Six smartwatch, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always pause, sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So a lot of people commented on my previous video, which i would leave the link in the description box below of the identical series: six clone smartwatch. They said that was ht99 well they’re wrong. This is the hd99 because, as you can see, you’ve got an embedded watch um print right there with no apple logo. This is the super clone which has the apple logo as well, so that’s the identical clone, and if you take a look at the back, people might say this is the original well it’s? Not because, as you can see, you’ve got a spelling mistake right here, but i don’t want to show you too much of this one, because you can check out the photo box and review my previous video. But if you want to see a comparison between the ht99 and this identical clone, then let me know in the comment section below i’ll be happy to make that for you. So let’s move this aside and that’s the identical clone. The link will be in the description. Let’S unbox and review this ht99, so it’s an uh super clone, which has similar as uh well, which has a lot of similarities compared to the original.

Now, as you can see here, the sticker is much different on the ht ht99 compared to the uh clone, because we’ve got i’ll. Show you one more time, as you can see, that’s the differences, but i will let you know you can pause that i will let you know in the next video what the difference is between the both. So, as you can see here, you’ve got a similar picture of the watch as the original and series six space aluminium case, 44 millimeter – and it says here – include smart watch, band charging, cable and user manual, not all capabilities available in all areas, more watching our medical Device battery life choice cycles and display life may vary by use and settings smartwatch may need to be serviced or replaced by authorized service provider and provider is actually spelled wrong. So you’ve got a few trademarks and made in china, as is everything else. So, as you can see, these pull tabs have not been opened we’re going to do it first here on also so i didn’t want to. I was gon na do a sneak peek on my social media, but i didn’t so make sure you follow me because sometimes i actually do so. Let’S open this up, that’s one two let’s check it out. So, as you can see here, we do have an identical two inner boxes inside the box, but just before we take a look at that. This is the design we get inside.

The box. You’Ve got different watch bands with different uh uh watch colors as well as you can see. You’Ve got your blue color navy blue gold, no black one anyways. This is the the color i’ve chosen in the black, as you can see right here. So that is the box uh, definitely identical to the original map to do a real versus fake on the original. If you want to see that, let me know in the comment section below so the first box we’ve got. This is where the watch goes and the second one is where the watch band goes. So, as you can see, it just says, watch spore band, bracelet, sport and it’s in a few different languages. Take a look at the front. You’Ve got the watch band picture right. There so let’s open this up. Definitely a super clone compared to the original, so you’ve got no inner uh packet right there. This watch man just slide straight out. I think it comes with two watch bands, yeah well and a wireless charging pad right here. So that’s. The one that’s the wireless charging pad it comes with a nylon strap as well, which is good, and that is what we get inside of that box. So let’s take a look inside this box, so open it up here we have it and there we go so for all those people who commented previously saying that identical clone was in ht99. Well, if it was then where this manual that actually states it’s ht99 so yeah, they just goes to show that this is the real ht99 smartwatch uh.

The app you need to download is qd football check that out later in the video. So here is the smart watch and give you a bit more information about it. If you want to pause that you can, let me show you how to connect it and whatnot and we’ve got it in a different language. So that is the manual and the the nicest thing i actually like about this. You get this in a really nice case as well, which is definitely better than all the plastic that they use on the previous ones, but yeah it’s, really nice actually like that, might use that. For my original and here we have it the ht99. This actually feels really nice and you’ve got it’s a black version. It comes with five different colors. The button placement is in the right place. Also the mic and the crown take a look at the back. The sensors do look a little bit different spaced out much more compared to the original, and with this one you also have the buttons that are pushing to slide the um watch bags on and off, but they are fake. It just just looks the same, but they are fake yep. They are so i’m, pretty sure the watch, one just slides straight in and straight out, you’ve got text all around the sensors as well we’re gon na see if this has flashing christmas lights as well and take a look on the side.

As you can see here, you’ve got two speakers, i’m. Pretty sure one is fake, because this one is closed up that one is open, so i’m, pretty sure one is working. One is not, but other than that it looks really good. It is a 1.75 inch display, hd i’ve, been told um, and it has a 250 mah battery as well. So, depending on how you use it, if you’re using it all day with sport mode, then it will actually take around 24 to 48 hours of usage. But the standby time is 30 days, that’s what it actually says on the specifications so let’s see if there’s any juice in this pushing in the power button, and there we go check that out. That is a new startup uh logo, with where the, wherever i heard, that tone from i’ve definitely heard that tone from a fake goo phone. But yeah you’ve got a new startup uh logo with a old, very old startup tone. So it says connecting i don’t know what it’s connecting to because i’m, not actually using this the first time, but as you can see here, and that is a ht99 connection – failed to get all right so let’s swipe it down. As you can see, it says, bluetooth is not connected. You want to connect, connect that later so i’m. Pretty sure that actually changes the watch faces so let’s see how much white face it does. Does the crown work? Yes, it does so we have one two.

Three. Four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten, 12, 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 12 19 watch face as well, but are they dynamic? Let’S have a check where’s that face one let’s go to that one! So no they’re not dynamic where you touch it and it just changes so that’s not dynamic. Swiping, oh we’ll, give you the shortcut and, as you can see here, it’s definitely been updated. So at the top left you’ve got do not disturb mode on the top right. You’Ve got a torch, which doesn’t do anything uh team mark is on no idea. We’Ll check that out. I think the team is definitely different, so check that out. I think with the watch menu theme, so you can switch it on and off from there cancel shutdown that’s definitely been updated, and here we have five different main menu styles as well, so we’ll check them out as we go along and also you can lock the Watch and put a password on it as well so definitely got good features on that, and you can also swipe down the same as the wow check that out you’ve got more uh shortcuts compared to the previous one. So that is definitely a first here on the uh ht99, so let’s click, the wi fi button i’m, pretty sure that’s. The bluetooth clicking this button right here. Doesn’T do anything that’s your battery percentage here is your loud and silent button. Then you’ve got your settings which we’ll check out later and you can also do your brightness, which will do all the way up, wow, so yeah that’s.

Definitely the same. Can you use the crown? Yes, you can wow. Definitely could that so let’s go back to the home, pushing the crown in takes you back to home, swapping it to the left. Give you your weather up. Well, your weather, all right hold on we’ll. Do that again and swiping again it gives you heart rate. Your information on how much calories you burnt and how much exercise you’ve done. You got your bluetooth, music and that’s about it. So yeah let’s go into tap to measure. I am tapping, but it’s not i’m, not doing anything so yeah anyways forget let’s, go into menu and see what we have so here we have the smart menu which the screen looks really really good, as you can tell while i’m doing. The crown is a little bit laggy, but overall so far, so good, so that is one of the watch. Menus let’s swipe up and change it to trying to do it on camera. So we’ve got the list menu hitting it again, and here we have the list menu, which looks is my probably one of my favorites swiping. It up. We’Ve got the six grid and that is the sixth grade that’s another one of my favorites. So i open it back up nine square well square nine grid, which is okay and the last one let’s see what it is see i’m trying to use as fast as i can as well to see what it’s, like with the speed wise pushing in again, you Got your 14 up 12.

That is definitely different: black and white 14 apps. That is really good so far, so good with this watch. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comment section below so let’s um let’s go to this one, as this is one of my favorites. So we’ve got notifications when it comes to um connecting it to your phone. You can actually use that, but you’ve got to connect it. Dialer phone book call logs bluetooth pedometer. They all need to be able most of these need to be connected to your phone and let’s, wipe it down. Body temperature let’s start it. So here we have body temperature going and, as you can see, they already gave it. So it gave it’s already been done: 36.5. Definitely, a fake ecg, um, heart rate let’s, just press heart rate, we’re measuring and, as you can see, you’ve got your christmas flashing, green lights right there and uh earlier on the previous one. It did give us the reading of our um temperature, often objects that just goes to show it. Doesn’T have original real time, um hot monitors and, as you can see, it’s done 76 beats per minute, so sport mode let’s go on there. So you got your wow. That is definitely the same as the original. Definitely i definitely need to do a reverse effect. To show you how close they’ve tried to get the this hd 99 compared to the original, so walking and as you can see, the bottle is same definitely seems a heart rate.

Weather need to connect that blood pressure main menu style. You can change it from there as well. Bluetooth, music, stopwatch it’s, similar alarm similar as well. Calculator yeah calculated, definitely same find device. Brightness settings bluetooth camera about let’s, go into about, as you can see, ht99 give you a bit more information. When was this made release time 13, 15 march 2021, wow and it’s just reached all source. Now so let’s go into settings let’s see what else we can do. Bluetooth settings, uh, visibilities on clock. You can change the theme of the clock and the time and date yourself as well sound alert type. You can change that, to which tone you want. The back screen does work as well swipe to back anyway. Well, it did yeah it’s working now, so you’ve got your volume controls this display. The display is sixth grade brightness 15 seconds. I will change that to 60 seconds unit metric or imperial whatever you want international. Is your languages swipe it back? As you can see, you can change your languages, apps uninstall apps! You can uninstall apps as well unlock. You can put your password on or just normal unlock it’s up to you reset and about so that is it so far so good. With this ht99, they definitely tried the best to mimic the original, with some of the updated uh features on this hd99, which i’ll show you in the next video but yeah so far so good.

I do really like it. This is probably one of the good clones that i’ve used in a long time right just before. I show you what we can do on the app. If you wanted to know what the theme is well it’s off at the moment and if you’re going to your menus is just a black background and if you switch the theme on same mark going back into menu, as you can see, you’ve got a colorful background. So that’s just changes it’s only only changed it to black or this colorful one that’s, the only one you can change it to so. The app you need to download is qd fit, which we already have downloaded here. As you can see, let’s tap into here. Um would like to allow qd to connect to accessories. Yes, let’s go into settings. Put our bluetooth on let’s, go back and device model and let’s we have to find the device. Bluetooth is on over there as well. So let’s go to my my device, our device. It’S always different on different apps i’ve used that many ht99 let’s click that and, as you can see, you see it is connected pair requests. Yes, allow notifications, yes, and that is about it. So, as you can see, ht99 25 battery for dial push let’s see what else we can do so you can download different watch faces. You can even download the uh iphone ios background as well check that out, and you can also put your custom one.

You can do your dial type, dial style and dial position, which is really good, so you have got that option right there. You don’t need to pay for them as well. Some of them. You have to check that with these just download them long seat reminder you can choose that alarm settings to the alarm from there a reminder to drink water. Uh heart rate check, find watch as you can see, missing watch we found it that quick and uh yeah message push which is on so that is the only thing you can actually do with this uh qd fit up and all the information from the sleep heart Rate upload, whatever will come straight here but as you can tell when i showed you earlier it doesn’t, give you accurate readings, your pedometer as well same again, i don’t think he’ll, give you accurate readings, and but everything will be synced to your app now with these Uh clone smart watches. You got to make sure you connect them twice. So, as you can see here, ht99 is connected. These are all the smart watches i’ve done previously, but once you connect it twice, you can actually use the call feature and notification feature. So, as you can see, that’s connected to should be connected twice somewhere, as you can see right there, and what i’m going to do now is make a phone call from my other phone to this one to see what kind of notification get when we receive a Phone call so i’m just scrolling through now to try and find my other number and there we have it so let’s forget the name or the number, and hopefully, as you can see right here, it says also on the phone but it’s showing the number on the Smartwatch and you swipe it to the right to answer i’ll swipe it to the left to reject the call so let’s send a message and let’s see what, as you can see, that’s the also missed call notification.

So you do get a notification to show you that all sorts has called instead of using the number so let’s uh send a message from my other phone and let’s see what notification we get. We’Ve got it on the uh phone and it does take about 10 seconds well five seconds and it says from all fours subscribe to all those let’s review it can we reply, no, we can’t, so that is the notification same again when it comes to uh whatsapp. As well, you can get notifications from whatsapp and your other social media apps. So i’ve sent a message from uh whatsapp and, as you can see here, it worked it’s not come up on the phone, but it’s come up on me, but it’s coming for the sms. So let’s view it, but it doesn’t say it’s from whatsapp, but you do get the notification anyway, so yeah, overall it’s, a decent watch definitely looks the same. All the box and packaging are the same as well. They’Ve tried to mimic as much as possible when it comes to some of the features, but overall they did a good job. Then this is a really good watch.