, if you guys haven’t checked out immortals phoenix horizon, i highly recommend it i’m really enjoying this game alright. So it comes to the final verdict. Would i recommend this? I would say it depends who you are for people who, like the latest and greatest in tech? This is definitely a game changer, because it’s never been done before being able to play triple a games on your smart watch is something amazing and something that we haven’t seen before, but if you’re a graphics knob, if you want the latest 4k 60fps, then this might Not be for you, this smartwatch has an awesome screen size with a 2.1 inch screen, but realistically compared to other screen size like your smartphone. This is still very small, but i would say this is not bad. If you are in an area that you have no access to your smartphone and you have access to your smart watch and you’re, just looking for a good, quick gaming fix, the scenario that comes up to me is maybe that you’re, traveling and it’s saturday – and you Have to meet with zer and destiny too, to see what he has right.

You don’t have access to smartphone or laptop, but you have your smart watch. You can quickly just use this to access or purchase what you want log off and call it the day.